Colds (And Pixiv stuff!)

Who cares about today’s flash when there’s exciting news like this!

(no, this link does not lead to a Touhou flash)

It’s like that one time when Walfas somehow managed to pop into some sort of informative Japanese convention-goers pamphlet! Totaku linked to this on IRC and then I went around investigating! This one person on Pixiv (I can’t read Japanese but I assume the name’s ????) seems to draw quite a bit of Walfas-based art, and combines stuff from the daily flashes as well. Quite awesome and worth checking out. If you don’t feel like getting an account there, some of the images can be found here.

And here’s a bit of Walfas-style pixel artwork from another Pixiv member by the name 8bit. Hooray! It’s always nice to see fanart from people who speak a completely different language.

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  • >533206.jpg
    Oh god, the diffraction joke.

    The funny part is, this dude kept the AWESOME intact.
    Sadly, I’m donging the diffraction section of my physics class…

    Ooh, ooh, did you know, though, that diffraction makes the Master Spark grazable? Well, provided your hitbox is about centimeters wide… Well, I dunno. What IS the wavelength/wave speed of the Master Spark?

  • Also, nineball doesn’t get colds because she’s ALWAYS cold?
    So winter-based Touhous have the intellect of a nineball… waiit. ;_;

  • Nineball got a “cold” in one of Hole of Yago’s doujins. But it was because she put herself oveer a fire.

  • おひさま – Ohisama

    On another note, I think it’s awesome that you have so much popularity, even amoung Japanese people with your unique style of Touhou, even as far as to have people cosplaying them. – Like this guy.

  • It would be AWESOME if something walfas related was sold at Reitaisai!

  • lmao

    longhaired character got owned

  • Saw it coming but lol’d anyways.

  • I expected the Cirno transformation again.

  • Haha, I gave that pixiv link yesterday (was it yesterday?). Damn, news go fast around the toho community.

  • @Sonic: Yes it would, Seeing Ibuki Akius in a manga would be interesting… tbh, I’m still wondering if anyone in Japan has decided to steal Kilga’s Reisen Story though.

  • awesome links to walfas fanart/4 komas is awesome

  • @Project_Mars: WALL OF TEXT won’t catch the 11’s eyes. Maybe once the manga is done (where did Cho-Kourin go?).

    Anyway, congrats one more fanart; that’s pretty awesome. Now just stop playing Mabi and make a real flash!

  • I was sick today. How ironic.

  • Kobayashi, I’m here.
    I just stopped due to my midyears.

    Oh well, back to work…(I hope)

  • How’d you know that we all want a Touhou flash? :D

  • Ironically, I caught a cold the day you posted this >_

  • @Kerigis

    Coincidentally. Not ironically.
    Unless you were bragging like long-haired character was.

  • @Zawa

    I wish I could brag about it… but colds aren’t fun.

    On a side note, wtf my post got cut? It was about the coincidence about Trig, too. Oh well.

  • I think posting allows HTML, so &lt is treated as the start of an HTML tag, cutting off the rest of the post. I’m not even sure & lt is the HTML code to get around that.

    I’m also quite impressed that he translated the 4koma into English: very generous, and good practice for him.

  • Awesome. :3

    You know you’ve hit it big when the Japanese side of things references you (knowing how xenophobic most Japanese people are … on the other hand, it might just be as geeky as people in America who obsess about Japan).

  • Hmmm, I think this is a good opportunity to ask when do you plan to make more Touhou flashes. I’m sure the Nicovideo folks are eagerly waiting as well.

  • @Nietz: Ehh, actually I have no idea when I plan on making more Touhou flashes. I guess I could try starting on one within the next month or so, although I can’t exactly guarantee anything at this point.

  • But they say that only idiots catch colds in the spring.

  • You know you’re doing something right when the Japanese Touhou fandom starts referencing things you create. You’re right, it’s like when you got picked up on before. But the references here are so less subtle, so it’s more [Multi-Coloured AWESOME!].

    @bluish wolf: Yeah, the rest of us get hayfever. :’D

  • Fucking Win.
    Keep it up.

  • We needs to get to translating these ASAP.

    And as far as working on the next flash… Wait for the Touhou 11 demo…

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