Kaguya Table: The Expansion

Introducing the new expansion pack for the original Kaguya Table RPG! Thanks to Thefre’s actionscripting, Kaguya now gains experience points for table flips, and now you can customize your own table-flipping Kaguya with the stat points obtained after leveling up!

Patch notes in the full post.

Edit1 (May 18, 11:10PM, EDT): It appears that it is not currently working! Kaguya Table servers will now be undergoing emergency maintenance. Emergency maintenance on Kaguya Table servers has ended. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused for any Kaguya Table players.

Edit2 (May 19, 12:31AM, EDT): The Impatience update! Introduced in this patch, the “impatience” stat allows you to add more than one stat point per click. Hotkeys (1 to 5) have also been introduced, allowing you to add points to the corresponding stats without clicking.

Edit3 (May 19, 1:00AM, EDT): The Mastery update! Do you have way more XP than you know what to do with? Then you can dump all your XP points into mastery! What does mastery do? Nothing, but if you like seeing a bar and a corresponding number increase with your progress, then this is the thing for you! 1 billion XP to raise the first level of mastery, and the XP requirement doubles each level.

Edit4 (May 19, 1:32AM, EDT): The Rebirth update! For those of you who somehow are able to get to 100 mastery (probably not any time soon, without the use of exploits), you can rebirth your Kaguya! It resets all your levels and stats, but gives increased starting stats and points per level depending on how many times you’ve rebirthed!

Edit5 (May 19, 1:17PM, EDT): The Hardcore update! Each point increases table defense and reduces XP gain! It costs 10,000 stat points each! For expert players looking for increased challenge.

Edit6 (May 20, 2:04AM, EDT): Hardcoreness can be spent on things now. But what? Start getting some points in Hardcoreness to find out! The first purchase becomes available at 5 Hardcoreness. There are three things in total.

Edit7 (June 10, 12:00PM, EDT): Uploaded an enlightenment fix by m since Thefre has not been available to fix it. If there are any issues with this version, the previous version can always be found here.

811 Responses to “Kaguya Table: The Expansion”

  • You may notice that this version of the counter saves your data so that you may browse away and come back without having your stats reset!

  • oh my god this is amazing

  • Thanks for the work into making this even sillier and even more addictive, Thefre! I think the saving data is the final nail in the coffin. ;-;

    Lv. 220 with 3900 hits and a balanced build.

  • I’m going Full NEETery.

  • It’s like I’m playing a slightly more interactive Progress Quest.

  • Sell Kaguya Table gold @ kaguyagold.tk

  • Hah, this is awesome. I’m putting points into Bossiness, like a boss. 8)

  • Why does the pokemon red gym leader battle theme fit this?

  • This is an idle game zzzzz. *leaves on overnight*

  • @Anonymous:
    My thoughts exactly.

    I actually cannot spend my skill points fast enough. They keep coming baaaack!

  • Lv70 with 50/50/80/5 spread so far :D

  • I… seem to have broken my exp bar :D I still gain levels but the exp doesn’t reset to zero lol


    pretty soon kaguya will have exp in her hair

  • I’ve got 1000 lvl, lots of unused stat points and my mouse killed by dat game. NEET!

    All stats = 500

  • We need a “dump all stat points into one skill” feature

  • The increase in rate of EXP increase is greater than the increase of required EXP to level up! This is madness.

  • You’re both mad, you know.

  • Oh god, I clicked too much and now I have 3972 in impatience.


  • ahhhh my finger !!!!!!!!!!!! so PRO- LVL GAME XD

    that is my Current LVL for now


  • This is possibly the most delightfully nerdy/goofy update so far. Kudos for them RPG hax action scripting, Thefre.

  • Clicking outpaced by point growth.

    Resorting to TAB+Enter.

  • 777/777/777/777

  • TAB+Enter to the rescue!

  • http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e64/thisisafakephotobucket/3232.png

    Eh…By the time I put this ss up I got 1300 more stat points….
    The “impatient” makes this to easy

  • This is way too addicting for a simple flash thingy. MUST LEVEL GRIND! O.O

  • I’m gaining so much experience that I could level twice per table-slam, except apparently the game’s programmed so I can only level once per table-slam instead, so my exp > required exp. Time to dump into Mastery, I guess.

  • How do i do the rebirth…or mastery…
    my current stats….http://i37.photobucket.com/albums/e64/thisisafakephotobucket/Capture-1.pngare really high x-x

  • The rate at which I gain exp per hit is higher than my exp needed to level, so I’ve got about 3 billion EXP saved up to level when I only need around 750,000 to level. Oh, and 5000 stat points.

  • messed that link up x-x
    errr i also dont have the mastery meter xD its not there no matter how many times i refeash and sorry about the spam/multiple posting..dont know since thats how forums work x-x

  • I’m already level 2 mastery but I think I’ll refrain from posting anything else unless I somehow hit 100. :V … bark bark bark. This is amusing.

  • @Banon: If you clear your browser cache, it will redownload the new version and you should have your mastery bar. The rebirth button only appears when you have enough Mastery Levels. (Also, don’t worry, clearing cache won’t make you lose all your hard earned points!)

  • I actually just figured that out by changing browsers xD but i did what you said and that worked out perfect~
    anyway thanks for the help :P

  • Great now I’m going to have to go over to Elitist Jerks and have them figure out the optimum build to have the most effective DPS and exp gain.

  • This is really addicting. It sucks that I have to go to school >_<

  • Sooo epic…

  • How can you check Mastery Level?

  • What’s bossiness for btw?

  • I have ⑨ mastery.

  • How does one lvl up mastery oAo /noob

  • LOL nevermind I figured it out derpaderp.

  • Mastery Level is the Mastery stat that’s on the right with your other stats. You level it up by clicking the button with the bar on it that also happens to say Mastery (It may not look like it moves, but it does with enough xp).

    Bossiness does exactly what it says on the tooltip. Raise it if you’re stat maxing!

  • Level 15823 and rising by the second O_O

  • “the XP requirement doubles each level”

    oh snap we’re gonna need like 2^100 billion exp to rebirth

    even at 4bil exp per tick that sounds intimidating :v

  • It’s been running for a few hours now.

    Level 51k, 40k tactics, 45k rage, 61k neetery, 4k bossiness, 512 impatience, and 14 mastery.

    I’m starting to wonder if there’s better suited builds for this. The ‘only 3 stats per level’ is kind of irritating but necessary for slowing you down possibly?

    I just wonder how angry Rebirth will make me if it wipes my stats and makes me useless again.

  • I wonder how things will look if I leave this on overnight…

    Hello, Mastery 14.


  • So does anyone else wanna go on an epic Raid and challange the Refridgerator boss?

  • Z0mG, my sk33lz r ttlly H4X!!!11!

  • When I get home from school, I’m putting ALL my points into Neetery XD

  • left it on…
    lvl 7400
    31k hits

  • Hurr, im gaining about 4 levels a second now.
    over 2500 neetery


    Hmm, analyzing the Mastery option. 1 billion XP for the first level, then it doubles for every additional level. So the last level will be (1,000,000,000 * 2^100), or 1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376,000,000,000. And don’t forget all the XP that you’d need to get for the previous 99 levels.

    “Rebirth”, eh? Yeah, I don’t think I would live long enough to see that happen (without cheats). I’m pretty sure that would exceed the time to the heat death of the entire universe. Guys, I think we just got trolled. Hard.

    Well played, Walfas crew, well played.

  • @-ED


    I’m gaining about

    10,000,000,000 a second at the moment so let’s go with that.

    1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376,000,000,000 / 10,000,000,000 = 1.2676506 × 10^29 or 12,676,506,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 seconds which works out to be…

    *cough*. A bare minimum of 4,030,736,800,000,000,000 millenia for just that last level. Hmm. Maybe I should wait for the next patch.

    Even if I take into account the possibility that the 10,000,000,000 a second squares itself, it would still take 403,073,680 millenia.

    You know, this really reminds me of that one demon from The Phantom Tollbooth who nearly got Milo’s group to spend forever doing tedious tasks. Until he calculated the relative impossibility of said task that is.

  • This is one cool RPG! Table dropping RPG is the Best! XD XD XD XD

  • @Anonymous: Interestingly, Kaguya-hime has given out 5 impossible tasks, when you speak of such…

  • Lol, but is possible to download???

  • I have 118 Trillion exp saved up. I’ve got 158k in each of my skills, minus boss and imp. I’m level 160k with 166k hits.

    I’ll never stop playing.

  • I saw a screenshot with rebirths. They said they got it with a certain amount of mastery. Anyone know what it is?

  • Lothos open this http://www.walfas.org/flash/kaguya_table_adv.swf and click file > save page whit name, but start all stats

  • Needs achievements.

  • Thank you, but i possible to re-get the levels on the site when you upload??

  • I’m up to Mastery level 18 after 182000 hits. I’ll go to bed now.

  • “And don’t forget all the XP that you’d need to get for the previous 99 levels.”

    1-99 would be 99-100, minus 1 billion. yay geometric series

    I’m shooting around 15b per table now, up from 4b per from before I went to sleep 5 hours ago. Exp gain seems to rise well, I’d guess it’ll be around two weeks before we see mastery 100 :v


  • You know what you need now KirbyM? ACHIEVEMENTS!

  • Imperishable Fairy

    FREE MASTERY if you want it just send me your password and account name, followed by your bank account details.

  • Impatience breaks the game, making Bossiness underpowered! I demand a nerf!

  • ok…my record is… LVL 24.000 after +41.900 hits….



    And… I got more points while I was writing this… =w=

    now I’m LVL 25.100 O_O and mastery: 10

  • Imperishable Fairy

    Crap, accidentally now I have 24722 impatience. That could’ve gone to neetery…


    Oh wait, I just remembered I’m on a school computer so this doesn’t apply at all.

    *flips own table*

  • I lol’d heartily.

  • A balance between Rage and Neetery seems to be the best bet. Tactics is kinda useless.

  • BTW, just left this open, while allocating stat points in between dungeon rooms in Mabinogi. :3


  • According to my calculations, even if all stat points were allocated into the perfect stat build that maximizes XP gain, and not taking into account the XP required to level up, and assuming a level up per table flip, and assuming the player has no life and allocates his stat points the moment he levels up, etc. etc., it will still take approximately 100 years to get the first rebirth legitimately.

    In other words, don’t try. :<

  • @Bitz: You underestimate the power of MMORPG addicts.

  • Oh, wait, I forgot that it takes a BILLION experience for the first mastery. Ha. Also I didn’t take into account the 100th mastery.

    My new calculations yield a estimated Rebirth time of 150,000 years.

  • this is going to take forever.

  • @ Previous Anonymous
    Fudge i loved that book

  • Greatest RPG ever.
    Don’t even lie about it.

  • I go and play a game.
    I come back with over 13k of points and a level 5000 kaguya.

  • Total time spent ~7 hours.

    Current stats: 140,000 hits, level 129,000

    ~175,000,000,000 total damage

    100k tactics, 130k rage, 150k neetery, 4k bossiness, 512 impatience, 0 hardcoreness, 17 mastery.

    I must state that the objective of 100 mastery seems veeeeery unlikely within the next few days or so. If by some chance the current pacing continues (quite doubtful), 100 mastery should be achievable in approximately 35 hours.

    Man I’m glad mastery increases linearly rather than exponentially.

  • @Previous: But mastery does increase exponentially. What are you talking about.

  • I thought I was getting somewhere until I realized the math being done in the comments =w=
    Level 28655
    Tactics : 3007 Rage!!! : 5075 Neetery : 75535 Bossiness : 10 Impatience : 1006 Hardcoreness : 0 (I think it’s hard enough!) Mastery : 9

  • Currently level 278500 O_o Mastery at 20. This is going to keep me occupied for a while XD

  • @Bitz

    Oh noooo, I misread it.

    Oh god. Noooo. Noooooooo.

    Well, this uses hardly any processing power so I might as well have it sitting open somewhere whenever I have the computer on. But Kirby’s done a lot of impossible/infinite loop flashes before so…yeah…

    Anyway gonna leave it sitting on.

  • lvl 272k with lvl 19 Mastery :V

  • When do I fight the toaster? :P

  • Oh lord what is this

    Kaguya will have no problem getting 100 mastery, us lowly mortals have bit of an issue though.

  • Do rage and tactics have any effect on experience gained?

  • ^Neetery increases xp gained per damage, so therefore increasing damage increases xp as well.

  • Imperishable Fairy

    But no matter how hard Kaguya tries, she’ll never rebirth as many times as Mokou.

  • Lv 14k
    12 mastery
    I know it`s madness, but I will rebirth

  • What’s the difference between Tactics and Rage?

  • How do I table for fish?

  • That being said, this is perhaps one of the most awesome updates ever ^^

  • @Anonymous

    Level 41K. Hah.

    I only have 3 mastery, though, thanks to leaving it on all night to start out with.

    A rookie mistake.

  • See what im curious about is not what level i can get. Im more curious about how the table resets so much! O_o

  • Level 690. This is too awesome to turn off! I will be a table master!

  • This is a little bit too easy. My XP is way larger than the XP needed. All you really need to raise is Neteery and Rage!!!. It’s like an automatic win. But it’s still fun, none the less.

  • Possibly Real Person

    Because of Kaguya Table RPG, I’ve lost my job, my friends, and almost everything I own.

    But I shall triumph over the Table of Evil!

    65k Hits
    53k Lvl
    13 Mastery

  • Level 280k. Mastery 19.

    My NEET can beat your NEET! Let’s have a NEET BATTLE! *Pokemon music*

  • Interestingly, experience does not roll over to the next level, but experience put towards mastery does.

    If I’m looking at this correctly, anyone who gains an experience amount per hit greater than the experience required to level up (and does so for each subsequent hit) is restricted by the game’s update speed; that is, since experience does not roll over to the next level, level gains only occur at each update. So reports of about 4 levels gained per second will not change unless either the update speed increases (unlikely, and comes with a hardware limitation) or unless experience rolls over.

    Again if I’m looking at this correctly, this should make the 100 mastery level achievement easier.

  • What does hardcoreness do?

  • OMG!!! my Kaguya reached LV 73964, It doesn´t level up anymore!

  • Hardcoreness does something now! Use it to purchase useful things! Get points in it to find out what sorts of things!

  • As a reminder, if you do not see any shiny new buttons to press after gaining 5 hardcoreness, you may need to clear browser cache to force your browser to download the newer version. Clearing browser cache will not remove all progress made.

  • http://i45.tinypic.com/35hquk3.png
    Let it get too high and you’ll end up with this for XP.
    2.36884035852133E+15 XP :D

  • 1.0200numbersnumbersE+15 XP? The hell is that.

  • @Fubu I’m thinking 1.02×10^15 with E meaning exponent. My Exp is hitting Kaguya in the head as well XD

  • lol the first HC reward is not worth it. All points spent in impatience returned, wow.

  • Oh my god, this is almost as good as ProgressQuest!

  • Well, seing as how I spent 128000 (three zeroes) on impatience, I’m glad I can get those points back.
    So I can spend them on Hardcoreness. YEAH!

  • @NamelessFool

    Sounds like your impatience really paid off. *sarcasm*

    Thanks for the warning though.

  • WARNING: The 5-Hardcoreness bonus is virtually useless. Save up for more.

  • At 20 Hardcoreness, I think I got something new, but I clicked too fast and all I remember was “Level up until XP is gone” or something.

  • My calculations show Mastery Level 100 will take 1267650600228229401496703205374100000000 XP… I don’t think anyone is getting this any time soon.

  • @Captain

    20 Hardcoreness results in “Enlightenment” which makes it so all your saved up xp is converted into levels.

    I tried it after saving up xp from 0 hardcoreness. It resulted in my browser crashing since the script couldn’t handle it. So I sent the xp into mastery and tried it after a short period of time.

    Result? Still lagged for a bit and resulted in getting only about 50k stat points meaning I was back to 5 hardcoreness. Meaning that it wasn’t worth getting at all.

    Luckily I’d opened up two copies of the flash allowing me to fall back on the second window after the very underwhelming result of enlightenment.

    So I can only wonder what the supposed 3rd hardcoreness ability shows up and what it’ll do.

