Videos for April 18, 2011

Whoops, forgot to post yesterday. ToHo Kinema Kan thing starring Sanae, and then a Nichijou parody with various characters.

“?????” ToHo Daydream

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  • Crazy RL shaders are too much for me @[email protected]

  • That first one made me tear up a little bit. Especially toward the end. I like.

  • Oh my god I saw that pyonta blinking at the end in the first one!

  • I feel stupid after watching the second one :/

  • I love how this is rendered! Anyone know the song? ^^

  • I almost cried while watching the first video as well… >_> It was quite nice, especially with it being merged and all.

  • 1. Beautifully done. I was particularly impressed with how they handled the effects with Sanae dropping the soccer ball. I’m not sure if I follow the “plot” of the video exactly, but it generates the intended wistful nostalgia well enough, regardless.

    2. Never seen this meme before. The rapid-fire repeat gag might hold up better for me if I was familiar with the source. At least Nazrin’s an amusing combo breaker.

    According to the credits, the song is “Your Dream” (君の夢), based on “The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw”, the Stage 5 music in Mountain of Faith.

  • Thanks Sprocket! Yeah i just started getting hardcore into Touhou and im trying to find a good forum and such with consistent updates on Touhou ^^

  • 1. ……..that was so beautiful! deserves a fav.
    2. @[email protected]!!! AHHH!!! why are they going crazy? lol nice.

  • Hey kirby, sorry for the off-topic post, but your “about” page still links to wikia. Could you please update it to link to instead ? (^^;;

  • @Master Bigode: Thanks for pointing that out; it’s been changed.

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