Yuyuko likes food

Hooray, I’m done with the Yuyuko flash! So here’s the plot. It’s late at night and Yuyuko is hungry. You can probably tell what it’s gonna be about by looking at the loading screen. Unless you’re not that familiar with Touhou, I mean.

I’ve been working on this since… uhh… let’s see, there was about two hours today, some number of hours yesterday (practically the whole time I was on the computer), and about an hour the night before that. I’ve mostly been spending time on the backgrounds and all that, and I think they look really nice. Compared to the simple backgrounds of the previous ones, anyway. It doesn’t seem as long as I had intended it to be, but I guess that’s fine. There’s an extra at the end, too!

In other news, I’ve also added most of the backgrounds from the Yuyuko flash to “create.swf“, but just the ones that have something that the character can stand on.

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