Create.swf – TH13.5, TH14 demo

Added characters:

Also added Kokoro’s mask (“colorable”) as an object (use the “ghostly aura” object for the blue effect), Mamizou Leaf 2 as a hat, Miko’s cape as a back.

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  • Thank you for continuing to add the new characters to Create.swf. And ah, so that’s what Kokoro’s hair looks like.
    Just one thing, though: Perhaps you should add something like a wolf object for Kagerou’s wolf form?

    ~Also, you can probably turn the red links blue now, since they all have pages~

  • Sekibanki is the true purpose of the “headless” hairstyle and “invisible” settings for arms, legs, and torsos.

  • Good job. It looks really nice.

    I wonder if you’re doing this because you want to or if you feel obligated to, though.

    Either way, thank you.

  • Damn, that was fast.

    Once again you never fail to deliver.

  • ah I was actually worried if this site was dead, but thank god this appeared, how silly of me.

    I love Kokoro, I’m going to be her #1 fan, and she’s so epic!!
    Sekibanki is hilarious lol.

    And I’m glad you added Miko’s HM costume~

    KirbyM you rock!

  • You have our gratitude for keeping up with this when you’re keeping up with so much in your own life.

  • That Sekibanki looks amazing.

  • Great update! I was expecting about this..

    but you forget about Byakuren’s Cape. (as seen in her portrait on HM)

  • Ichirin is beautiful! Thanks for this great update!

  • It won’t seem to update on a mac

  • so cute!

  • Oh! You know, I decided to check this website on a whim, like I usually do when I see something cool about Touhou. Good to see you’re back, if at least momentarily.

  • Long time no see! How have you been?

  • Please add these:

    Alice’s maid outfit (from Mima’s MS extra ending)
    Reimu’s outfit from Marisa Stole the Precious Thing
    Kotohime’s police officer outfit (from her PoDD ending)

    Naked Marisa’s “hat” (from Neko Miko Reimu)
    Reimu’s MStPT hat

    Fantasy Ruins
    Probabilty Space Hypervessel

    Fantasy Ruins flyer

  • It has let me use this tool always.
    Thank you very much.

  • it feels so weird to revisit this website and see that the latest entry is barely a week old.

    i remember coming to this website daily (it was my homepage, after all) until you started posting about becoming busier with your education and then you proceeded to just not post as much.

    kinda weird how time passes.

    thank you.

  • Add ZUN. Also the girl from “ZUN Teaches Drawing!” who looks like Satori.

  • Requesting Byakuren’s Monk hat

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