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Create a Touhou Character
(Updated on a weekly basis; Actionscript by Thefre)

Touhou Flash Series
(Latest flashes on top)

The return of Boxing Day! With more boxes!
Parsee Stole the Precious Christmas!
Yukari Gets Down! (Looped version here)
Marisa has a fever, and the only cure is… whatever this is.
Yuka: Most powerful youkai?
A Gensokyo Valentine’s Day!
The Mountain of Faith characters try to recruit worshippers.
Momizi vs Chen!
How does Keine erase history? FIND OUT!
It’s Boxing Day!
A Gensokyo Christmas Carol!
Flandre learns the meaning of Christmas.
MOU IKKAI! (Version 2)
Aya takes some photos for Bunbunmaru news!
Y?USEI – An Usatei parody.
A Gensokyo Halloween Special (Part 2… or something)!
A Gensokyo Halloween Special!
Suika tries to obtain alcohol.
Nitori tries to solve a problem!
Reimu starts a fast food restaurant, and things happen.
Marisa attempts to enter Patchy’s library!
Even in a flash game, F.O.E.!
Cirno and Letty, best friends forever!
Find out why Mokou and Kaguya hate each other!
Yuyuko is hungry for hot pockets.
It’s Alice’s birthday!
Chen gets stuck in a tree; Yukari and Ran try to save her.
Hong Meiling learns the art of being scary.
Marisa has a question!
Flandre has a question!
Something is annoying Reimu! WHAT CAN IT BE!?

Other stuff
(Not all flashes are displayed here, to see all of them, go here)

Based on one of the first flashes I made.
A day in the life of unnamed character.
Annoying friend is flying in the skies!
A toaster clock.
A basic 2-player fighting game.
Headphones character takes off her headphones!
Unnamed character moonwalks on the sidewalk.
Basketball! Use the arrow keys to move.
Headphones character falls down.
Headphones character and annoying friend.
Cirno and China, and a giant ? made of ice.
Some character misses the bus. :(
The SOS-Brigade clubhouse.
A Cirno wallpaper.
A Youmu wallpaper. Based on this image.
A Flandre Wallpaper. Based on this image.
Yuyuko and her spinning… swirly thing!
A Cirno game! Collect ice cream, dodge bullets.
Another Cirno game! It’s not as good.
Some character on a cliff with a film grain effect.
A basic platformer game (with no objective).
Same as the above, except it has Reimu.
Reimu is flying! Click to increase miko miko power!
Reimu is flying! In the form of an analog clock!
404 error, oh noes!
Reimu patrols the shrine for donation-stealing intruders!
Cirno Cirno Cirno Cirno
An edit of Alice from “Marisa Stole the Precious thing”
An edit of Tewi from Usatei
Silly Reisen, Trix are for Kaguya!
A flash made in 17 minutes
Nitori waving some flags.
A Portal reference… with Yukari!
Unnamed Character shoots at something
Unnamed Character spins around
Hina spins around
Suwako jumps on a lilypad!
Unnamed Character runs… from a cat!
The final animation for an animation class I took.
Oni dance party!
Lineless Reimu and Marisa art experiment.
Youmu deflects food with her sword.
Aki Sisters screensaver (Lineless version here)
A version of Ievan Polkka starring Flonne! With a prinny!
Kisume does the Ranka wink pose (or punches herself)
Reimu jumps rope while Marisa yells “Go!” at her.
Repeated axe swings to an F.O.E.
Iku and Tenshi rock out!
Daily flash characters dance!
Nitori invents an extendable punching glove!
Nitori invents a pogo stick!
Daily Flash #200!
Remi+Flan Dance
Youmu platformer test!
Nazrin runs!
Nazrin trains!
Sakuya plays the guitar!
Meiling also plays the guitar!
Spring is here!

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