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Okay, after some time, I’ve decided to make a blog-ish thing. Unlike most of those other “I’m gonna whine about how unfair my life is” sites you see on the internet, this one will be mostly… not like that. In fact, it’s not really going to be about my real life (although I guess I will have some stuff about it, once school starts), but it’ll be about my internet life, which I find to be much more interesting. Yes, it’ll have stuff like random interesting things I find on youtube, it’ll have random IRC/forum related things, it’ll have stuff that I’ve created, it’ll have interesting things that I find in anime I’m watching (Currently Lucky Star… and Hidamari Sketch, but the subbers have pretty much died for that series), and basically anything else I feel like putting on here.

The lack of Hidamari Sketch subs makes Yuno sad.
Also, I’m assuming that if you’re reading this around the time this post was made, that you probably already know who I am, so I won’t have to explain much. But I’ll put up stuff on the “about” page, because otherwise it feels kind of empty. I guess I could just remove the page, but then in the future when random people somehow find out about this place (and by then, it’ll probably be located on a different domain, like ‘’ or something), they won’t have to wonder “Hey I wonder what this cool-looking site is about! Oh wait there’s no ‘about’ page, so I guess I will never know.”

And if you think this blog looks anything like some other site you’ve seen on the internet, it’s probably just a coincidence. A huge coincidence that is very unimportant. Very unimportant. Something that you will probably forget the instant after you think of it. Yep. Okay, actually, yes, I was partially inspired by Wong’s site. I had already planned on making some sort of blog-thing (I planned on using cutenews. But maybe with some sort of anti-spam thing, seeing how much spam comments I’ve gotten from my other sites that used cutenews) before I knew about his site, but once I went there, I was like “Wow this wordpress thing is awesome. And so is this k2 style thing. I think I’m gonna use the same thing for my site!” And then I decided to do it.

Anyway, I’ll probably be updating a lot over the next few days, because I tend to do that when I get a new site thing up. I’m not sure how long this blog is gonna last, but I think it should last quite a long time, as long as I have stuff to write about.

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  • FIRST!!

    I kinda feel like stopping watching Lucky Star after episode 20, since nothing new seems to be developing and it’d getting rather boring. D:

    Lawl, “Walfas – It’s about stuff”.

  • Well, I watched episode 18 a few days ago, and I think the “new” characters (“new” in quotes because technically they were always there, they’re just getting more screentime now) makes the series more interesting. The whole Konata/Tsukasa/Kagami/Miyuki group was getting a bit boring, so it’s nice to see some more focus on other characters.

  • Ughh Yuno died while looking for her subs!

  • I never get tired of Lucky Star for some reason =3

  • are you s biy or girl I can’t tel

  • oh dear

    Just testing linking here.

  • This is a response to a blog post

  • Just after wandering around in the site, I felt like going back to old posts. It’s AWESOME how this site has grown bigger and bigger in short time (because, 2 years are not as long as a lifetime). And, yes, I know I must be just another fan of yours, but still I just wanted to congratulate you for your effort and success, in making a great site, being accepted in a great University, blah blah blah~~~, even though those words might have been said repeatedly to you. But still, I’ll say it again. CONGRATULATIONS!

    Anyway. Keep up the AWESOME work. And remember that you can count on us, yer fans.

    Keep Rockin’ On!!

  • ah so this was the first post how memorable it must be.

  • 2 years sure is a lot!

  • Isn’t it cool how KirbyM managed to do the things he said he would?

  • Three whole years…

    Good job, KirbyM. You rock.

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