Videos for Nov 6, 2011

3D東方『ソニックスパーク!前編』 SONIC SPARK! PART1






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  • 1. “Sonic Spark, Part 1”
    Very nice animation, storyboarding and camerawork. Good syncing with a well-chosen piece of music, too. Interesting to see Marisa ‘port the hakkero into her hand for a change, instead of pulling out of somewhere in her clothing or just having it in her hand out of nowhere. Heh…red fairy pulls a Yamcha pose after being sparked, I think. That’ll teach her to fight with a cardboard sword. Determined Momiji looks impressive, but Marisa’s a bit too sneaky. Now we know one more reason she bothers using a broom even when she can fly without it.

    2. “It seems Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya Were Brainwashed by the Religious Sect”
    Wow…I think that’s the first time I’ve seen the Eureka/Nijiura Seven expression done in 3D animation. Methinks Sakuya just grabbed the oversized tambourine and jumped in so she could be with the player characters again. Nice attempt at a save at the end, there.

    3. “An Animation About Just Being Followed by the Tambourine-Wielding Trio”
    Same person who did #2, I’m guessing. Not sure why the other three…er, four…are following Meiling while tambourining (yes, I just made a verb of it) in sync, but it’s equally amusing and creepy. At least they look like they’re enjoying themselves…oh, wait, they weren’t chasing her. Huh. Focus, Sakuya, focus. No, not on that. I’m not sure if Remi’s forgotten she can fly (not that it might help) or what.

  • Sonic Spark was short, but absolutely spot on characterization. Feels really Marisa-ish.

    I… don’t think I want to know what’s up with the tambourines.

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