Videos for April 10, 2011



?????BREAK OUT ?????






6 Responses to “Videos for April 10, 2011”

  • 1. “Dangerous Touhou”
    Oh, good Lord, Funi-san’s outdone himself in weirdness. I didn’t think it was possible…

    2. Huh…well, that was pretty. I’m not sure if I’d have associated that song with Hina—and I’m still not, even after watching the video. No matter, it’s hardly INappropriate, either, and nicely made.

    3. “Nyanyanyanyanyanya!”
    Cute stuff, and not running on too long. Reimu refuses to participate in the meme, I see.

    4. “Mishaguji Empire”
    Not sure if I like this animated version of the song or the earlier version better. Each has its own appeal.

  • Heh, reasonably cute on the Nyanyanya thing. I was way too amused by the bit with Reimu just sitting there. FACECAT!

    Also, look what’s back!

  • More Funi weirdness!

  • 1. wow good!!I liked it!!!! not much to say though.
    2. I liked it very much! it was great. hina takes away misfortune!
    3. hmm…reimu’s so calm. not like cheerful marisa but anyway I prefer calm reimu. and ORIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!
    4. hmm……I prefer both the first version AND the second version.

  • This website is the best discovery I had, before Touhou! (^0^)

  • No more kirby flashes?

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