Art Class: Day 10


Well, today was the final day of the art class. In the morning class, we got to finish our comics and make cover pages and stuff. I decided to title my comic “Yarrr” because it’s an awesome title. Then, we did some more figure drawings!

In the afternoon class, some people finished their animations, and we burned them onto CDs. We also watched the other class’ animations. At 2:30, parents came over to look at our artwork posted on the walls and stuff, and then we went downstairs to screen our animations. I think it was the first time one of my animations was screened in front of an audience, so that was pretty nice. At 4PM, we all went back upstairs to get our artwork to take home. And then there was cake. Oh yes, cake. But no forks.

It’s kinda hard to believe how much has changed in the course of only two weeks, and that it went by so quickly. Overall, the class was pretty fun; I enjoyed doing the class activities and even the homework. The flash stuff I picked up is really going to help improve the quality of the flashes I make in the future. If real school were anything like this, it would be a thousand times better. Yep, good times. I’m definitely gonna miss the class. And now I have two weeks to look forward to before school starts again.

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