Create.swf – TH15

Updated create.swf with new characters (screenshot)

Objects: Earth Orb, Moon Orb
Presets: Sagume, Clownpiece, Junko, Hecatia

Create.swf – TH14.5, TH15 demo

Updated create.swf with new characters (Screenshot).

  • Objects: Bloody Mallet, Pink Blob (+ Added a blue color to the existing book object)
  • Items: Bloody Mallet, Doremy’s Things
  • Accessories: Sumireko Cape, Sumireko Cape + Glasses
  • Presets: Seiran, Ringo, Doremy, Sumireko

Create.swf – TH14 characters

Will be updating create.swf gradually over the next few days (since it’s not a weekend, it’ll take longer since I have more other stuff to do). Will update by editing this post.

8/12/2013: added Benben (touhouwiki) and biwa as an object.

8/13/2013: added Yatsuhashi (touhouwiki) and Seija (touhouwiki) and Yatsuhashi’s strings as an object.

8/15/2013: added Shinmyoumaru (touhouwiki), Miracle Mallet and Giant Needle objects

8/16/2013: added Raiko (touhouwiki), magic drum and drumsticks as objects

Create.swf – TH13.5, TH14 demo

Added characters:

Also added Kokoro’s mask (“colorable”) as an object (use the “ghostly aura” object for the blue effect), Mamizou Leaf 2 as a hat, Miko’s cape as a back.

Create.swf – Kosuzu

Added Kosuzu Motoori to create.swf, and “bell” as an object.