  • Alright, so it’s called “Enlightenment”, which “Continually levels until XP is depleted”.
    What the fuck does that actually do? Do I have to wait until Level one million before the XP needed to reach the next level is once again greater than the XP I get per flip?
    This “Enlightenment” doesn’t seem better than “Meditation”.
    Going by the Buddhist theme, is the third Hardcoreness bonus going to be TIGER? Or LOTUS?

  • For people wanting to calculate how much EXP it takes to reach Rebirth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geometric_progression

    This is a geometric series problem: a + ar + ar^2 + ar^3 + …

    where a = 1 billion EXP, r = 2

    Therefore, Sum(n = 100): a * (1 – r^101) / (1 – r)
    = a * (2^101 – 1)

    To 4 sig. fig. that comes out as: a * 2.535 * 10^30 = 2.535 * 10^39 EXP

    I dunno… do you call that decadillion or decabillion for 10^{(12 + 1) * 3}?

  • 100 levels of Hardcoreness (just a guess as to when the LAST bonus shows up)
    10000 stat points x 100 = one million stat points needed
    3 stat points per level = 333333 levels minimum, assuming no points are spent elsewhere in the meantime

    Of course, that “100” is pure speculation, but unless KirbyM/Thefre are more sadistic than we thought, it shouldn’t be beyond 100. (And I say “more” sadistic because they worked together to create this addicting flash, which is likely to ruin my life faster than tvtropes ever could.)

    (Someone please add this flash under “Web Original”; I must keep myself glued to this page.)

  • So at my current rate of 2 billion EXP per second (level 56600), it would only take me 10 trillion times the age of the universe to get a rebirth? Cool.

  • Well before I went to bed I was at this game for at least three hours. Before I finally passed out with mastery 10.I was gaining levels per a hit and fair amount of exp. Now the results are better than I though had 100k+ stats and now it should be even faster.


  • Meh,forget WoW I can play this instead

  • The earth should be near at 57 Mastery…

  • “Simply brilliant”
    -Tsurupettan, 20/05/2010

  • whoa, cut back 10% for exp needed for Mastery! Neat!

  • I am crazy enough to go for rebirth! This flash reminds me of the joys of the VAR beam in Super Metroid!

  • @Captain: I thought I would try to add it but one thing lead to another click and… uh… damn you.

  • KirbyM and Thefre: you’re both nuts.

  • People,I’ve been sent to deliver you a message. Please pay attention.

    This is the most stupid game EVAR!

    (Don’t want to offend)

  • Is Enlightenment a one-time thing or can it be done as many times as you can afford the 20 hardcoreness for it?

  • All skills can be done as many times as you can afford them.

  • This game needs a mode where there is no limit on how many levels you can gain per “tick” as you pull away in how much exp you have compared to how much level is needed for your current level… As such you are limited in how fast you can level and this sorta ruins it for me…

    Uncap the level speed!

  • Well, it took about 30 minutes of clicking “no do not abort script”, but my Enlightenment is over and I’ve gained 10,000,000 levels >_>

    100 Mastery no longer seems an eternity away.

  • Did someone say the 100 Hardcoreness purchase was -10% Mastery EXP requirement? And it stacks?

    In which case, provided you’ve hit the “I always ding per hit” threshold, I estimate it takes a day and a few hours to gather 1 million stat points. That means within 2 weeks you can aim for -100% Mastery EXP requirement. Thus the path to Rebirth is revealed.

  • Out of curiosity, what’re the damage and experience gain formulas?

  • Psieye: Lots of possible problems with that conclusion. First of all, I’m not sure it’s confirmed that that the mastery bonus carries over between levels; it might be 10% off your CURRENT Mastery level, in which case it’s probably only worthwhile for some of the very late Mastery levels.

    Also important: Is it cumulative by multiplication or addition? If it’s by addition then you’re right and 100,000,000 skill points is an instant, free rebirth, unless there’s a limitation on how much that bonus can be raised. If it’s by multiplication, then each mastery-discount level is going to be worth less than the last: 90%->81%->73%->66%->60%->54%->49%->45%->41%->37% (approx) cost is a big discount, but it’ll never quite reach 0, and there’s going to be a cutoff where more XP/sec is worth more than a discount on even the last Mastery level. But it’ll probably be well beyond 10, probably even 25 discounts…

  • Firefox nightly builds with flash running in a separate process decice that flash has crashed after clicking the do not abort script button just a couple of times :/

  • The problem with the Enlightenment buff is that, in order to make up for the 200,000 skill points you have to spend to earn it, you have to gain more than 66,667 levels.

    I mean, if I were to Enlightment right now, I’d…

    …nevermind, I’d gain about 3,000,000 levels. And I’m barely a tenth of the way in skill points to be able to afford it >.<

  • @Copycatzero

    I used enlightenment and got around 1,00,000 stat points allowing me to get quite a few levels of hardcoreness again. So yeah, at higher values of xp it’s worth it.


    From what I could tell, the way the Master-Slice ability works is that it just adds 10% to your current Mastery level. When I used it, I found my mastery bar increasing by a reasonably significant portion. Not 100% sure that it’s 10%, but it seems likely that it just adds a flat 10%, reducing your mastery req for the current level by 10%

    So the most likely *best strat* would either be to get Enlightenment, dump the excess stats into xp gaining abilities, save enough to gain enlightenment again, and continue until you start genning enough xp per second to easily power through mastery OR Enlightenment, dump stats into hardcoreness to master slice your way up, then save just enough to enlightenment again repeating the cycle.

    Personally, I dunno? I’m going to be trying strat 1, aiming for 1-2 Million in each stat.

  • Aha. So, it’s junk. Pity.

    MATHYPEOPLES, A REQUEST! How much exp/hit would it take to get the experience for Mastery 100 within a year? Windows calculator doesn’t let you use enough zeroes :<

  • Ah crap. Erm…

    Well, I’m starting to think I used a bit too much on me neetery skill

    Because I’m gaining levels every 0.5 seconds.

  • Get yourself that Windows 7 missy, complete with shiny new calculator

    The exp needed for Mastery 0-100 is 1.268 * 10^30.
    There are 1.261 * 10^8 hits in a year.
    You need to hit for roughly 1.006 * 10^22 XP to hit Mastery 100 in a year.

    of course it doesn’t really matter when Enlightenment lets you gain an insane amount of levels quickly >_>

  • http://img685.imageshack.us/i/15871981.jpg/

    For those wondering how long this has been going on, since it’s about 4-5 hits per second, 391924/5/60/60 = 21.77 hours.

    I really don’t count the first 5-10 hours, but everything past that I’ve been figuring out the system. I should be able to net 1 mil in each stat within an hour and since xp gain increases radically faster compared to xp needed per level, possibly 2 mil in the next hour or so. At that point, xp gain should be insanely quick enough that mastery will be relatively simple to achieve until more ridiculous levels of mastery.

    Also, given my experiences, it seems that all 3 stats benefit xp gain. Quite possibly each benefits xp gain in the same way meaning the existence of 3 stats is meaningless, but it’s also possible that each stat interacts with others to increase xp gain.

    You may have noticed, but I have a bit of an obsessive personality. But hey, at least this doesn’t force me to focus on it! Reading a good book helps pass the time.

  • I currently have about 2.6~E+15 XP stored up, and I’m 10K stat points away from being able to afford my first Enlightenment.

    Firefox is going to crash SO HARD…

  • I tried enlightenment with 2.6 E=16 and it froze T_T

  • From my experience you have to just keep hitting the ignore button until the script finally finishes. It might have taken a few minutes but having 6 million stat points to allocate is a very satisfying feeling :D

  • after about a day of playing this. I can only manage to get 15 mastery. sheesh.

    also I am ramping up NEETERY all the way.

  • My first Enlightment took maybe 10 minutes (at most) of hitting the ignore button. My second took more like 30 minutes.

    On the plus side, I now have 127 million each in my three main stats.

    3.3~E+16 XP only gets me half a bar at 26 Mastery…

  • I can’t really get any further than this: http://img217.imageshack.us/i/capturesss.png/

    My EXP gain is so huge that every Enlightenment gives millions of stat points. After spending all those points, the next Enlightenment gives even more points, and so oh.

    Unfortunately, it’s taking 5+ minutes process Enlightenment, and I have to sit there and constantly press “No I don’t want to abort this script” the entire time.

  • @copycatzero Hooray for left click macros!

  • Third hardcore skill is called “Master Slice”, and it “cuts amount of XP needed for Mastery by 10%”. It is available at hardcore level 50.

    For the first rebirth, Kaguya starts with 6 in every stat she starts with 5 (Tactics, Rage!!!, Neetery, and Bossiness), and gains 3 + Mastery Level amount of stat points for each level up. So at Rebirth level 1, she gains 3 + 1 = 4 stat points per level up. At Rebirth level 2, 3 + 2 = 5 points per level up. Kaguya’s never starts with more than 6 points in any stat at Rebirth, even after the first Rebirth (so the first Rebirth will grant a 6 stat start for the Tactics, Rage!!!, Neetery, and Bossiness stats, but never more than that after the first rebirth.).

  • Also, there seems to be a hidden, 4th Hardcore reward at level 100.

    And holy crap, you really outdid yourself this time, KirbyM.

  • http://yfrog.com/f1epiclevelisepicj

    I is computer killer. Hear me roar. Rar…

  • Level 3180000 and rising thanks to 20 Hardcoreness ability. Although Flash was really upset for at least 30 minutes (clicked through lots of those A SCRIPT IS SLOWING YOU DOWN prompts).

    Mastery 100 here I come!!!

  • After 1 and a half hours of do not stop script, I obtained 40 million skill points ^^ Now I’m level 15,749,000 with 40,283,546 neetery XD Mastery=26

  • eidrag, you might even say it’s…NEET.

  • Suggestion for optimizing “enlightment”

    It seems to continue subtracting ‘required exp. to level up’ from current exp. repeatedly. That would cause endless calculation to player’s CPU, thus it freezes for a while.

    My suggestion is calculate total level up count and total requirement exp.

    //psuedocode starts
    a = Current exp.
    d = level up counter //using required exp. differential as 250
    e = Current required exp. to level up
    f = Current level
    x = total level up count
    y = total required exp. // which would be removed from current exp.

    x = (-125-e + sqrt((125+e)^2 – 4 * 125 * (125+e-a))) / 2 * 125
    //solution of [sigma(d=0 -> x) e+250d = a]

    x = int(x) //makes x to integer

    y = 125 * x^2 + (125+e) * x + 125 + e
    //using the [sigma(d=0 -> x) e+250d = y]. Should be smaller than a.

    a = a – y

    //and give x levels up

    //Pseudocode ends

    I didn’t review the entire calculation, so there would be some error(I learned the summation about 6 years ago, so expect errors!). Using this method will prevent freezing the game about ~30 minutes when user clicked the enlightment.

  • Refrain: THANK YOU. I was just about to complain about having my crappy old laptop asking me whether I wanted to continue the script for something like two hours.

  • I got no idea who play this?


  • Hurrdurr. I’ve been leaving my computer on and wandering around doing random stuff.

    Now on like, lv 2355851, with tactics, rage and neetery at about 230000. A bit sad, I know, but oh-so-addictice x)

  • @Dan Salerio:
    It’s just a joke. It isn’t a “real” game.

    See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progress_Quest

  • People who complain about Firefox crashing: Do other browsers have issues with Enlightment or no?

  • My Neetery is officially OVER NINE THOUSAND!

  • After about six hours of telling Flash to not abort the script…


    sadly I still only hit for ~1*10^15 XP. Still quite a ways from what’s needed to quickly get mastery 100, I do not look forward to the next Enlightenment :v

  • Following Rrathmal’s suggestion, I dug out my install of AutoHotkey and found a macro to click the left mouse button repeatedly while I slept, so I was able to sleep through my last Enlightenment (which took at least two hours, since I woke up a couple times to check it).

    I’ve now got 64-66 million (I counted wrong last time, it was only 12~ million) in all three (important) stats and 32 Mastery.

    1.3~E+18 XP only gave me half a bar…

    I’m about ready to throw in the towel. Even with the macro, I still don’t want to lock down my computer for 2-ish hours just to gain the stat points necessary to either boost my XP gain more or start Mastery-Slicing.

  • Thefre, any plans on adding the option to change the game’s language to Japanese or having a Japanese version of this? :3c

  • Meh, Mastery lvl 24 without a single point in Hardcoreness, but I’ll give up, it’s impossible to get lvl 100 Mastery with 1 level/hit… Level 667100, good bye…

  • Choja: Make all the skill names AA faces ( ^ω^)

    And yeah you’re not getting 100 mastery in a realistic timeframe until you start getting like xE+35 per hit.

  • Imperishable Fairy

    Considering it possible to instantly turn any amount of exp into levels and that the 10% can be stacked indifinitely and affects all mastery, (and that all stat points are allocated instantly, so impatience is overlooked) one could get a rebirth in less than a year.

  • 26 mastery! 1/4 of the way woo!

  • This thing plays by itself :)

  • Actually, this flash should use a fond with all numbers in same width.

  • Yeah, it’s tough to tell how many significant digits there are between your current exp and your to-level exp, which is important for having Enlightenment take only a sane amount of time on a mediocre computer. Whitespace/commas/period separators would help too, but whatever works.

    Inquiry: Do Flash 10 scripts still run if you leave the “Stop script?” window open but unanswered?

    And if all else fails: http://www.buraks.com/swfsli/ might make it more manageable.

  • Inquiry: Do Flash 10 scripts still run if you leave the “Stop script?” window open but unanswered?

    I was wondering the same thing. Because well, there was an entertaining movie starting in the meanwhile but when the movie was over I realized using Enlightenment with 1.numbersnumbersX10^16 is a bit inconvenient.

    So after two hours I get tired and stop the script. And get nothing in exchange.


  • @Fubu72
    Six… hours…

    Six hours, between running my mouse-click script and, in the final half hour or so, clicking manually. I canceled every nonessential process on my computer, and was a couple minutes away from giving up when I set the priority in Task Manager for Firefox to “High”, and it finally finished running the script moments later.

    I now have 135 million (and I counted right this time) in each of my three XP-gaining stats. I reach the E+18 mark on my XP in about 45 seconds. I’m at Mastery level 36. I Master-Sliced somewhere between 15 and 20 times, and I’m STILL not getting more than about an eighth of a bar when I allocate 5~E+17 XP at once.

    I give up. This officially isn’t fun any more.

  • I’m currently at Mastery level 20 (with no progress in the bar). According to my calculations, using Master Slice – and nothing else – to level Mastery up will take almost three and a half years to rebirth. It’s better than thousands like the rest of you have calculated, that’s for sure!

    To prevent long stretches of “Do you want to abort the script?” messages, I always just dump the XP directly into the bar when I come back from leaving/sleeping. I’ll use Enlightenment, sure, but only if I don’t have an obscenely huge amount of XP. I think this elimination will eventually cut so much stretches out that I’ll be ahead of the rest. Wishful thinking…

  • @Tele: But the point of Enlightenment is to use hellabunch of XP in it so it is profitable. I think.

    And what’s with everyone’s calculations about 100 Mastery taking a millenia? Are you taking into account that you can keep increasing stats? And Enlightenment seems like just the thing for extreme amounts of Stat Points.

    But it seems I will get Level 1 Million before even using Enlightenment successfully. And that’s because My NEET is level 972k at the moment.

  • @Fubu72: I would rather not waste an hour just waiting for it to process, so that’s why I decided to do it in reasonable amounts. (By the way, if anyone else is having trouble with long processing times if they use XP amounts the size of Jupiter, I found you can just put a heavy enough object on the N key and go do something else. Leave it to me to not think of this until it was too late…)

    But it seems people are basing their calculations on their current XP-gaining rate, which isn’t going to be very accurate unless you plan on never raising your stats again…I find that pointless, really. But even then, it’s going to take a very long while to reach Rebirth.

    By the way, I just used Master Slice a few times and I didn’t notice anything. I think I saw a little one-pixel jump the final time I used it, though, so does this mean it actually gives you 10% of your current Mastery EXP, or is it just messing up on me?

  • The only thing I’ve calculated is the total EXP requirement to attain Mastery 100. If you also want a time estimate, someone will need to make measurements and provide me with a rough stats->EXP-rate formula as I don’t run this script much. The EXP formula would be exponential or polynomial in nature but either way a finite integration will tell you the time estimate.

