Videos for May 17, 2010

Videos! Hina+RollingGirl (VOCALOID song), a PC-98 thing, and then something involving Shou.





????????? PV?HAPPY TIGER????CA? ??????


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  • Pc 98 character need more love~

  • All three of these are so adorable! I especially like the PC 98 one, though.

  • 1.I’ve seen this and I love that song.
    2.Phantasmagoria of Dim Dream is cool game and Pc-98 characters are great.Too bad we don’t see much of them in new games.
    3.Is it just me or every time I see Shou I think of Kanako?

  • This is entirely unrelated (though the videos are good!), but just released part 2 (of 3) of 30. Go! Download it! Now!

    (It’s a loving homage/parody of 300, with Touhou characters. Humor, action, thoughtful pauses, all 10/10. Cream of the crop folks. Oh, there’s also some stylized nudity, if you’re uncomfortable with that.)


  • 1. I think I’ve heard this song…doesn’t Aido Feirune have a version?
    2. Awesome

  • Ruukoto was in it! *happy*

  • @-ED:
    So where on is the first part translated? There’s no search function I can see on the site, meaning I’d have to check through each archive separately, and Google isn’t turning up matches for me. (Actually, I found what looks like a link to the first part, but clicking it returns a Internal Server Error, and I can’t tell from the description if it would be the translated version anyway.)

  • @Sprocket
    Ever since their dl server crashed the only way to get it (and any of the old works they’ve had on there) is from their bulk torrent. If you click on the Gallery(archive) tab at the top it should send you to the torrent page.

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