Added Youki Konpaku to create.swf, along with a bunch of summer-themed objects and items. Sparklers, beach blankets, umbrellas, sandcastles, outdoor grills, inner tubes, and a beach background! Also, a more traditional-looking master spark object by Thefre. Here’s the changelog:

=New Features
– Arrow Keys can now be used to position stuff on the stage.
– Shift Up/Down are shortcuts for Bring Forward/Send Backwards.
– Ctrl Up/Down are shortcuts for Bring to Front/Send to Back.
– Shift Left/Right are shortcuts for Rotate.
– Ctrl Left/Right are shortcuts for Scale.
– You can now toggle whether clicking the heads of characters rotates or drags them by default. Ctrl+drag will rotate characters if this is turned off.
– You can now set the X/Y speeds of rain drops, as well as their twirl speed.

– Changed the way power works in pong game, so that you should properly gain options at every 1.00 mark.
– Fixed rain scaling so that shift scaling will also only affect the drops rather than the entire thing.
– Snapshots are now actually named Snapshots to avoid confusion with terminology.
– Character options menu is now properly keylocked.

Also, this may be of interest to people who know foreign languages and would like to help translate the create.swf manual.

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  • Not gar enuff.

  • Sandcastles! YEAH!

  • next add PC-98 Alice!

    Next time, you should add one of the PC-98 girls. Kotohime or Rikako would be cool. Also, requesting a labcoat and a syringe so Eirin can mess around with everyone.

  • 3.24:nameless character:100:9:8:14:3:9:0:0:0:0:0:FFFF00 DNA for Nameless Character
    3.24:longhaired character:100:0:24:14:3:25:64:12:0:0:0:FF9900 Longhaired character
    3.24:Headphones character:100:8:32:14:3:33:0:0:0:0:0:684100 Head phones character

    just if you want it i will post the Dna every month so you won’t have to go back every month just to use it.

  • @thegame: Or I could just make a place to put DNA codes. Feel free to post any other character codes you have there.

  • Is that Unnamed Character selling lemonade in the background?

  • translation? oh oh… /waves hand (first language japanese)

  • aaaaaaaaah!
    i love yoooou!

  • @tre: Excellent. Sign up for an account on my site. You can use mailinator as your email if you don’t want to use your real one. I don’t really use emails for anything other than sending passwords anyway. After you register, I’ll give your account translator status and give you rights to edit the Japanese version of the user manual.

  • k i made an account as “tre” .. now what? send me a direct link so i dont get lost lol

  • Oh wow, it’s the old man. HOORAY SUMMER.

  • @tre: Go here and you should see an edit button. Click it and start editing away.

  • Hooray, I accidentally made it rain master sparks!

  • @MarisaMuffin:

    Done that, com lagged out, cried.

  • Youmu: 父さん!!!

  • @OniNeko: Yeah, but at least you weren’t trying to simulate Yuugi’s spell card and accidentally put 600 for the number of columns.

  • @MarisaMuffin: Oh my gods. I’m never trying that. Ever.

  • Oh Aya, you sneaky bastard~
  • I see your sparrow barbecue and raise you…
    A very obvious Chen Rain Joke:

  • lol are you making characters with no official appearance now?
    then you must do layla prismriver or メイベル(maybelle?)

  • @Thefre: I’ll continue with the translation when i return tuesday

  • @tre: If you’re thinking of Maribel Han, she’s already in create.swf …

  • it needs a watermelon, blindfold, and stick for that watermelon smashing thing Japanese people do. I think it’s called suika wari.

  • Awesome!

    But, IMO, a beardless Youki is also very sexy

  • Im with Lantis (but a Rinnosuke is good too…XD)
    or a Sariel…the angels are very good warriors,after all…


  • @MarisaMuffin : メイベル (mable/maybelle?) was probably the most popular “unofficial original character” that was designed by a doujin group called Leaf Garden (creator of “miko miko suika” lol). Mable was one of alice’s doll…green hair with a red dress/hat. Rumor says Zun liked it so much that Hina’s design was based on her.

  • @Chicle: I think Rinn is already in create.swf.

  • For those who care, the doujin with the character tre is talking about is Thoughts of Dolls by Haniwa. The second is done (it’s a good read, touching and cute), but the first has only a part of it translated, and the third is completely raw. Maybelle is pretty popular, I think other artists have done fanart of her, and she’s at the beginning of the Artificial Children IOSYS flash.

  • Rinnosuke’s already in create.swf, and just the way you like him: beardless.

    @KirbyM: How about a fundoshi for Rinnosuke? Then he and Youki can do their TS2 combo. Oh, and a SOCCER BALL.

  • Do camping gear next! And an “inside tent” background! :3

  • we need colour changing danmaku before further items and backgrounds :O

  • Color changing danmaku is technical, while items and backgrounds are art based(unless the background is interactive), so work on one won’t impede the other. There’s some bug fixes I need to do, but I think I can work on object colorization this week. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be finished by the end of the week though. We’ll see.

  • you should have a closet option.

    where characters can where different outfits

    (at the beach , they can’t swim in there clothes!!)

    and a high school backround….

    closet consists of:school uniform[not reisens],swimsuit,casual clothes,kindergarden uniform,prom dress[tux for boys],cosplay from other anime,elfen lied horns,etc.

    and know a scene from clannad[with my characters]
    dasuke in place of sunohara.
    akira in place of okazaki.
    random alakazam as rugby member.
    [if you don’t know who i’m talking about, then look at

    akira:[sees a pair of heart boxers]hmm….
    [walks over to dasuke who is sleeping and puts the boxers on his head and wakes him]dasuke!!get up!!
    akira:theres a well-endowed girl outside who says she loves you!!
    dasuke:[snaps to his pervert sences]ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!!?!?[jumps up happily]YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!I’M COMING!!!![runs out the door]
    rugby dude:what are you lookin’ at punk?
    rugby dude:what are ya? an underwear theif? also..ARE THOSE MEN’S UNDERWEAR?!?!
    rugby dude:you sick,twisted FREAK!!![punches dasuke]
    dasuke:[girly screaming]AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [later that day]
    dasuke:do you enjoy hurting me…….
    akira:so… least you woke up.
    dasuke:DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I ALMOST DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????
    akira:how can you die, if your alredy dead?

  • So complicated. May as well make it a program for download.

  • OniNeko:yes,i want…that is exactly the thing who i imagined!.
    (…in TS2,the “fundoshi barrier” is made with Erich (Seihou) anyways…XD but the combi is incredible.)
    and yes,Maybelle the doll is a good idea….ah…would be Meimu too?
    and again,i insist with the tux.

  • Made some quick fixes. Bombing in the pong game should now function normally again, and the fusion lab hair colors should also function correctly instead of giving weird colors.

  • i have 3 other characters who don’t seem important but i put them up anyways


    3.25:ponytail character:100:0:65:14:29:65:12:2:0:0:0:FFB8F9

    3.25:annoying friend:100:0:45:14:30:46:3:12:0:0:0:FF8700

  • I was missing Ponytail-bored looking character ^^

  • Since everyone from Windows Touhou had been added to create.swf, may I request a character from PC-98? Her name’s Luize, the 2nd stage boss of Mystic Square.

    I like that girl ever since I read Myofu_Club’s doujin about Mystic Square’s characters introductions and I think her hat’s pretty nice for a summer addition to create.swf.

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