  • Note that some of the “lol rebirth at the heat death of the universe” calculations came from before Enlightenment was implemented/figured out; before that, level gain was a static rate, so a certain amount of surrender about the advancement rate was understandable.

    Now, 100 mastery is achievable but still rather absurd, just like a real MMO!

  • Huh? My Kaguya restarted with 5 on everything except Hardcoreness and Mastery.

  • @refrain: Suggestion accepted, and mathematical contribution appreciated. I had wondered if there was a better way to do it while I was making it, but my math is inferior. I shall implement this when I get the chance to work on it again. Enlightenment was not intended to entirely consume people’s processing for hours at a time.

    Also, multilingual support can be added, but I would need help translating it.

    Also, I didn’t realize how many people would actually play this hardcore as if it was a real game. Much like any MMORPG, if you invest too much time into it all at once, you will get burned out and stop playing.

    @VGC: What did you do?

  • @Fubu72

    The total xp calculation for 100 mastery is actually quite simple.

    Since the math basically goes N+2N+(2^2)N+…(2^99)N, you know that at the end the total value will be approximately (2^99)N x 2.

    (100 + 100/2 + 100/4 + 100/infinity would slowly make its way towards 100(2) or 200, seeing as 100 + 50 + 25 + 12.5, etc leads slowly but never quite to 200 so it ends up being about the same here.)

    That means the final mastery level req calculated that we’ve seen so far, 1,267,650,600,228,229,401,496,703,205,376,000,000,000 needs to be doubled at 2,535,301,200,456,458,802,993,406,410,752,000,000,000.

    Let’s assume you want to get that within, oh, 10 hours. You’d need to be gaining 7.04250333E^34 xp per second. Now obviously you can remove whatever mastery level you’ve currently got from that calculation, but it’s still quite an amazing value.

    To put it in perspective, with 23,705,000 in all stats, it still takes me about 4 seconds to gain 1e15 which is quite far from the necessary xp per second. If xp gain increases as it has been per stat points, I’d need…2.8e19? stat points to gain enough per second for 100 mastery in 10 hours.

    For those unsure of exponents, 2.8e19 stats would be 28,000,000,000,000,000,000 stat points in all stats. Or assuming every stat ends up being weighed equally, 84,000,000,000,000,000,000 in one stat.

    To help compare here’s the numbers.

    2,535,301,200,456,458,802,993,406,410,752,000,000,000 Total Mastery XP
    84,000,000,000,000,000,000 Stats needed to Rebirth in 10 hours
    71,115,000 Total Stats I have now.

    In other words, *quite* a bit of time which should be significantly reduced once Thefre switches the math for enlightenment.

  • One last thing to note.

    84,000,000,000,000,000,000 / 3 means your Kaguya will be level 2.8E19 by the time you’re done, but this isn’t taking into account the 20k stats you’ll be putting into Hardcoreness to gain Enlightenment because, quite frankly I’ve got no idea exactly how many times we’d need to Enlightenment to gain such a ridiculous amount of levels.

    This also means that Kaguya will be needing about 7.0E21 xp per level at that point. Which should skew the numbers quite a bit yet again.

    If you screw up your stats this’ll all devolve into the Red Queen’s race anyhow. So enjoy. Know that it’s possible, but will take quite a while.

  • Just posting to say there are no secret upgrades at 1000 hardcoreness. (I went to 1020)

    Just the 3 you get at 5, 20 and 50.

  • @Thefre Nothing. I haven’t cleared my cache of anything. It just happened.

  • …. random reset just happened to me too, sort of, after a long Enlightenment cash-in. Perhaps from having multiple windows of it open (one IE, one Firefox)?

    I have the other window with all my stuff open, however! So… something,

  • UPDATE: Stats returned after refreshing the reset Kaguya – stats overridden by the other one. But I also turned up how much space walfas.org is allowed to use on my machine, even though it’s only 2KB right now. I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

  • Well I have a way better build right now anyway because I’m not investing in Hardcoreness

  • @Anonymous: Your comment indeed made it pretty easy to understand. It does seem to take quite a lot of time, although Enlightenment seems like the key to achieve it the fastest possible (as long as you get past the ‘Stop script’ thing or it gets updated somehow).

    And I was a bit incorrect to question the calculations of people before the Enlightenment update yeah. But it felt like some still believed it would take an unrealistic amounts of time to get 100 mastery.

    And then, when you finally reach 100 Mastery, KirbyM and Thefre are like “DO YOU WANT TO PLAY AGAIN!? USHIROMIYA BATTLEEEEER!?


  • @Thefre

    I don’t know anything about Actionscript, so I’ll give you the explanation and some equations which can be used to optimize enlightenment.

    Let us assume current exp is A, current required exp to level up is B. //of course, A should be bigger than B. Otherwise, level up won’t occur.

    If a user clicks enlightenment, following exp should be subtracted from A.

    B + (B+250) + (B+250*2) + ….. + (B+250*x) // until A is smaller than (B+250*something). CAUTION : (x+1) level ups occur!

    It can be simplified to

    (x+1) * B + 250 * (1+2+3+…+x)
    = (x+1) * B + 250 * x * (x+1) / 2
    = 125 * x^2 + (125 + B) * x + B
    = C (total required exp to level up, using enlightenment)

    To find x that makes above equation smaller (or equal) than A (It should be!),

    125 * x^2 + (125 + B) * x + B = A
    //x should be an integer. If A is bigger than left part (C), x would be some number with decimal point, and cut those numbers below the decimal point, it will make the biggest possible integer x. Rough way, but it works.

    This is equal to 125 * x^2 + (125 + B) * x + B – A = 0

    You can find the x by using quadratic formula. (sqrt is ‘square root’)

    x = ((-125 – B) +- sqrt [(125+B)^2 – 4 * 125 * (B-A)]) / 250

    Since (-125 – B) – sqrt [(125+B)^2 – 4 * 125 * (B-A)] always makes x negative value, so it can be ignored.

    x= ((-125 – B) + sqrt [(125+B)^2 – 4 * 125 * (B-A)]) / 250

    Calculating this equation won’t take much time to user’s CPU. So, we know “x”. If x is not integer (most time, it won’t), cut the decimal point and numbers below that point.

    To find C (total required exp to level up, using enlightenment), use following equation discovered above.

    125 * x^2 + (125 + B) * x + B = C

    Now we know all needed numbers.

    Make Kaguya level up by x+1 (and give skill point 3 * (x+1) )
    Make her exp A-C
    Subtract hardcoreness by 20.
    Required exp calculation should be done. I hope the calculation is already automated with current level. If not, just add 250 * (x+1) to B.

    Please run simulation before implamenting to confirm there’s no error.

    Key equations

    x = ((-125 – B) + sqrt [(125+B)^2 – 4 * 125 * (B-A)]) / 250

    C = 125 * x^2 + (125 + B) * x + B

    and, don’t forget to make integer x. I don’t want to see level 98973245.39278174902… Kaguya.

  • It’s like Ragnarok Online all over again!

  • My first enlightment is over *-*

  • Her arms have incredible endurance.

  • My third Enlightment used my i7cpu 8hours to load and its not end yet. I giveup…

  • Whoa, this is like an MMORPG without grinding! Or actually, also without the MMO or the RP or the G.
    But at least there’s still numbers and formulas to discover..

    So for those interested:
    Damage formula:
    damage = tactics + random * (3*rage)
    where random is a random decimal value between 0 and 1

    Exp formula:
    exp = damage * neetery / 10

  • Wee… Level 1,000,006, and counting! Im scared to try Enlightenment on this P2 machine clocked at 1.3ghz >_>;;;

  • I lost my everything 2 days ago. My computer crashed/overheated/whatever, so it was understandable.

    I’m at 20 mastery so that doesn’t matter now. 8V

  • Thanks anonymous for the damage formula! I really wanted them, and I can finally now optimize my stats. Here’s the math to share:

    First let’s define some variables to make things easier.
    a = Tactics
    b = Rage!!!
    c = NEETery

    Our equation is
    EXP per Hit = (a + 1.5b) * c/10
    and we are trying to maximize EXP per Hit.
    Since 10 is a coefficient of what we’re trying to maximize, all we need to do is maximize the expression
    (a + 1.5b) * c.
    Note that I simplify Rand * 3 to 1.5, as that is the Expected Value and close to what we’ll be getting as time goes on.

    The first thing we notice is that b is always superior to a. We would never want to put any points into a when we can put them into b instead, since the rate of increase is linear and our stat points are limited. That being said, unfortunately we are forced to start with some a, and most of us have probably already put copious amounts of stat points into it. If a were 0, we’d want b and c to be equal to let us optimize, but since a is positive and nonzero, it seems logical that c should be slightly higher than b.

    In order to optimize our path from what we currently have instead of a clean slate, we need a new equation for b and c.
    Let S = a + b + c.
    Since we decided that we want to minimize a and we’re trying to maximize EXP per Hit from a set number of stat points, we have a and S as constants.
    a, b, c, and S are all nonzero, positive integers.

    Substituting b in terms of S, a, and c, we get
    (a + 1.5(S – a – c))c
    (1.5S – .5a)c – 1.5c^2

    This is a negative quadratic equation where we are trying to find the peak, or the maximum, in order to maximize our original expression. Using basic Calculus, we take the derivative and get
    (1.5S – .5a) – 3c = 0
    Remember that S and a are constants. Where the slope is zero is where the peak of the previous expression is.

    Solving for c
    c = .5S – (1/6)a
    c is a bit less than half of S due to the points in a.

    b = S – a – c
    and substituting in c in terms of S and a, we get
    b = .5S – (5/6)a
    b is a bit more less than half than c is.

    Now, taking the difference,
    c – b = (2/3)a
    So c should be 2/3 of a greater than b.

    Ex. If a = 60, and you have 200 points.
    (2/3)a = 40
    b = 80 and c = 120 matches the criteria, and this is the optimal stat distribution.

  • Something odd has happened here when a daily flash’s comments becomes filled with calculus.

    I mean it’s incredibly useful, yes, and I”ll be making use of that stat distribution, but still…

    On the plus side, I feel less old unless you lot are all just intelligent high schoolers in which case I feel old again. I’m only 22 and you’re making me feel old dagnabbit!

  • So my first two enlightenments were fine. I could handle hitting the “no” button for an hour.

    But the third one I tried today went for 5 hours before I gave up. In the interim I kept trying macro programs (namely Keyboard Maestro, because I own an iMac) that just weren’t working for longer than 15 minutes.

    So…hoping that gets streamlined soon.

  • Gave up after 20 hours. 9.4 e+19 is a no go.

  • Erm, well, it’s not letting me click the buttons anymore, even to dump exp into Mastery, so I’m not sure if that means I’m done now or not. :(

  • Had enlightenment going for 5 hours (with macro to click no) till it broke. I suppose i’ll be lv200m forever this way. Quitting until the the calculations are fixed to be efficient.

  • So after checking all these problems with Enlightenment, I decided to run an experiment to test something.

    Rather than waiting for 30 minutes before hitting Enlightenment and clicking No for 2 hours so I’d have 500 million stat points to allocate, I went with waiting for about 10 seconds.

    Result? Clicked No for about a minute or two and gained 2 million stat points. All in all, largely inefficient due to needing to waste 200k stat points for Hardcoreness to gain Enlightenment every 5 minutes, but much less hair tearingly frustrating with hours of clicking No.

    But yeah, more efficient equations would make this a bit more palatable.

  • I gave up my 3rd enlightenment after ~20 hours of “physical macro”(inserting a toothpick on “n” key).


    Even if the formula is correct, I think tactics is not a crap for all. It guarantees a certain amount of exp per a hit. So without tactics, you can’t always make “one level up per a hit”.

    Tactics is not a crap for the players who are not reached “threshold” or just reached “threshold”.

    Those who went far away from the “threshold”, tactics is definitively inferior stat because excessive exp can buffer some bad luck.

  • 7hrs and 37mins here so far with my 4th enlightenment, I went with a bit more than with the e17 I used to do. Did it with 1.2e19 now… but I regret it. Atleast nothing has crashed yet and my mouseclicker is still running xD

  • So the TL:DR version of the calculus formula is that rage > everything else for quickest gain, right? Or am I reading the math wrong? (I hate advanced math. >.<)

  • @NamelessFool

    No. You should raise NEETery, too.(to maximize the gain, 2:3 is optimal as stated above)

    20*20 is far greater than 5*35, even though the sum is same.

  • This is taking forever. I have 560k Neetery 130k Rage and 78kTactics, and it still takes ages to get even one mastery level (I am at 19). 262k Hits. I must perservere to get rebirth.

  • Argh, until I bother to find another Auto mouse clicker and it doesn’t stop after an hour, or until Enlightenment gets updated, I can’t really level up further.

  • You could put something heavy on your ‘N’ key. o:

  • The issue with this N Key business is that pressing N doesn’t actually do anything for me when that pop up comes up. And this seems global cross all browsers I’ve tried it on. Windows-specific is my only guess at that point. How annoying, Flash…

    For now I’ve taken to just hitting enlightenment at < = 1xe^17 experience. At most I only have to sit and click buttons for an hour, and if it's less than that amount of exp, I can actually run my macro and leave my desk, because I know it works for at least 20 minutes.



  • Suggestion: Add a skin change button, to switch the animation to Chiyuri and her chair (might have to alter the tooltip text and perhaps change ‘NEETery’ accordingly for skin changes).

    Then you can even make future animations to add to this. Heck, lots of your animations could fit this.


  • Okay I’m now in 22hrs and 50mins with my 1.2e19.. mouse clicker still running, but god how much longer is this going to take!?

  • http://fobcraft.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/clicky-update/

    Here’s a simple autoclicker that I made. It was intended for games that require click spamming, but works for this too.
    It might be a bit hard to figure out how to use. Basically, enter “1” then choose an interval between clicks. Then press X to start clicking. Press X again to stop. Alternatively, you can hold Z.

    (Btw, it seems to not work for intervals below 20ms. I forgot why =/)

  • So wait im confused.

    So you can leave tactics at the same amount and just put into rage and neetery and as long as its the 2/3*tactics + rage = neetery its optimal than?

  • So does bossiness really not do anything, or is there some sort of secret behind it? It just seems weird for it to be there for no reason.

  • refrain
    May 23, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    No. You should raise NEETery, too.(to maximize the gain, 2:3 is optimal as stated above)

    No, I was a idiot. 2:3 is not always optimal(varies with tactics). In some point, when tactics becomes small enough to be ignored (compared to rage, neetery), 1:1(rage:neetery) will be the best shot.

  • I hope your internet can drop out in the enlightenment process. Since mine did and I’m going now for 28hrs already D:

  • 40 Mastery, and e+21 =D

  • hehe, 21 mil rage and 242 mil neetery so far, enlightenment is broken

  • Okay after about 34hrs of enlightenment with 1.2e19 I did it. God may know why I did it on the slow PC but fine. Roughly 270mil levels gained :O

  • So am I the only person who has over 50 mastery right now? Anyone got more?

  • I have resized the Flash window, and noticed a constantly-changing icon to the left-hand side called “Move Name”. To view it, you can view the Flash in a browser window, then shrink the window’s height while keeping its width the same. Walfas, would you like to tell us what that is?

  • @Zemyla: From what I can see, the icons are the Hardcoreness skill icons. Move name probably means that it’s the name of the move.


    I just got rebirth.

    Back to lv1 for me. lol at everyone saying it’ll take thousands of years to do.


  • @Etheral I tried experimenting, with my stat points, and now I’m at Mastery 70. I’ll prob make 100 by tomorrow.

  • Rebirth already? Gosh, I’m only at Mastery 29…that may have to do with the fact that I’m extremely enlightenment-phobic, heh. I’ve only used it three times.

    If I ever do reach Rebirth, though, I’ll go through it all again with zero enlightenments, and quite possibly be the first to get Rebirth the hard way. Unless someone else already did that. Then…I don’t know.

  • Congrats on rebirthing Ethereal~

    What i’m wondering is how you did it with those stats; i have over 10x more in each stat than you and im still not how to get to 100 mastery. How often do you master slice? Does playing it outside the browser help? blargh!!!

