Happy New Year!

Yeah, this flash isn’t all that great either. Actually, it’s really bad. But who cares, it’s 2008! Woooooo!

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  • Ooh, is this one of those dreams where you think about the deep meaning it holds, and then artificially continue the dream and create the fourth item in a state of half sleep? But then if you do that, you feel as if you cheated o.o Then it’s like, what could the fourth thing have really been? Is it perhaps, KFC? XD;;

  • Nah, it’s actually this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatsuyume

    “It is considered to be particularly good luck to dream of Mount Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant.”

  • Poor Reimu is going to be donationless in 2008 too? :

  • “if there is some offering in hakurei shrine, it must lead to an accident.” by Suika

  • Ahh, thanks for the info ^^ I knew I should have added “or am I missing something?” to my comment XD; Right! I’m gonna start working on dreaming those three too *tries hard* >.

  • I’m going to be thinking about that all day and then when I go to sleep, I’ll probably dream of something completely irrelevant.

  • That Suika comment reminded me: while watching the nicovid version of your christmas carol, when it came to the 3rd ghost, one of them said “wait… don’t tell me it’s… SUIKA!?”

    Which raises the question… is the Walfas-universe Suika still dead?

    Nice flash, by the way. Thanks to Azumangadaioh, I understood.

  • Coincidentally, Azumanga Daioh is how I learned of this dream thing also! And about Suika, that’s classified information (Meaning I haven’t thought about it yet, so I guess any inconsistencies in the future will be blamed on Keine’s history-changing ability).

  • I don’t get it…

  • Oh wait,I do get it. Silly me

  • Lol too bad she didn’t get eggplant

  • Maybe thats good luck in…..America?

    Too bad my dream didn’t look anything like that

  • Reimu did not go donationless in 2007. I put in 100k!

  • So Reimu when dreams of Mt. Everest, Mystia and an Apple, she considered it to be so close to ..
    “It is considered to be particularly good luck to dream of Mount Fuji, a hawk, and an eggplant.”
    Poor Reimu now she tries again for the right ones xD

  • It may have been a cheap laugh, but I was amused.

    I expect 2ch will chuckle as well.

  • I understand thanks to Azumanga as well!

    Oh fudgesicles, now winter break is over.

  • I’d like to see what the other residents of Gensokyo dreamed about for the new year.

    In before Player 2 jokes.

  • Why didn’t Nitori came out of the shadow’s and asked Reimu to bring her some odd items, so that she can fix her dream? Is she still drinking cucumber flavor beer? O_o;

  • It was a quickie.

    But that would certainly be the logical extension, at least if Nitori heard about it.

  • Nice flash.
    You must be a japanese!

  • I know the next thing will be money money for your donation box and you will be rich

  • ah…man…i missed this..*_*…

  • intresting,i’ved heard of mount everest,it’s probaly the largest moutain in the state,or something,but alot of people have heard about that moutain.
    *reads book*

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