Yotsuba&! 48

Chapter 48: Yotsuba & The Farm!

Chapter 48 of Yotsuba&! : Yotsuba & The Farm! Note the exclamation mark after the word “farm.” Chapter 47’s title was Yotsuba & The Farm, without an exclamation mark. Clearly, the exclamation mark is there to express enthusiasm. More so than the previous chapter.

Well, the previous chapter ended with Yotsuba and company on their way to a farm, in a car. But in this chapter, they arrive at the farm! I totally expected this chapter to be about a farm, and it did not disappoint. There’s an actual farm in this one! Shortly after arriving on the farm, Yotsuba finds a cat, and hilarity ensues.

It’s a cat.

At first, I was just going to take the top right frame and post that one flash I made about the really weird cat, but then I read on and noticed that the whole page was funny. Yotsuba is silly indeed. After various sheep/goat-related hi jinx, Yotsuba and the gang (Haha, I said gang. They’re not really a gang… or are they? Hmm…) head to the cowhouse, where a lady proceeds to explain the cow-milking process.

I can also count to five, by the way.

The adults prove themselves fit for the challenge, while Yotsuba explains that she is, in fact, five. Soon after, Yotsuba decides to try milking the cow herself, and is surprised to find out that milk comes from cows.

I lol’d at the top left panel of page 15 (the one on the left). She so silly.

After that, they get some ice cream. Apparently, Yotsuba finds it tasty (as if fire were coming out of her mouth, whatever that means).

I was shocked to find that ice cream was not actually made of shellfish. My whole life has been a lie! :_:

Yotsuba decides to go feed the cow some grass. Yanda tells the cow how huge its face is, Jumbo says it’s fine, and Yanda says he wasn’t talking about him. Yotsuba’s dad asks Yotsuba if she thinks the farm is fun, she says no, because the farm is a lot of trouble, and she doesn’t like growing grass. Dad tells her that she’s not a farm, and Yotsuba says she’s having fun. Super fun, actually. And that’s it. I thought it was good, just like all the other episodes. Of course, I’m over a month (almost two) late on this, as it was put up on 4chan.biz in July, and it’s… almost the end of August now.

In other news, there were 23 pages (yes, 23. That’s not almost 23, that is 23). That is all.

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