  • Rebirth at 101 mastery XD I almost cried when I saw the new Rebirth:1 under Mastery:0 Rebirth does not take as long as most of you guys calculated.

  • @Friz I master sliced hundreds of times. It really helps.

  • I think something messed up. I used enlightenment and the only thing that happened was me losing 20 Hardcoreness. Nothing else. I want my 200,000 stat points back T_T

  • @totaka you need a large amount of excess xp like
    5.12341242354353 * 10 ^ 17 or more for example and then you enlighten and you will gain 10,000,000 + levels depending where you are at and 3*lvl gain amount of stat points. Only hassle is the time you spend clicking no before enlightenment finishes (or is calculated by flash)

  • Well the game is ruined for me now, since I won’t be the first (or the second) to rebirth.

  • you’re still a winner.

  • Enlightenment nearly crashes my computer whenever I try to use it, so I’m already on the Master slice only track…

  • OK, crazy story now.

    I was at 44 Mastery, using enlightenment about twice a day, nothing special. I did it just now with my usual 1xe^17 exp.

    When it ended, I came back to something strange. Kaguya was gaining negative amounts of exp now. Her hardcoreness was at -200. I wasn’t gaining levels anymore. Putting points in hardcoreness now brought it closer to 0. When I actually hit 0 hardcoreness, my counter started telling me that I had INFINITY exp. A few more points and it popped up the rebirth button.

    Also, look at my Mastery level now: http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/4788/kaguyadividedbyzero.jpg

    I think I officially win. I wish I took pictures of the negative values, but I was too busy WTFing to think about it.


  • The Kaguya Table: The Expansion doesn’t have a disclaimer about playing it excessively, and thus I am suing its creators (possibly Yuyu co. and/or Nitori Works), as the other night I left my PC on with an auto-clicker to try and get past the Enlightenment thing and when I came back it was off and the OS wouldn’t boot again properly.

    Currently I am waiting for my files to be moved before something is done to fix it (and temporarily using Ubuntu).

    Kaguya Table: The Expansion has caused property and emotional damage to my person and I am claiming compensation for it.

    (It is totally unrelated to mention this has happened to this computer at least twice in the past in different occasions.)

  • Maybe it was the auto-clicker or the fact your PC was on overnight. I don’t think a flash-based game can harm your operating system. Unless you be trollin’

  • New question for those who’ve rebirthed:

    Does the game play as if the table is passively set on, like, 200 hardcoreness even though it’s at 0? Or did something from my buggy passage into rebirth mode carry over? It also didn’t reset how many times I’ve hit it so far.

  • @Pork: Shhh. And I had left it on for about 4 days in a row when this game came out.

  • @CF I don’t see why the hits counter has to reset.

    @Fubu Mine’s still on from when it came out XD

  • @Aeon Me neither, just wondering if that’s how its worked for everyone else.

    Still only getting 1 damage per hit no matter what I throw in for stats though… arghbubble :(

    My original Kaguya Table lived through a bout of “Oops I hit the power switch on my surge protector”, on the subject of leaving the computer on…

  • Achievement Unlocked: a NEET rating of Over 9000!

  • If going from level n to level n+1 requires a + bn XP, then going from level 1 to level n requires
    sum(i=1..n-1, a + bi) = a(n – 1) + ½b(n – 1)n = (n – 1)(a + ½bn) XP,
    and going from level m to level n requires
    (n – 1)(a + ½bn) – (m – 1)(a + ½bm) XP.

    If you are at level m and have X xp, then you need to solve for n, where
    (n – 1)(a + ½bn) = X + (m – 1)(a + ½bm).
    Expanding the equations for m and n, we get
    ½bn² + (a – ½b)n – (X + ½bm² + (a – ½b)m) = 0.
    This is a quadratic function, and can be solved with the quadratic formula.
    n = (½b – a ± √[(a – ½b)² + 2b(X + ½bm² + (a – ½b)m)]) / b.
    Since we want a positive number, we take the larger root of the equation, using the plus. And since the level must be an integer, we take the floor of this value, since taking the ceiling would lead to negative XP remaining.

    Using this formula, Thefre and Walfas could find the level of someone after Enlightenment. Alternatively, they could have Flash calculate the levels interactively, which would go slower but have no need for continually clicking the “Do you want to abort this script” button.

  • Ugh! Trapped at doing 1 damage after rebirth no matter how many stats I put in!

  • If you use firefox you can modify dom.max_script_run_time at about:config to increase (and perhaps disable) that script protection spawning.
    @thefre: I can translate it into Spanish

  • Sorry, the tip above doesn’t work T_T

    First enlightenment accomplished =D

  • I finally got my first rebirth. I don’t care if nobody else cares! I did it! I can stop now! *tears of joy*

    Wait, why am I still playing!?! NOOOOOOooooooo!



    Oh yeah, out of Neetery, RAGE!!!, and Tactics, which are most important in gaining lots of EXP?

    Also…is there a way to make the leveling up go faster? Should I use Chrome or Firefox instead?

  • okay here’s what I’ve found out:
    Tactics increases base damage that you deal.
    Rage!!! increases the maximum damage you could possibly deal.
    Neetery (why does this sound like Nitori?) increases exp per damage dealt.
    Bossiness does nothing but necessary for stat maxing.
    Impatience increases points allocated at a single click (~100 should do fine) making it easier to use your stat points.
    Hardcoreness, at certain levels, allows you to buy power ups (Warning: if you buy a power up, your level will be reset to zero regardless of how much the power up costs).
    lvl 5 = Meditation: restores all points used on impatience to your available stat points.
    lvl 20 = Enlightenment: freezes your exp allowing easy levels and doesn’t go away until you dump your exp into mastery (useful for gaining mastery levels while idling).
    lvl 50? I haven’t gotten that high yet but I’ll report any findings.
    Mastery, apparently, at level 100 kills Kaguya which is “your goal”. At level 20, you can rebirth and you receive increases starting stats and increased stat points per level up with each rebirth (it resets all stats).

    My stats:

    god I need a life >.>

  • :< 4 enlightenments in a row busted by parents checking my computer

  • Thanks MegaMarisa! :D

    Waitasec, 31,000 for each? Are you sure!? O_o You don’t mean 310,000, do you?

  • @MegaMarrisa: You’re incorrect on the Enlightenment part. It’s a one time deal. After spending all of the exp, it reverts back to normal.

    I’ve noticed a slowdown during Enlightenment after rebirthing. Now, I have a theory on why it might be like that. What follows after is purely speculation on my part and may not be how the game actually works.

    Before rebirthing, when you level up, it does a check on whether or not you rebirthed. Since you haven’t, it gives you the default 3 stat points.

    After rebirthing, when it does the rebirth check, the result is true. The next part is key. Since it’s true, it adds the rebirth amount to 3 and then adds the stat points.

    My proposed solution is to calculate the stat point amount when the game loads and when the rebirth button is pressed. Now if this isn’t clear here’s some psuedo-code.

    Enlightenment code:
    Level up? Yes.
    Rebirthed? No.
    Yay, 3 stat points.

    Enlightenment code:
    Level up? Yes.
    Rebirthed? Yes!
    How many rebirths? x
    y =3 + x.
    Yay, y stat points!

    On game load/Rebirth pressed:
    Rebirthed? Yes.
    How many rebirths? x
    y = 3 + x.

    During Enlightenment:
    Enlightenment code:
    Yay, y stat points!

    This cuts down on the amount of times rebirth is calculated and should give the same performance whether you rebirthed or not. This might help even when enlightenment is optimized, depending on how you do it.

    Of course, if I’m wrong, then this entire post is useless.

  • Dude, what the heck! I used Enlightnement and it only froze for like, a second and then it started going again. NOTHING HAPPENED! D: What a waste of 200,000 points! Actually, 400,000 since I used it twice. D:

  • My hardcorness is…


    after that, I got up to 112 mastery rofl


    YAHOO 1st rebirth time for lunch now

  • @ Pretztailfan95 You might be using too little exp to convert.

  • Okay, at hardcoreness lvl 50 you can buy Master Slice which does the same as enlightenment except your exp is still frozen after you drop exp. It also (apparently) reduces the amount of exp for mastery by 10%. All the stuff to know about the game. Btw, you all just lost.

  • MegaMarissa, I think you got the Rebirth thing wrong in your earlier explanation. You said at level 20 Mastery you can rebirth…

    Grrr….I need more points! D:

  • i got 23 mastery !! :)

  • @Megamarissa
    For your long paragraph, over half of it you could find from mousing over the pluses next to the stat. Hardcoreness skills have been explained way back in the comments, making it evident you haven’t read them.

    I wouldn’t recommend putting anything in bossiness btw.

  • I’m now in the xE+x of EXP! :D

    I’m gonna save up my EXP until I can get tons of mastery! :D

  • actually you will need 1,26765060022823E+39 exp to jump from lvl1 to lvl 100 mastery.
    i don’t even come close to that number lol.

  • Umm…my EXP was at 1.75401928276742E+16 and I used Enlightenment…how long is it supposed to take for it to finish? Because it’s been going for I think two hours, and it’s still not done. It’s frozen still, and I keep clicking “no” when it asks to abort. That was on Google Chrome, I’m using Internet Explorer right now, and Kaguya Table is working fine, but no signs of the Enlightenment being done is showing…what should I do? How much longer will this take?! D:

  • Rebirth #2!

  • I haven’t played much at all since I rebirthed. For those who were wondering how to do it, just use enlightenment to get 100m or more skill points and put them all into hardcoreness. Then use the 3rd ability over and over.

    @Friz: Thanks

    @Aeon: Congrats on your 2nd!

  • …wait, what? Why did my stats reset? What happened? What? Did my cookies delete themselves or something?

    I don’t think I want to play this anymore…

  • The rebirth explanation text doesn’t fit on the screen, apparently. :P

    And the rebirth button doesn’t show up if you load the page with >100 mastery, until you put exp into mastery (maybe gain levels? Not gonna mess with it).

    And it looks like Master Slice is indeed 90%, 81%, 73%… multiplicative Mastery cost cost/discount. Good to know.

  • Well, now I’m gaining XP too fast to use Enlightenment without locking up my computer for hours, but not fast enough to get much Mastery. Please replace Enlightenment with an actual calculation soon!

  • So…apparently either this game or a virus corrupted my Kaguya Table save and Google Chrome itself.

    Whichever one it is, I’m pretty darn mad.

  • is it me, or is the level 20 hardcore skill completely useless?

  • i got 24 mastery and i am about lv 861444 (^_^)v

  • @Tele: You probably don’t have a static ip address so it changed destroying your save. Same thing will happen to me eventually. This is one of the major reasons I stopped playing after rebirth.

  • Lvl 138 xD this is really pointless :D

    what does the defense of the table does? XDDDD

  • lvl goes up have over 4000 in lvl xD

  • ElephantInTheRoom

    AHHHHHH!!! Make it stop!!!
    I’m addicted to this “game” and i don’t know why!

  • This game is stupid. Is it even a game?

  • it needs a skill that changes the max number of lvls you can gain in one hit but make it cost like 100 per point or something like that

  • Andrew (not the other one_

    I level up too fast. This game is great

  • Sanctified Seabiscuit! Pointless sites now links here.

  • i’m at level 23569 haha.
    i have 1 hardcore and i keep filling mastery.

  • 46k hits.

  • 3rd Rebirth! with only one enlightenment this time. Ah, the power of 40,000 hardcoreness…

  • This is addicting in a way on which I can’t put my finger… but I wish I could do this in real life. Flipping tables all over the place. :D

  • Almost 40k hits
    Tactics/Rage 4k
    Neetery 30k
    Impatience 3.2k (oops)
    Mastery 6

    This is going to ruin my life…
    I’m doing this instead of a life-altering english exam due tomorrow…

  • GAH!!
    Burn meditation burn!!

  • level 21000 o.0

  • @Social Addict There’s nothing wrong with putting anything into impatience.

  • Required XP for Mastery appears to be 1000000000*(2^(n-1)), which means Total XP = (E[n=1,r=M](1000000000*(2^(n-1))))+X+(P*1000000000*(2^(M-1))), where M=Mastery, X=Residual XP, P=Percentage of current Mastery gained and E is used in place of Sigma for Sum…

  • Tofu: I am in awe! Kudos to you, sir, for your amazing skills at timewasting…

    I have to get 65,536,000,000,000 XP to get to the next mastery level…

  • Giving up with

    Level 28855

    Tactics: 10010
    Tage!!!: 10120
    Neetery: 10040
    Bossiness: 4703
    Impatience: 256
    Hardcoreness: 5
    Mastery: 6

    I will never, ever do this again, it’s for the best, haha.

  • LOL LVL 39000 this game just gets its numbers increased exponentially~!!!! MASTERY of 9 hahaha

  • ok ill admit..beaten by Tofu hahaha

  • 524288000000000 XP ’til my next Mastery level…

  • Enlightenment crashes!

  • Quesion: Is it possible to edit the Cookie in order to falsely gain levels?

  • It wasn’t that I don’t have a static IP address, probably, because IT CORRUPTED GOOGLE CHROME WHAT THE.

    Also, congrats on Kaguya Table hitting tenth place in the monthly charts on Pointless Sites. Granted, we’re only four days into the month, but it’s something!




  • @DH
    Yes, brag about how awesome you are until you are humbled, then act as though you’re still the cool one for doing the same thing.

  • Enlightenment doe not crash, just keep saying no to the popup


  • “does nothing LIKE A BOSS!!!!!!”

  • Level 8256, moving fast

  • IJ, I have that beat by so much it’s not even funny. Left it on for several days now >:)

  • Absolutely Love it!
    And it seems to never end…….

  • hi everyone i have just started playiny this game i am hoping if anyone will point out anything that will help me :)


  • what are the three hardcore items and are they worth buying?

  • I have 1337 in tactics, and I don’t wanna raise it :(

    I’ll probably have to do it soon.

  • i have to much time… 3 reborns

  • GYahahahaHAHAhahAhaHahahahaAHahaaahHAhahAhaHahahaHahAhahaHAHAHAAahahaaaaaahAhAHHaahaHA!

  • Rofl ive been playing for like an hour and im level 7000

  • lvl 1600 and going up dramatically! 1k+ points in everything but hardcore and mastery =)

  • level 10000. nbd

  • OH SHOT marisa!,didn’t you had that mastery!!!!0_0.
    i thought mastery only went up to ten?

  • lvl 400,000. Gonna let it run all next week :D

  • If you have questions, make sure you read the comments. :(

    I wonder how much rage/neet is best to get before spamming enlightenment and master slice…

  • Level 2 million + with level 20 mastery…

    Will I ever rebirth?

  • rofl now my levels over 90,000 abd i get about 10 levels per second

  • My level is now 4.4 million, just waited about 30 minutes for enlightenment to do its thing XD

  • LEVEL 100,000

  • oh my fucking god!!!
    5k tactics, 5k rage, 10k neet, 500 bossiness, 1k impatience, 5 mastery
    i love this so much, thankyou, you are a true legend

  • My stats:

    Level: 66639
    Tactics: 32062
    Rage!!!: 32061
    Neetery: 32101
    Bossiness: 1075
    Impatience: 1005
    Hardcoreness: 12
    Mastery: 12

  • wah thats good :)

  • Tactics:32379

  • apparently,now i have mastery 12,which is pretty good.

  • well, it seems to get rebirth you need 6.3382530012e^29 XP. In other words…


    Thats Six hundred thirty-three nonillion…

    Good luck!

  • been playing like forever, look at this pic


  • Damn, son. 10 rebirths? How fast do they get at that point?

  • This is oddly addicting.. :)

  • It will take 2535301200456458802993406410751000000000 mastery to get to level 100. That is the sum of 1000000000*2^x for x=0 to 100. 10 rebirths…

  • So, Anonymous, you are incorrect. What is your formula?

  • TOO HARD!!!

  • 25 Mastery level 1.45 million +

    ~700k tactics
    ~1160000 Rage
    ~1260000 Neetery
    ~8k Bossiness
    ~4k Impatience

    And 40 Hardcore Points with the exp still going up crazily, just started leaving this idle again today after forgetting about it….

  • I LOST MY FUCKING 240K of levels!!

  • what I don’t get it??

