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  • 1. “Kaguya Just Plays the Tambourine”
    Amusing variation on the tambourine-playing meme from Working! with the shifts in music and Mokou’s fairly predictable reactions. Poor Udonge.

    2. “Love Will Surely Skyrocket with Mamama-style Sanae”
    Ah, an MMD video. I’m guessing “mamama” is an alternate term/abbreviation for “Miku-Miku Dance”. Typically cute, peppy, and well animated for an MMD video. Almost missed the Sgt. Kero cameo. And sudden we’ve got the tambourine meme again when the goddesses show up. Oh, and the title at the end is “A Certain Moriya Common-Sense-Killer”.

    3. “Minoriko Just Runs Awayssion” (A 1-Aki-Sister Festival)
    Well, who could blame her trying to get away from Kimeemaru? Er, not that Kimeemaru seems to be running after her exactly…more like practicing DDR or something. Anyway, this is apparently another meme, the “Just Running Away Series”, to the tune of (“Possession” from Beat Maniacs. Very limited animation, likely on purpose, and the music’s interesting, but just a little too repetitive for me.

  • For a second I expected a fusion of the treadmill ED meme and tambourine in the Kimeemaru video. But… whatever that was was fine too.

  • you Always find the strangest most enjoyable things……

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