  • soooo what’s the prize???

  • 1337/1337/1337/1337/1337 Oh yeah, I’m quite elite! (Stats increased since then XD about 50k each now)

  • Anyone else agreeing that pretty much all the comments after this was posted to pointless sites is stupid?

    Please, stop posting your shitty stats. 10 mastery isn’t that good, sure, it takes a while, but it’s not hard to get. omg…

    10k in any regular stat is SHIT.

    So please, just stop.

  • lev 44000 by the time i right this im lev 46000

  • i’d say enlightment.

    i went from 460 k to 5 millioner lvls by using it.
    unfortunately it took it 26 minuts before restarting.
    when i tried again, after 6 hours nothing had happen besides that SERIOUSLY annoying pop-up message was driving me nuts

  • @Anonymous – Don’t they have sarcasm where you come from?

  • Better then meetspin

  • Level 255k, 18 Mastery.

  • Have 17 mastery. Goes by pretty quick if you buy stats and leave it on overnight.

    Also, @Someone, what the fuck? 10 rebirths? I’d rather go for mastery, it seems more challenging to keep on going for more mastery.

    And finally, http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2^1%20%2B%202^2%20%2B%202^3%20%2B%20…%20%2B%202^99&t=ff3tb01. This means you need 1267650600228229401496703205374000000000 XP to get to 100 rebirths. Including all the other levels.

    That’s 1 duodecillion, 267 undecillion, 650 decillion, 600 nonillion, 228 octillion, 229 septillion, 401 sextillion, 496 quintillion, 703 quadrillion, 205 trillion, 374 billion, btw.

  • And lastly, over 9000 mastery is 744767929440978748020658778977306322487472352648065660064523902133272
    9545827897262997502000000000 XP.


  • so what does bossiness do exactly??

  • ^ nothing.. LIKE A BOSS.

  • lvl 280000.
    i got sooo many points

  • For everyone counting the exp needed to 100 mastery:
    Everytime you get 50 hardcorenes you can cut exp needed to mastery by 10%. I know it’s not that big of a help but 10% of 2535301200456458802993406410751000000000 is quite lot.

  • For everyone counting the exp needed to 100 mastery:
    Everytime you get 50 hardcorenes you can cut exp needed to mastery by 10%. I know it’s not that big of a help but 10% of 2535301200456458802993406410751000000000 is quite lot.

  • I am level 21100 and get 16 billion XP a second.

  • Kaguya reset… But I am now gaining 4 lvls a second again, and if a leave it on overnight, which i didn’t do before, I will probably have the same stats as before in only maybe one day.

    Now I know what to do. Almost nothing in impatience and tactics. And 2:3 in Rage:Neetery. And of course nothing in bossiness.

    I will not use my 5 hardcoreness to get my impatience back, but rather wait until I have 200 000 stat points so I can put them in hardcoreness and use enlightment.

    And I will not dump my xp into mastery until I reached a higher level (not sure which level though).

  • Got 2 games on the run one for mastery and one for hardcoreness.
    Hardcoreness game:
    hits 460000 ish
    lvl 373000 ish
    tactics 13724
    rage 72189
    neetery 72191
    impatience 1467
    hardcoreness 96
    mastery 16

    Mastery game
    hits 460500 ish
    lvl 434000 ish
    tactics 13724
    rage 639717
    neetery 639713
    impatience 1467
    hardcoreness 9
    mastery 22

    Can’t see how anyone is getting 100 mastery without using legit methods. gonna keep going until 100 hardcoreness as mastery will still be going after i’m dead…

  • what could you get when you got the 5 hardcoreness points?

  • so uhh i just rebirthed with about 160 mastery (oops :D)
    anyway, i had 2 hardcoreness left over which was the only thing i kept when i rebirthed, and ive done a few levels however im still doing 1 dmg per hit, is this a bug people are talking about further up? or is the 2 hardcoreness just gimping me at this level

  • @pesty

    How on earth you managed to get 160 mastery??? How long have you played this game?

  • umm 3 days? ish bit of research and its easy, only ment to go to 100 but miscalculated and went way too far… ill do it much faster this time, if i can get past this issue of hitting 1 dmg, upto 120 rage now from hitting 1s all the way and no change =/

  • Whenever using enlightenment.. the game seems to crash when I have a large portion of experience points.. says Direct X is running to slowly and such..however if I used it at a lower amount of EXP it would not be enough to cover the inital cost.. Anyone know to to fix such a problem?

  • Since hardcoreness makes xp-gaining slower (haven’t noticed a change myself, but the description says so), it should be better to save up the stat points you need for the rewards, and get all points at once and use them at an instant. Instead of “Oh, I have 10 000 stat points, I’m gonna get a hardcoreness!”

    50 000
    200 000
    500 000 (but you will get this after using enlighenment)

    Just telling ya since it seems like a lot of people didn’t figure this out.

  • I just got 45 mastery with level 41m ish
    Enlightenment is the fucking bomb.

  • We’re never gonna get that Enlightenment algorithm upgrade, are we :P

  • What happens if when you are doing enlighten you click yes to abort the script because I have been clicking now for over 3 hours!!! I had my xp E+18 lol. Anyway would be good to know

  • master timewaster

    yess!!!!!!!! 1hr 20 min lvl 50k!!!

  • never mind i just closed the internet browser and went back on it because i couldn’t take it anymore after 4 hours. when i went back on it was just like it was before i pressed the enlightenment button. so what ahve we learnt, don’t use enlightenment when your exp. gets this high.


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL1mTTQePh4 listen to this song while flipping the table, its freaking epic!!!

  • Modified the file for you guys so that enlightenment doesn’t take 1000 years.


    Thanks to the guys talking about summation and their implementations in the comments I was able to go in the right direction.

    About save files:
    Downloading this file will only load your save if you played offline (Saved the .swf). Otherwise you’ll have to move the save file to the local host folder.


    ^ Places where you can find your save, should be named walfas_kaguya_table.sol.

  • Just got 50 mastery.
    I’ve given up with enlightenment, too much lagg -.-

  • I listened to “Take on Me” (by a-ha) while watching this and died laughing. I’m not completely sure why, but I did. You should try it. :3

  • Im at 500 rage now, and still hitting 1s

  • master timewaster

    aha now 13 mastery…..still waiting but 1 days have passed

  • master timewaster

    Pesty you should lvl up tactics….

  • thanks for the download M! huge thanks. Enlightenments are instant with that.. just find the save file and copy it to the right place.. I used enlightenment at e+22 and it was still instant. Everyone should get this it saves a ton of time :)

  • Once you get the experience building to 1.0 E+15 in about 4 or 5 seconds the enlightenment button does help. When you push it is continually adds levels to your stats and it does take a while but once you get the levels high enough it’s not that bad. LVL 29270053 right now and counting, once you wait for 5.0 E+15 you’ll get about 600,000 stat points from enlightenment each time you push it. It’ll get to 1.0 E+18 in about 15 mins right now, but with the mastery amount doubling each round….. It seems to me as long as I can increase my Tactics and Neetery by about 10 million stat points per day and leave it over night I should be able to gain 3 or 4 mastery levels per day.

    It will get tedious as you keep going….. remember that!

  • @CheeseItMan:

    Make sure you are also using master slice (50 hardcore points) It helps a lot in the long run. I’m on my 3rd day and I’m already at 46 mastery. :D

  • im now lvl 500k= in one night and geting on 20 mastery and @ pesty try tactics rage in how much u could hit

  • I just finished a 2E+18 enlighenment at a pretty low level. Took at least 40 hours. Not sure since it finished while I was away.

    I saw a tip in the comments to not use enlightenment at higher exp than 1E+17, and I’m gonna stick with that from now on. At least until I download that other version.

  • Please make an iphone app

  • Whats should i be upgrading to get stat points faster?

    if you answer this question put the word ‘Pickle’ in your answer so i can find it easy w/ ctrl+f

  • @m: Thanks for that, I uploaded your edited version to the site for now, at least until Thefre is able to address the issue formally. It seems to be working fine.

  • Is it possible to move a save between the online version and the downloaded version? I’m asking because it’s possible that there will be an update to this version, and it would suck to have “wasted” time in the downloaded verion, and not being able to use the new features.

  • Oh, never mind. I didn’t update the page before commenting, and didn’t see that that was the current version on the site…

  • Worked at it all night….. Lame I know.
    LVL 20952771478 and counting.
    It gets to 1.0 E+20 in about 2 seconds now.
    Enlightenment gets about 30 million stat points each time I use it at 1.0 E+21
    Mastery 53
    Be careful, I ran out of hardcoreness points and stat points because I wasn’t paying good enough attention, and had to wait for it to grow to 200,000 stat points again just to use enlightenment.

    I will do this… Lame I know… Mabey I need to set higher goals.

  • Enlightenment is now instant!

  • I have a question:
    When I use Skill Slice, does it affect all future mastery levels, or just the one that I’m working on right now?

  • Using the new version I got past 50 mastery in less than a day. Started it last night, did a bunch of level and stat increases through enlightenment this morning, and then poured on the master slices (I did 100 of them).

    I think if I go through that process a few more times I’ll be within completion in a day or two.

  • how to download?

  • @Anon: Yes, Master Slice affects both current and future Mastery levels.

  • So… Level 241 freaking Billion. About 6.0*10^21 xp per second.

    This is getting out of hand!

  • Level 96,400
    With 10,200 Hits…. Wow! And 6 Billion Damage Dealt…. Do I play this game too much?

  • @Jake

    No, You are just starting this thing.

    When you end up at a level in the trillions (like I am at the moment), it just gets easier!

    (With as many A’s as in Master SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK.)

    Time to do speedruns now? Anyone?


    Attached is the result of leaving my computer on for around 2 weeks non-stop where I’m getting about 1.0E15 per hit. Unfortunately it’s been off the last week and a half due to being out of town, but seems like I’m back to some great news, where patience and misering EXP paid off.

  • best. f-ing. game. EVER.

  • mastery: 6

  • got my first rebirth in about 4 days.
    could have done it faster but I wasn’t dumping enough into master slice. :D


  • We need a restart button. I mean everything will be erased…

  • So guys, 99 Mastery is only halfway to 100 mastery, you get that right? 98 is 1/4, 97 is 1/8 … and the highest I’ve seen is in the 30’s? Rebirth is going to take a looong time, even with enlightenment.

  • master timewaster

    whew 90 mastery….finally

  • so make sure you don’t leave hardcoreness on when you rebirth.. hardcoreness won’t reset. It’s been messing me up having 4 hardcoreness I cant be rid of and almost no stats. :\

  • Heh, well looks like i have to eat my words, since someone already rebirthed.

    So after rebirth, does “impatience” return the potential millions of stat points you could have spent on it before a rebirth?

  • Well, I suppose that takes the challenge out of the game. The problem with most rebirth runs was the slow enlightenment. I expect to see Rebirths in the triple digits by next week.

  • We probably need a faster way to allocate Hardcoreness points as well, 10000 stat points at a time feels so slow when you have over 2 billion points to allocate.

  • lvl 16000 yeaya

  • Yay, enlightenment no longer laggs the game

  • I am lvl 57000 mstry 13 what is this about tab+enter?

  • Are you kidding me? I enlightened yesterday and it asked if I wanted to abort for more than 10 and a half hours. I had to close it finally because it was slowing the computer and my sister needed to use it. I guess I enlighted a little too soon. =(

  • My stats thus far:

    ~270000 hits
    ~31400 level
    XP and damage are too difficult to determine at this point
    ~200000 stat points

    191689 Tactics
    175916 RAGE!!!
    169707 Neetery
    2629 Bossiness
    2297 Impatience
    0 Hardcoreness (have unlocked the second buyable item twice though)
    19 Mastery

  • Where do you move the save file to so it works offline? I have windows 7 and have no idea where the offline saves are kept. Not even a search could find it… full file paths would be useful!

  • When you spend your hardcoreness does the tables defense go down?

  • 1,000,000,000(Initial Experience)Variable: Init.
    100 (Number of levels) Variable: Total.

    x = f(u)*1,000,000,000 (Because I can’t do it with one-billion.)

    f(1)=(1^2+1)/2 = 1 *1000000000 = 1bil
    f(2)=(2^2+2)/2 = 3 *1bil = 3bil
    f(9)=(9^2+9)/2 = 45* 1bil = 45bil
    f(10)=(10^2+10)/2 = 55
    f(11)=(11^2+11)/2 = 66
    f(25)=(25^2+25/2 = 325(You see where this is going)?
    f(100)=(100^2+100)/2 = 5050 * 1bil = 505,000,000,000,000: The total experience to rebirth. >.>

  • ur a retard dont listen to him guys hes wrong

  • Colonel Sanders
    The Hardcore update! Each point increases table defense and reduces XP gain! It costs 10,000 stat points each! For expert players looking for increased challenge.

  • @Magician: Unless you use Master Slice, that is.

  • is there any way to get the 400k skill poinys i just wasred on impasants bk im allredy at lvl 15 hardcore (spelling fails btw vert tierd)

  • There should be a stat that increases the rate at which she hits the table.

  • Magician you are WAY off.. its something like 6 nonillian as someone has already explained earlier…

  • Two rebirths in a day.

    ~hells yeah~

    Of course I’ve probably been beaten on that count pretty handily :(

  • @E-mouse
    It’s only going to get easier to rebirth… >_>

  • @Anonymous: Yes, there’s away to get all points put into Impatience back. Just use the ability which becomes available at 5 hardcoreness (50 000 skill points).

  • Theres something up with mine… every now and then when i open the page, my data is reset. any idea why?

  • The problem I’ve having right now is the time it takes to click all the hardcoreness I need to spam master slice. The 200k needed to start the combo is easier to get as I go along. I now rebirth in a bit less than 200k hits.

    As for the data reset thing, make sure you keep the “www.” part of the url consistent. It’ll save in two places otherwise.

  • I’m having this data reset problem too. My “www.” has remained consistent. I’m going to be quite heartbroken if I have lost my file for no reason ;_;

  • Is it supposed to keep leftover hardcore points when you rebirth?
    Because it left me with the 3 I had left when I rebirthed and it is making the initial levelling unbelievably SLOW!

  • @ June 11, 2010 at 11:23 pm
    Magician you are WAY off.. its something like 6 nonillian as someone has already explained earlier…

    That is untrue. His calculations are off, because he had no calculations. What he did was 1bil^100!. This is wrong. This is not a formula. I provided a formula, and I showed how to calculate the experience to get to any level. If you believe whomever talks first, then the world is flat, planets are pure orbs of light, and it takes you more than a lifetime to rebirth. Kthxbai.

  • level 512 million, but still lv 40 mastery….
    am i doing it wrong -_-

  • First three rebirths in four days, next rebirth will be my second of the day. Every time you rebirth it gets significantly easier because of the increase in points earned. It’s only one more point per rebirth, but that’s massive when you factor in how many levels we go up to do a rebirth.

  • XP rebirth requirement:
    (1bill)*(2^101 – 1)

    I’m about 90% on that.

  • @Wind Lane I mentioned that before. Just made 6 rebirths in a day. This is getting a bit too easy…

  • @aeon, how many hours do you “play” in a day? do you just let it idle for most of the time?

  • Ok seriously, does anyone know anything I can do?
    Being left with hardcore points after rebirth is impossible, it’s going to take about 5 days at this rate just to get enough stat points to buy two more hardcore so I can get rid of them by using meditation. 20 hours in and i’m not past lv 500 yet. Argh!!!

  • wilby I have the same problem as you. I am stuck with 4 hardcoreness points and I have 280 tactics and rage and 920 neetery. I can’t seem to get over 1 dmg per hit. I’m curious as to see how hardcoreness actually affects the damage dealt

  • so yeah for those who need extra difficulty, just put an extra 4 hardcoreness on before you rebirth! makes it almost impossible to level up :\

  • @Benn I “played” less than 16 hours. The longest waiting time is getting stat points up to 200,000 for the first time, and putting thousands of points into hardcoreness. Other than waiting for those, I’m clicking.

    @Slow The way I do it is to make sure all hardcoreness is used BEFORE rebirthing. I got that problem once, but thankfully I had a backup.

  • As previously mentioned, the formula for damage is:
    a = Tactics
    b = Rage!!!
    c = NEETery

    Our equation is
    EXP per Hit = (a + 1.5b) * c/10

    What wasn’t mentioned was how badly you would be affected by a single hardcoreness.

    This is the full formula.

    a = Tactics
    b = Rage!!!
    c = NEETery
    d = Hardcoreness

    Our equation is
    EXP per Hit = min(1,(a + 1.5b) – 1000 * d )* c/(10 + d)

    So basically, for every hardcoreness, your damage is reduced by 1k (with a minimum of 1 damage), and if that wasn’t bad enough for a newly rebirthed person, it gets divided by a larger number.

    So the quickest way out of this would probably be to pump as much neetery as possible, seeing as getting rage or tactics to a usable amount is very time consuming.

  • I just always make sure to do my hardcore in multiples of fifty. Even if I have hundreds of points left over I can spend them super quick and easy (even though I don’t get anything for them).

  • So the best way is to pump the 6 stat points i get every 2 minutes into neetery?

    …This is going to take a while :P

  • the mouseover text for rebirth is cut off

  • so my computer crashed last night and I lost my save… but now I can actually do stuff so I’m not complaining hah

  • I’m level 1774550 and i just figured out the mastery thing o.O

  • whatshouldmynamebe

    what is the most efficient use of stat points to get to 1st rebirth?

  • wth my computer crashed too and i lost my 200 billion levels :\

  • So, is it best just to pump rage and neetery to get the most exp/hit?

    Also, does the master slices that you’ve used on one rebirth affect the next one?

  • @The Magician

    I feel obliged to correct you since no one else has deigned to do the honors.

    “That is untrue. His calculations are off, because he had no calculations. … Kthxbai.”
    What horrible reasoning coupled with unpleasant attitude. Endurable if you were actually correct, but considering how wrong your math is, this statement is just embarrassing to read.

    I have no idea where you decided that the function was polynomial, he never mentions anything about squaring, and explicitly states that each new Mastery level requires DOUBLE the EXP, meaning 2x. So the 100th level of Mastery would be 2^99 * 1 billion. However, since this is a series, we can use the formula of s(1-r^t)/(1-r) and get (1 bil)(1-2^100)/(1-2) which is equivalent to (2^100 – 1) * 10^9, which is approximately 1.27 * 10^39, making Anon10’s answer above correct, I believe.

    So people, please READ PREVIOUS POSTS before posting.

  • Ah, right, 2^100, not 2^101, because we start counting at 2^0. I always make that mistake.

  • how do you play???


    if i turn off the computer will it save it???



  • Anybody ever thought of just using Cheat Engine to speed this up 50x? It’s pretty easy :)

  • @please reply: It will certainly be saved. Unless you delete your delicious cookies or something I suppose.

  • @Retro
    Those are some pretty intense stats. If you put all your stat points into hardcoreness and master sliced them all, I’m pretty sure you’ll have over 1000 mastery. Easily.

  • has anyone else been in the middle of enlightening, and then accidentally spent all their stat points? Now I have to wait for 200k all over again.

  • If you’re going to use cheat engine to speed it up to 50x, you might as well give yourself more rebirth levels.

  • or, well, at least 5k. Forgot about impatience. :)

  • i dont know how but i somehow used a hardcoreness ability without having enough hardcoreness for it so it dropped me down to negatives and i found out that at -10 hardcoreness you get infinity xp, meaning you can rebirth whenever you like

  • @disc damn. You win.

  • I can’t wait for


  • http://upl.gizgiz.nu/files/rawr.jpg

    Getting about 2.0E+28 a second, nice stuff :P

    Level 254 248 484 133 329

  • uberKaguyaTableYaaaa

    Fuck YEAHHHH!!!!
    lvl 350K
    with 40k of stat points in rage, tactics and neetery!
    21 lvl in mastery

  • So, is it best just to pump rage and neetery to get the most exp/hit?

    Also, does the master slices that you’ve used on one rebirth affect the next one?

  • Oh no one slip of the mouse and now i have 137 billion in bossiness lol

  • @disc So that’s what happens when you divide by zero in flash. After I made my hardcoreness -10, I decided to try an enlightenment. I am now level Infinity with NaN/Infinity Exp with infinity stat points. Crazy.

  • Surprisingly, when you get to E308, it jumps to infinity.

  • it is cool

  • I am sure, in time i will Win this game.

  • Currently level 3376, going up at 3 levels per second. o-O;

  • @Anonymous: Ok, then that “infinity”-stuff makes sense. Because I couldn’t see why the gamemaker would make it say “INFINITY”. First I was like “What? that doesn’t make any sense at all” about that infinity-stuff. But now I’m like “OK, that kinda makes sense after all”.

  • so has anyone been able to recreate the infinity bug? what skill do you use? how exactly did it happen?

  • http://img121.imageshack.us/f/kagu1.png/

    It’s moving reeealy slow…like ~30000stats per day. What am I doing wrong here?

  • See what I did there? No? I failed… twice.

  • I just lost the game.

  • hehee.
    yer anon you faild..

  • I’m trying to get to the point that I can do the mastery all in one go. I figure it’ll be something like 1.longdecimal(e)+50.

    And just in case I’m wrong about the html code:


  • Hmmm… I was up to 55 mastery when the game just restarted everything to zero by itself. Now I am back to level 1 with no rebirth. Sad face :(

  • Well, I did it. Apparently e+50 is too much since it went to mastery level 136 when I hit the button. I’m going to try 3+45 next and see what happens.

  • Well, I did it. Apparently e+50 is too much since it went to mastery level 136 when I hit the button. I’m going to try e+45 next and see what happens.


    My first rebirth :3

  • Ok I’m getting scared with all these stories of peoples’ games restarting.
    I’m really close to my first rebirth and losing all that would make me go on an uncontrollable rampage.

  • No! I’ve navigated away from this site and come bakc before no trouble.
    But this time, (and it was only by accident i closed the tab) when i came back everything was reset.
    I bet i can’t even fix this, i was 3 levels away from rebirth… i-i don’t know what to do with my life..

  • wind lane..

    i think it’s somewhere around E39?

  • But I’m having fun doing it the hard way and just guessing then moving in like you would in Battleship! :-)

  • played this on /f last night, got to lvl like i dont even know but finally got 20 hardcore and used the power, then it closed, and lost the data. :(

  • Currently Level 23777 and counting……

  • >_> this game is such a time waster!!!!!!!!! i wasted my life : (

  • Anyone know of a fast-clicker application for macs?

  • @linz: Apply this to any game you have ever played.

  • @Fubu: http://www.cracked.com/article_18461_5-creepy-ways-video-games-are-trying-to-get-you-addicted.html

    However, note the caveat in the “what’s the problem” of #2. Sooo yeah.

  • day 1 results
    389k+ hits
    level 104M+
    1.14 10^14 damage
    tactics: 100,009,550
    rage!!!!: 100,365,163
    neetery(lol): 108,619,108
    bossiness: 20
    impatience: 123370 (lol story behind this)
    hardcoreness: 4
    mastery: 30

    ok so basically what happened was
    i had like 100k in impatience because well
    i was running a lot of programs on my computer and i didn’t have time to let an autoclicker or what not click all that mess. i forgot to restock 20 points in hardcore (just incase you know) and clicked impatience by accident.
    Now i’m waiting for 1 more hardcoreness point to respec all my points into hardcoreness because i’m at 9.4×10^19

  • so if you scroll up, i rebirthed over 2 weeks ago, still hitting for 1 damage… kinda stupid, anyone know how i can restart my game?

  • @나키 I did that too >< one time I had 4 points in hardcoreness and rebirthed, and the second time I had 19 points in hardcoreness. I just [umped all the points I got into neetery. The next day, I was back to my usual rebirthing.Getting like 25 points per level is nice =D

  • my first rebirth at 7,7e+17 XDDD

  • lv.9,843

    25,892 hits

  • @ Pesty

    Delete the file in the walfas.org folder
    It was in an earlier post
    Then it will create a new file when you open the new page


    ^ Places where you can find your save, should be named walfas_kaguya_table.sol.

  • if you are looking for a clicker for hardcoreness, I use ghost mouse 2. Download available from cnet. (don’t get it anywhere else, could be a virus)

    available here: http://download.cnet.com/Ghost-Mouse/3000-2084_4-10863731.html

    got to options and enable playback speed adjust and move it all the way fast. to get it to loop, press record, click a bunch on hardcoreness, and then click PLAY again. It will loop until you press CTRL and ALT together. don’t forget that. Also, you can’t use your mouse during this.

  • Can there be some way to increase the number of hardcoreness per click? One at a time when you want to add several hundred is awful…

  • lvl 12800, lvl 7 mastery :D top 3 skills are around 15000

  • what is this shhit !! dumb pple ..get a life

  • 3 billion Neetery
    1.5 billion Rage
    1 billion Tactics
    36 Mastery…

    I know I should drop more into Mastery, but I love all the stats I get from Hardcoreness’ Enlightenment. D:

  • Stopped at 51 rebirths. =( Giving up on this.

  • Oh yeah, at last Rebirth. And it only took over 1,055,000 hits! Hooray! And Hardcoreness carries over for some reason! Good thing I left it at 20 so I just had to use it to get rid of it (otherwise I would have been getting 1xp per hit for a while) .

  • Yeah, I’d like to see exactly two things added:
    – Being able to increment hardcoreness by more than one per click, and
    – A fixed width font, please! It’s so frustrating to try to read the numbers as the length changes rapidly for, say, stat points or exp.

    Other than those two points, awesome game! :D Thanks for fixing the enlightenment problem. I’m on day 4, working quickly towards rebirth number 2…

  • is there a level cap in this game? coz im at lvl. 322,500

  • @wtfisthissh1tl0L: It is nowhere near to 5.9×10^18 either.

  • I agree with Colonel Sanders and Kitten as well

  • Tactics: 511 billion
    Rage!!!: 292 billion
    Neetry: 1 trillion
    Bossiness: 1 billion
    Impatience: 1 billion
    Hardcoreness: Depends
    Mastery: 58

  • Kaguya Table will miss you Aeon! Your name shall be spoken of in legends forever.

  • i read all the comments, wow

  • Tactics: 102 trillion
    Rage!!!: 79 trillion
    Neetry: 104 trillion

    Mastery: 302

  • Tactics: 7
    Rage!!!: 7
    Neetry: 7
    Bossiness: 7
    Impatience: 1
    Hardcoreness: 2 (I screwed this up badly)
    Mastery: 0
    Rebirtths: 2

  • I think my game is screwed. Putting stats into neetery makes a linear increase in exp speed. With the level up requiring linearly more exp, it is going to takes years to get to hardcoreness 5. The fastest way is to put everything into rage!!! until it gets to above hardcoreness*1000. In my case, it will take more than 2 weeks.

  • omg i can’t get 12 mastery…. too long!!

  • Ask a silly question...

    How would one go about starting over, that is if one was inane enough to want to do so?

    I’m guessing it’s a matter of erasing cookies, but how do I know which is the right one? Wasn’t seeing anything familiar to this site in my cookies list…

    Please be kind to this noob.

    stupid stupid stupid!!!!

  • The total amount of experience needed for 100 mastery is 12.6 dodecillion, or about 12,600,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or in the format the game gives, 1.26E+41.

  • i hate kaguya table,i don’t even care about it anymore,because my internet crashed,and now i lost all my points,and i stated over again!.T_T….

  • I did my first rebirth, and after that I got 0 experience no matter how much I waited.

  • well,lucky for you.T_T

  • Im at about lvl 14500 right now with over 10k to each stat lol .. IMA BEAST

  • noo…no…NOOOOO!!!!! its gone!!! my data!!! its all gone T.T i give up

  • oooh now im bout to hit lvl 165k with over 160000 in the top 3 stats, only 5 bossiness >.<

  • Level 55,294 with 150k hits ahaha 10 Mastery, 5 Hardcoreness, 35k first 3 stats


  • I’m not sure if i’m doing this right.
    Any tips if so?

  • @SecureTrip Yeah, that seems right. Only Rage is better than Tactics.

  • keep tactics:rage:neetery at 1:2:3 ratio. Put nothing in bossiness and adjust impatience when it takes an excessive amount of clicks to spend your points. Don’t put anything into Hardcoreness nor mastery. Keep upping your tactics, rage, and neetery until you notice that your exp is shown as numberE+number, at this point, save up 200,000 stat points and put them all at once into hardcoreness and buy the second upgrade. You will get several million stat points to spend on your stats. Spend them and leave 200,000 points, then wait for exp to get back to numberE+number, then rinse and repeat. Warning, never leave hardcoreness above 0 for too long, itll lower the amoutn of exp you get.

  • @Tips
    I haven’t used tactics since my third rebirth? Anyways, I don’t think you need it at all. I only use rage and neetery. My usual rebirth tactics go like this-

    1.Put 3000 points into rage and neetery each, and wait for 200,000 stat points to build up.
    2.Put 20 points into hardcoreness
    3.Use enlightenment. Will not have a few hundred thousand points. Save 200,000 and place the rest in rage and neetery, raising impatience if needed.
    4.Repeat enlightenment while placing points into rage and neetery.
    5.At about e+19(Getting E+19 right away, with no buildup from E+18), Click mastery. Mastery level should now be around 34.
    6. Raise hardcoreness stat to 10,000.
    7. Click mastery again. Mastery should be around 70 ish now.
    8. Another 10,000 into Hardcoreness, and click mastery again.
    9. Make Hardcoreness 0
    10. Rebirth!

    If you’re just starting, you’ll need alot more points in rage and neetery, but the more rebirths you get, the less points you’ll have to put into rage and neetery. At the time of writing this post, I’m getting 75 stat points per level, so it takes very little time to get 200,000 stat points. But if you’re at say, rebirth level 0, you’ll need a few million points in enlightenment?(Not sure) It took me about 7 days for my first rebirth, and that was still during the time when enlightenment was very slow, so I think 1 rebirth should take less than 4 days or so?

    Right now I’m rebirthing about once per 30-40 min and It’s only going to get shorter from now on.

    P.S. For those wondering, I came back to get to Rebirth 100 before quitting XD

  • Level 518k
    roughly 40-60k on all stats.
    mastery on 16
    hardcoreness on 16

  • When my Kaguya Table isn’t focused it doesn’t go as quickly as it normally does, does this happen to anyone else?

  • @Randy Yes it happens to me too. I have to have that tab selected, or it’s slower.

  • I’m a tactical desk flipper. :)

  • Finally getting somewhere properly, up to about 30 mastery, waiting for 200k stats then im gonna blow this mother up

  • Check outt my Progress

    C:\Users\Brody\Pictures\Kaguya 128 bil.jpg

  • Damned sorry for my fail link >.<

  • I’m currently on lvl 6270.


  • Sooo.. Your name’s Brody. I can use that information to track you down lolololololololololololollololololtrollface.

  • BTW: I figured out a way to rebirth faster. It can probably be considered cheating, but I think that it’s allowed.

    Since hardcoreness carries over when you rebirth. Just put all points into harcoreness before you click rebirth. You probably have a LOT of unused stat points when you rebirth (I’ve always had), so put then all into hardcoreness. Use meditation and put those points into hardcoreness as well. Just be sure to put it in multiples of 50, ie it ends on 50 or 00. If you put all your points into hardcoreness, and it ends on something else, just use enlightenment and put in more points. This way you will be able to master slice a lot of times before you actually start leveling (you will get 0 xp per hit until you have used all the hardcoreness). I did this and got to Mastery 5.5 (5 + halfway to 6) in a few hundred XP.

  • @Thanewb I’m going to pass on that suggestion. 5.5 mastery isn’t much anyways.

  • Anyway I can restart?

  • 45820 is my level!! Woo

  • my lvl is 200+bill

  • My Level Is 942 Billion…. :|

  • @Aeon: Yeah, I know. But I didn’t use all my points. But still, it’s probably not worth it considering the time it takes to put all those points into hardcoreness.

  • 99 Mastery… halfway there.

  • Rebirth! Now I can do the same thing all over, but keep bossiness up with the rest of the levels!

  • there should be a hardcoreness dump skill, maybe make it a hardcoreness item, i would be willing to pay even 1k hardcoreness to put all my points into it. after 1k seems like too much, it takes long enough to put in.

  • 100 Rebirths Get!

  • @Aeon: Hooray! I wanted to tell you not to quit until you reached 100 Rebirths back then but, eh, I forgot to do so, yeah.

    Now KirbyM and Thefre must buy you an unicorn.

  • @Fubu72 Haha, Thanks! Are you still playing?

  • Ehh im only lvl 95 trillion, not too bad :P

  • Lvl 95 trillion without rebirthing? That’s not very good, or am I wrong?

  • 1,255,329,611,252,220
    That’s how much exp I get per tick.
    I have 4.6mil in neet and rage.

  • Hah i was so bored so i kept lvlin up but ive rebirthed by now so its all good

  • I made a program (in Qbasic…) that calculates how much XP you need to have to get 100 mastery. It says that you need 1.26765060022823D+30 (times one billion) to get it. Anyone knows what that D means?

    Click my name to download and check the program if you want to. It’s in swedish, but it’s basically just numbers, so I think you’ll understand. Change .bas to .txt if you want to wiew it as a textfile (you probably knew this if you wanted to download, but just to be sure).

    The thing that I’m really trying to do is to calculate how many times you will have to use skill slice to make this number smaller than one billion, and how many hardcoreness/skill points that will take. I understand that it’s a lot, but I want to know exactly.

  • Based on earlier comments* + my results, I’m guessing 1D+1 means 1E+11 or something like that (that sounds wrong, but I’m tired). So basicly, you’d need 1.26765060022823E+41 XP to rebirth.

    *Some guy who said that you’d need 1.26E+41 to rebirth. I suppose s/he rounded it before, or in the middle of, calculating. Or that s/he just rounded it wrong.

  • I think we should all vote for Kaguya Table on pointless sites and see if we can get it in the top 30 all time showcase. Here’s the site. You can vote once per day.

  • HELP!!! I WENT ON MY KAGUYA AND EVERYTHING IS RESTARTED TO ZERO!!! i had 900trillion in all stats 98mastery i get 1+(i dont know)+24 a sec lvl 30trillion dmg is 6+(i dont know)+17 IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 2MONTH AND NOW ITS ALL GONE HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

  • HELP!!! I WENT ON MY KAGUYA AND EVERYTHING IS RESTARTED TO ZERO!!! i had 900trillion in all stats 98mastery i get 1+(i dont know)+24 a sec lvl 30trillion dmg is 6+(i dont know)+17 IVE BEEN PLAYING FOR 2MONTH AND NOW ITS ALL GONE


  • I rebirthed and I had tons of hardcoreness left, so I’ve master sliced alot in the beginning of this next run.

    However, 1 hardcoreness was left, and from what I can figure, that means I’m doing less damage, especially since my stats are so low after rebirthing.
    Anyway, I’ll leave it on at night and hopefully once the stats go up enough the 1 point in hardcore won’t be a bother, then I can rebirth again, and again, and again… bwahaha!

  • @HELP: You could probably use cheat engine to get your stats back. It’s not that hard, there’s a tutorial included in the program.

  • From the maths I’ve seen in the comments the formula

    A=Tactics B=Rage C=Neetery

    EXP per hit = (a + 1.5b) * c/10

    I’ve concluded that there is no “better” or “worse” stat to build up.

  • @BananaMunky: Actually, there is.


    then the formula would be
    (10 + 1.5 * 10) * 10/10 = 25

    But if we raise one of the stats by 10, we will see that it differs a lot. First we raise a to 20:
    (20 + 1.5 * 10) * 10/10 = 35

    Now, we raise b instead. A is back to 10:
    (10 + 1.5 * 20) * 10/10 = 40

    Now, we raise c instead. A and b are back to 10:
    (10 + 1.5 * 10) * 20/10 = 50

    So c, which is Neetery, is clearly better than the other stats.

  • this is awesome igot lvl 6000

  • 143 Mastery? Maybe I overused master slice? Haha :D

  • @Anonymous July 5th, 2010, 9:55 am

    Just pumping points into neetery won’t do any good. I just tested it. I put a million points into just neetery, and enlightenment gives me barely any stat points. With a few ten thousand points in Neetery and Rage, enlightenment gave me far more stat points.

  • @Jakob
    D just means E. 1.26765060022823E+39 XP required to Rebirth is correct, which is just your number multiplied by the billion, which is 1E+9.

    As another Anonymous explained above, NEETery is initially superior to Rage very slightly depending on your Tactics, but assuming Tactics = 0, Rage and NEETery are the same. If Tactics = 10 (You should always leave it at 5 though.), NEETery = Rage + 6.6666667 is ideal.

    In other words, starting from a new game, put 3 points into NEETery, and add equally to NEETery and Rage after that.

  • @ help
    dear help.

    turn off internet.
    turn off computer.
    go outside or go to sleep (during the night)

  • STUPID KAGUYA TABLE!!!!!!!!!!111

  • I’m level 2 on rebirth now. Awesome.
    Also, I made sure to save up the right amount of hardcoreness before I rebirthed this time, since it carries over.
    As soon as I started from scratch I master sliced like a ninja, and I think I got mastery 10 with a couple of thousand XP :)

  • WHY AM I STILL PLAYING THIS!”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rebirth 5 here. Any higher rebirths with any will to live left?

  • 100+ Rebirths? Check.
    Mastery 1000+? Check.
    Level infinity? Check.
    Bossiness stat at Infinity? Check.
    Game broken? Check.

    I was playing around with infinity with my stats and got NAN, leaving me with nothing to do but put points into mastery or hardcoreness. =( Mastery isn’t moving one bit, considering it’s at NEGATIVE infinity.

    I’m free from this game! And I also feel satisfied.

    Good luck to all you other players!

  • Lol my level is almost twice my number of hits D:<

  • It automatically saves right D:?
    Don’t wanna close my browser and come back later for it all to be gone ;~;


  • THEEEFREEEE!!!!!!!!
    Fix the game! We don’t want to lose our progress!
    I just lost The Game ;)

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDE-mdrHhcs&feature=related

    The rythm is PERFECT!!! I laughed while listening and watching it! XD

  • Damn i just lost the game. curse you!!!

  • What does master slice do?

  • So much time wasted

    @Dan – I just rebirthed for the 9th time. That’s twice today, and I could’ve done more but there’s this thing called work that keeps getting in my way.

    Not sure why, but I still can’t stop playing.

  • So much time wasted

    @Jonathan – As you get higher levels in Mastery it takes scads more points to reach each new level. So think of it like this: Master Slice adds another percentage to what you already have going in the status bar. It also makes your next few XP dumps into Mastery much more productive.

    At the higher Mastery levels Master Slice is the only way to reach the next rebirth in a reasonable amount of time. Just work on building Stats then just Master Slice away.

  • *your right about that*
    sometimes the mastery can be a little faster,to what i do the last time i played this game.

  • @Time wasted.

    Blasted work! I’m not dedicated enough to leave it on during the day!


  • in~aki gil c:

  • Dear Anonymous, on July 9, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    Clearly, you are quite new to computers, and/or the internet, and are possibly at a very young or old age.

    I must inform you that there is no coding inside of this game that could cause your entire computer to crash and/or damage your internet or computer as you say it has.

    You are obviously quite angry at Thefre, for no obvious reasons other than that your computer has crashed with no correlating evidence towards Kaguya Table: The Expansion causing said crash. As it stands, I must ask you to put down the mouse, step away from the keyboard, and stop “RAEG”-ing at the internet.

    Thank you,
    Another Anonymous.

  • I agree with Another Anon. You can’t just force someone to delete something that makes other people enjoy it.

  • your right that is very wrong..
    i should thought before i typed that very horrible message,
    i’m sorry,everyone,*it was all my fault*…*_*,i could of blame myself,i should know better not to do that….and that basically is torturing…and that was wrong..i…i…just didn’t know what i was thinking of myself…so all of…just blame….

  • @So much time wasted

    I think you’ve got it wrong. Master slice doesn’t add a percentage of what’s needed to level up mastery.
    It cuts down the cost, as you can see by my example above, having to put in only 500xp to reach a few levels when starting over after rebirthing. :)

  • this game requires no logic or thinking, its just waiting.


  • Does anyone have the formula for what exactly Master Slice does? It seems to multiply progress towards the current Mastery level by something like 1.10x, and decreases EXP for future Masteries by a certain amount, but I’m not sure how any of it works.

  • It says it decreases the exp needed for mastery by 10%, and that’s probably it.
    The reason your mastery bar might fill up when you slice is because the required amount goes down, and therefore you have more of what’s needed.

    For example – Mastery 1 costs a billion exp, I think. If you’ve put 500 million in there, half the bar should be filled up. Cut down the total cost by 50% in increments and the bar should go up until you have 500M/500M, and you’d go up a level.

    The part I’m not sure about is how it actually decreases the cost. Is it 10% of the initial cost all the time, as in it would go down by 100 million for every slice, or is it 10% of what’s required at the time?
    As in 1 billion * 0.9 = 900 million. Slice again, does it take away another 100 mill or does it now take away 90?

    Oh and sorry for my incoherence. It’s 30 degrees celsius in here :/

  • Nice. I just had everything reset on me :/

  • Sweet. Found the file and restored it to a previous version.
    The problem ocurred after we had a power failure

  • So much time wasted

    Hi, my name is Chris and I’m a Kaguya Table-aholic. It’s been 3 days since my last rebirth.

  • So, is there a way to get back your old progress if your computer happens to BSoD on you, and you’re apparently back to flipping tables with 0 rebirths?

  • Anonymous – With a bit of luck, yes.
    If you do a search for the file “walfas_kaguya” you should find the file.
    C:\Users\Tomas\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\9YD9E8QJ\localhost – This is where mine is. Obviously yours might probably say something other than “Tomas” in the path, but still.

    I right-clicked the file and chose “previous versions” and then I restored it to a previous one, before the crash.
    Not sure if it’ll work on all machines though. I’m using Windows 7

  • Gagoff… you are awesome. Thank you.

  • @Gagoff
    In regards to the bar rising, it’s impossible if the bar is correct, as if you spam Master Slice when you have nearly no bar, the bar will go up slowly at first, and then start to increase faster and faster, suggesting some sort of exponentiation of the current EXP in the bar, rather than the remaining. If it truly simply cut off the remaining EXP, it would either increase at a constant rate if 10% meant linearly, or at a decreasing rate if 10% meant exponentially. Either way, the fact that the bar increases faster per Master Slice makes no sense.

  • My neetery is 920,018… and my mastery level is 9.

  • With regards to EXP per hit = (a + 1.5b) * c/10, can i assume having distributing the stats in the ratio 7:8:10 work best?

  • how do you start over?

  • i have found the greatest waste of time known to mankind. hahaha.

  • @suomynonA

    Why would you bother pumping A in that case then? What you want to do to maximize is to have B and C be the same, or nearly the same.

  • Lol my Kaguya succeeded in flipping the table for good.

  • So are we ever going to get new updates to this, or what? The lack of new content bores me.

  • Think I left on for a little too long… level 7,500,000,000 with 100,000,000,000,000,000 exp per second.

  • lol im like level 4000 naw xD

  • It cuts off from the total requirement, I’m sure. If I rebirth and slice like a lunatic without dumping in any xp first, I can get multiple levels by just dumping 2500xp.
    But before I dump the xp in the first time, even after doing 2000 slices, the bar doesn’t move at all.

  • This.
    Was one of the main reason I needed flash back on my computer.

  • Im a full addict.
    This is the greatest idle game ever

  • My XP build up is so high it has to be written in scientific notation XD

  • Woohoo! 15 billion in both rage and Neetery!

  • Got to about level 480000 before it became monotonous…of course, wasn’t it like that the first levels as well?

  • Rebirthed!

  • Wow, I feel stupid. Only after getting to level 140,000 did I realize that you click the mastery box to raise it.

  • I’m sorta confused..

    What’s the difference between Tactics and Rage? Is one better to upgrade than the other? Thanks in advance :D

  • Level 6000,
    Lvl 2 mastery
    and im still going

  • lvl 24k!

    almost mastery 10

  • over level 65000, mastery almost level 12,100 stat points every 7 and a half seconds, and over 750000 hits! im gonna leave it running for 8 days, while im camping!!!

  • Just hit level 100k. 11 mastery, 3 hardcorenes, 106k neetery, 73k rage, 8k tactics. 1k impatients. 11k bossy :D

  • Did anyone else get infinite anything yet?

  • Level 76 million annnnnnnnnnnnnd (drumroll) bapabapabapabapabapabapabapabapabapabapabapabapabaBAP!


  • level 8 million 33 mastery=me

  • 60k hits…50k lvl….13 mastery

  • O_O I’m going to try to max everything.

  • Aww, y’all are noobs. I’ve gotten 9 Rebirths. I’m going for 1,000 eventually. It’ll take me a few months, but I’ll get there! 3.6 million hits. Try saying something then :P

  • @JoeMo I think that I can consider YOU a noob then.

  • wow for my past 2 rebirths i got to the point where master slice stopped doing anything

  • It only accumulate stats when I’m actually on this page. When I navigate away it stops accumulating stat points, and sometimes they even disappear.

  • http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i137/Esteroth/Life3.jpg
    I’ll post another screencap when I reach 100 rebirths. That one’s old anyways.

    I’m at 58 rebirths with only 2,300,000 hits right now.


  • 69 Bossiness, the bossiest you can get

  • I love this game

  • 15 mastery IN YO FACES

  • 666th response get!

  • I was up to 39 rebirths then the power went out and I lost all of it…

  • 15 rebirths lol, beat ya spyro

  • I have to reset my PC to system default because of issues and I don’t want to lose my Kaguya Table stats.

    What do I do?

  • I got to 2^27 rebirths (over 250 million), then got bored. Now i can get rebirths in 2 clicks

  • We need a timer that shows how much time exactly have we spent with Kaguya Table… The core of the clock should be the times Kaguya flips the table, because in case of multi-tabbing, she slows donw greatly.

  • I just did some math on this, and I found out that you get the highest possible ammount of xp/hit if your Neetery is = (Tactics+Rage!)
    If someone wanted to know, that is.
    Going from there, it’s up to you whether you want 20/30/50, 10/40/50 or 25/25/50, well, you get the idea.

    Just putting it out there.

  • Most.
    Flash game.

    Also, Yakety Sax somehow fits this.
    …Is it wrong t have the aforementioned tune on repeat while doing this?

  • wow. that is weird

  • Oh the humanity!

    Think of all the good things this amount of processing time could have gone towards with distributed computing…

    SETI, Human Genome (or whatever it’s on now), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_distributed_computing_projects

    Of course I’ve been clicking for hours now >_>

  • They’re neeting her!

    And then they’re gonna neet me!


  • I listened to Technologic and Around the world and the beats sync up perfectly to the table flipping.


  • sry i broke it


    Suppose I could go for 100 rebirths now that that’s done…

  • lvl 20000
    30000 hits
    20000000 dammage

    btw, i started 2 days ago!!!

  • FINALLY! After two days of waiting…

    1.2 Million Levels!
    24 (Close 25) Mastery!
    0 Hardcoreness!


  • hey, what hardcore levels do you unlock stuff? got the one for lvl 5, but dont know any others, would be a big help :).

  • Hardcore rewards as follows –
    Level 5 – Meditation
    Returns impatients stat points
    Level 30 – Enlightenment
    Turns xp into levels
    Level 50 – Master Slice
    Decreases amount of xp needed for Mastery by 10%

    I don’t know if Master slice only works for the mastery level you are going for, or for all mastery levels. If somebody could confirm that would be awesome :D.

  • mastery slice only works for your mastery level in that moment, the best hardcoreness purchase to level quickly is enlightment

  • (People are still commenting on this…?) Wasn’t something supposed to happen when you reached 100 rebirths?

    Also Kaguya Table II: Mokou’s Revenge, coming spring 2011. (Of course, to not delay the game, KirbyM and Thefre will instead delay spring)

    It feels like if this had been around for much longer though…

  • So. Freakin’. Awesome. :~

  • 2 masteries 1 click o.O

  • Level: 31555+



  • 73 masteries 1 click O.o

  • After the 13th rebirth, my computer crashes, and here I am with a lvl Kaguya again… Time to get srs…

  • Wants new game.

  • Kaguya Table now #34 at pointlesssites.com This game rocks. Although I’m a real newbie compered to most of you…

    This game is almost as addicting as Hunterstory.

  • What’s Up People is oddly good music here.

  • 85 masteries 1 click o.O

  • If you use master slice, does that mean at the next mastery level the needed amount of EXP is decreased?

  • ^ ya. but only the one you’re working on.

  • 95 masteries 1 click O.o

  • If you master slice, does that mean that next mastery level you need 20% less Exp?

  • 700th reponse woo-hooo!
    BTW nice game!

  • Got to level 110k beofre I had to turn off the computer… Felt so defeated >_<

  • How come harcoreness doesn’t have a hotkey? When I need to Master Slice like 10 times, it gets kind of tiring using only the mouse.

    Also it’s been about 5 months since my computer I stopped playing. Now I got a new computer. Yay for me.

  • how come if i dont keep my laptop focused on the game it stops? :$ o and BTW awsome game :)

  • 1.38 million hits.
    Level 27590027300 (you heard me)
    Mastery 51

    Enlightenment is simply godlike (heh) once you get to earning E+18 or better experience per table-flip. Because about every 5 minutes you can click on Enlightenment and get around 300 billion exp to use. I usually immediately dump 250 into Hardcoreness and then get Master Slice 5 times, then another 20 for another Enlightenment I ‘sit’ on. You can FLY through Mastery levels this way.

  • theres a screenshot taken about 4 hours after last rebirth
    http://img146.imageshack.us/i/142011.jpg/ . it’s quite easy to gain more stats as i get 107 stat points per level. and i got 361 in one click with those xps

  • this game is awesome played it all through school

  • Would it make sense to start piling up Tactics to compensate for Hardcoreness?

  • somehow it stopped here and not leveling up anymore
    I still can use gained stat points through.

  • The Goldfish Of Loathing

    Level: 2943600999

    ‘Nuff said.

    I think I win.



  • I hit mastery just before I did enlightenment. GRR. 200,000 points wasted and now I have to wait for them to come back.

  • Goldfish –
    Keep going. You’re not getting anywhere in the game until your level is an exponential figure. Mine’s currently at:


    Takes about 20 seconds for it to roll over that last digit before the E+15. And I’m -nowhere- near the highest level’d player on here. NOWHERE.

  • it’s still bugged =_=

  • woo, rebirth~
    and now exp is not increasing. only damage dealt =_=

  • Level 157000. Hardcoreness Level 10. Mastery Level 15. 162500 hits. :D

  • @The Goldfish Of Loathing
    Yeah you actually fail at tis game. My levels about 3.21699638082748E+17 and I’ve seen screenshots of people with ten time that much.

  • Featured on TV Tropes! =D

  • Ten times as much? so 3.21699638082748E+18?

  • I dont understand this game!!!

    Why do I keep playing??

    Why do I enjoy this so much?!?!

  • Oh i’m an idiot. Instead of simply ten times that amount I meant the exponent was ten times that. I think.

  • Heh, 2 Rebirths so far, with 1.3mil and counting. Just got back to this after months not playing.

  • i has no life… :3

  • Um, I just looked back and when my screensaver went away, the impatience + sign was yellow. A few seconds later it went back to normal by itself. I couldn’t take a screenshot though.

  • Finally, 101 Rebirths!

  • Can someone explain how master slice works?

    I thought it meant that it removes 10% of the xp needed to achieve a level of mastery. But it takes more than 10 master slices to work?!

  • 66605 hits, 59949 lvl, 79,756,632,781 xp (need ~15million) 3,193,742,003 damage
    9348 stat points
    ~30k tactics
    ~57k rage
    ~84k neetey
    554 boss
    512 impatience
    0 hardcore( wait till can get it all at once)
    14 mastery


  • Could anyone reupload the modified swf file, please?
    Would be great. Thanks

  • NOOOOO It reset me from the beginning, this is not rebirth, it lost my data i was at way more than the stats listed at post two above………….. WHY!!!!

  • Dude…is it just me, or is my Kaguya gaining stat points at a slower rate than before? I leave for 10 minutes, and she only gets…not even 10k stat points…I have:
    205128 Tactics
    217851 Rage!!!
    244641 Neetery

    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Since I was bored, I made a little guide.

    “Rebirth in 6 Hours” Kaguya Table Guide:

    1. Use a keyboard macro program to repeatedly input “123” very quickly. Go AFK for an hour or so.

    1a. If you come back and your stat points aren’t all used up, your macro program wasn’t fast enough. Put some points in Impatience and use tab+space to fix your stats so that they’re in a 1:1:1 ratio. Don’t be too OCD about exact numbers. Leave your macro program the same and continue.

    1b. If you come back and your stat points were all used up; Put some points in Impatience and use tab+space to fix your stats so that they’re in a 1:1:1 ratio. Don’t be too OCD about exact numbers. You might want to lower the speed of your macro program to have a finer control of distribution, thanks to Impatience.

    2. When you have 10k or more in each stat, you should have enough to 1-hit level up for a while to come. Stop your macro program and let that run. Come back to the game in 4 hours.

    3. You should now have 200k or more unspent stat points and still be gaining levels once per hit. Put it all into hardcoreness and don’t spend it on Enlightenment..

    4. Go back to macroing stat points until you have an E in your XP. (E+19, etc.) At that point, it’s safe to use enlightenment now, so do so.

    5. At this point, you have beaten the need for time, as you’ll see in a bit. Put 40 points into Hardcoreness and tab+space dump your stat points into the first three stats, using Impatience when needed.

    6. Use Enlightenment. You should have gotten more than 200k points. If not, no biggie, as we have spare hardcoreness.

    7. While keeping a spare 20 Hardcoreness, keep using enlightenment and increasing your stat points. Keep CAREFUL notice at your stat points gained after using Enlightenment because the moment it’s under 200k, you’ll have to wait up to 4 hours. Hardcoreness reduces your XP gain, so you shouldn’t have more than 40 (master slice aside).

    8. At about 500K-1M stat points in each stat, keep spaming Enlightenment and Master Slice while clicking Mastery. (don’t forget to keep an extra spare 20 hardcoreness on top of everything)

    9. Reborn, rinse repeat (except the 4 hour stat point gain will get shorter and shorter)

  • Good thing when you rebirth the stat points per level goes up.
    The amount of time it takes to get 200,000 stat points for enlightenment will only take less and less time. Just think you have like 100 rebirths you will get 103 stat points per level. wow. :)

  • Rebirth #4 :D

  • I’m the only one that plays this game anymore. :(

  • I lost my progress D:

  • Hey ppl this game i saw it before and i like it! <3

  • @madgamer_666
    Lies. I’m still ongoing at 8 rebirths.

  • im on my 5th rebirth =w=.. soon to be 6

  • edit: 6th rebirth soon to be 7=w-.. xD my bad..

  • How do you all have so many rebirths? I haven’t even done ONE yet.


  • Best game ever

  • Almost lvl 20000

  • Holy hell… level ~378000 and I only have 19 mastery. Also I wasted 20 hardcoreness on enlightenment. This sure is going to take a while.

  • Rebirthed 3 time so far~

  • lv 19 000 and counting!!!

  • Hi. I can gain xp alot faster by having 10 of these games up at the same time. Is it possible to fix?

  • I likey my cheatengine speedhack.

  • Anyone know any cheats I can use to reset Hardcoreness to 0? I’ve managed to gimp myself by Rebirthing with 2 Hardcoreness left… didn’t know it wouldn’t reset! Alternatively, what speedhack, Muffer?

  • Well when you open up CheatEngine 6.0 and select the process that is running KaguyaTable (your browser of flash) and enable the speedhack you can speed up the game by up to 5x. Any faster and it will lag.

  • Why wasn’t hardcoreness reset when I rebirthed D: It says “Reset all stats”, and now I’m stuck with 2 hardcoreness and I still do 1 damage/hit at lvl 100 >____>

  • I had that exact same problem, Rkey. I had to restart :( I was at 6 Rebirths as well >___>

  • I have modded my copy of the swf a bit, but not much, though I could. I just made it give 9 stat points per level, and made all the hardcoreness things free. I used flasm for the swf mod, though reallr it only modded the actionscript or something.( I’m only really good at web languages- php,javascript, css, of course html…) anyway, If anyone wants my mod, comment, but you could download flasm from wherever it is and make one yourself, it’s not hard.

  • With my mod I just got my first rebirth, but by rapidly clicking master slice, so it doesn’t count even in the world of mods.


  • To those of you having problems with multitabbing, open the game in a separate window ^^

  • Rkey : A real pro would keep going even with 2 hardcoreness. Just put it all in neet, and leave it on for a couple of days!
    Also, u momma’s so fat.
    And second rebirth attained just now. :3

  • Read about 1/3 of the comments and gained 2.3*10^18 exp in that time O_O Level 108 million with less than 800k hits. Enlightenment <33333333 o.o

  • Quick question, if i were to have 100+x masters and i rebirthed, would the x masters roll over?

  • -_-: No. Only Hardcoreness carries over. Also, 4 rebirths reached!

  • Rebirthed 4 times
    my dad touched the computer
    all the data gone

  • This game is total win.

  • Hmm… does anyone know how to delete your entire record and start a new game with this? D: Ty!

  • @ Legion

    clear your browser’s cookies. Or if you’re on a laptop, just let the battery die.

    As to how to clear cookies, look that up yourself.

  • This game really is addicting. And the best game on earth. As someone put it: it requires no thinking, just waiting.

    Actually, it does requrie thinking. At least a little bit. I only have 26 mastery on level, like what, some hundred thousands or millions? and feel that I really really need to start using enlightenment for massive stat gains instead of microing primary stats, brainlessly waiting for 50 hardcoreness, microing some more, Master Slicing (a play on Master Spark?), repeating. I first used it on level I-dunno-which-but-much-lower-than-it-is-now and only got like 5k stat points which kinda made me dislike this ability.

    Now if only I knew if you can keep your progress on different machines and/or browsers. I get different save states when I open Kaguya Table on my laptop and on my PC. I spend the weeks on my PC and weekends on the laptop. I’m not good with cookies so I guess I’ll just keep two different save states of Kaguya Table RPG on both machines for double NEETery and table punishment! Hooray! Allons-y!

    …unless you guys by any chance happen to know if I can transport the save state between the machines? That would be lovely. That way I would be able to get my first rebirth a tad bit faster.

  • 5th rebirth

  • It isn’t actually stored as a cookie. Go to your personal folder (In Windows 7, not sure where it is located in other operating systems). Then click on AppData (It is hidden by default, so enable that in your settings). Roaming -> Macromedia -> #Shared Objects -> the only folder in there (For me it is EXW3YZYK) -> http://www.walfas.org. That folder contains your file. Just copy and paste it. I do it for a backup so I don’t lose mine.

  • Cheers mate. I am using Windows XP and the path was slightly different in my case:

    %APPDATA%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\VL3GR46W\www.walfas.org\walfas_kaguya_table.sol

    But in the end I found it, so many thanks!

  • try this, it probably doesn’t work though work, i’m not sure.
    C:\Users\USERNAME!!!\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\mod_kaguya_table_adv.swf

  • i reloaded my browser and suddenly all my data is gone.
    over 400k levels and stats gone. wonder wtf happened?

  • I’ve noticed that sometimes, that is why I back mine up after every other day.

  • there should be a reset button :/

  • Whatever, delete your file in the location mentioned above and it resets your stuff back to default.

  • does master slice cut the requirement for the current level of mastery or for all subsequent levels?

  • I think Kaguya will soon have XP all in her hair…. giggity…


    My experience has to be listed with an exponent every time I do enlightenment. This is ridiculous. mastery 81. Here I come rebirth.

  • yeah i broke exp bar.

  • Nothing’s broken… you’re just using an exponent now. It’s actually really common (even for level + stats)

  • how do i get my masty up?

  • Cool -.-

    I have 500billion tactics…. 700 billion rage…. 1 TRILLION neetery, but ONLY 70 mastery. FFFFFFFFF

    lvl 739bil

  • lvl 1.2 trillion

  • Wow speed hacks havent heard that term in ages.
    I figured by this point in time though people would have figured out any form of program that speeds up your computer can do substancial damage.

  • i cant fucking find the kaguya temporary files … where ever i go in my comp .. i cant find it :(

  • I had ~27 rebirths before my computer decided to BSOD while I played Kaguya Table. I said I’d never play it again.

    I have since built a new computer which is far more stable, time to play again, going to get me to 100+ rebirths.

    Once you’re about 15 rebirths in you can rebirth multiple times in a single day if you are attentive.


  • Currently at 49 rebirths, 3.5 million hits… If I paid attention and didn’t leave it on for hours without touching it, I could probably be at the same point with ~2m hits.

    Rebirthing every hour when I pay attention is fun.


  • NOO WTF >.<

    I had 70 mastery!!!! Damn hurricane Irene came and blew my power out and now I'm at level 1….. :(

  • Muhahaha i don’t even know what i am adding anymore, too fast

  • Okay, started “playing” this the other day and left it on last night. I spent the 200,000 skill points on getting Enlightenment, clicked the icon and… nothing happened. The icon went, my skill points have gone, that’s it. I did it again, same thing happened. My exp still carried on building in both cases.

  • @Teclo You need exp that is in the E+15’s or higher for enlightenment to work effectively, otherwise its worthless..

  • hehe pointless site for sure^.^

  • woo!
    6 rebirths in 2 days :D

  • Yes! I finally made it to 10 rebirths!

    OK, now looking at the comments, 10 rebirths seems less impressive.

  • That feeling when you rebirth with some hardcoreness left by accident..
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  • its national boss day….. put all stats in bossiness

  • I think im the only one that bothered to read all the comments from now cuz iv just read 802 comments and it took a while. my kaguya is shit + i was at 20 mastery then it reset my data and it said my cookies had been cleared but now i hav bout 20 mastery again + im probably the only one that still plays this cuz i started not that long ago + i havent even rebirthed which most people already have done but imma keep trying till i finally rebirth and then try to get loads. btw tactics = 69 :D

  • What i do is just open 2 windows and put them half and half on the page because it stops if ou change window

  • http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv324/immortalpictures/tableflipp.jpg

    So after I got rebirthed once I decided to try and reach rebirth in as few hits as possible. Going mostly by gut feeling and some skimmed comments, I raised stats to something like 1 000/ 40 000/60 000 and waited a few hours to accumulate 200 000 points which I Enlightened into about 700 000.

    After these points were allocated to Rage and Neetery (save 200 000), I took a screenshot in order to count my XP and divide that figure by the XP required to level, and by the time that was finished I calculated I had accumulated enough to make another favorable Enlightenment. I repeated this process until I started seeing exponentials, at which point I dispensed with calculations and just spent points in Rage, Neet and Enlightenment (with occasional increases in Impatience to keep the process reasonably fast) without pause until I reached the figures seen above.

    (I spent some spare change in Tactics just in case.)

    Then I had to put a weight on the Enter key for several minutes to spend all my points in Hardcoreness, which I spent on Master Slices, saving 20 points for further Enlightenment of course. I don’t know how many Master Slices I did, but I repeated this process three or four times, and I recall getting Hardcoreness levels in the neighborhood of 8 000.

    In between I invested in Mastery just to have any sort of idea how I was doing. Not that I ever counted how much XP I spent, or at what discount. But when I reached something like 50 Mastery several dozen Master Slices went by without any noticeable effect on the Mastery bar, at which point I waited a couple of minutes to gain an experience figure that ended with I think E+19, which got me rest of the way to the picture you see. Not bad for a second time player I think.

    Most obsessive five hours of fun I’ve had in years, and now I never want to play again.

  • I suggest that the “current xp” and “xp for each lvl” both show as “x.xxxE+yy” once they cross 100.000.000
    also, add “xp per table flip” figure in the same format

  • One more thing: bossiness is OVER 9000!!!
    Now click the shades: http://mirrors.rit.edu/instantCSI/

  • There needs to be a new update for this. A regret command that costs one hardcoreness point which removes hardcoreness but doesn’t give back any stat points.

  • True Hard Core is reincarnation with hardcoreness ending in 4 or 9.

  • Ah a few hours in and level 13000 let’s see how long i can take it

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