Art Class: Day ⑨

Here’s the finished comic (without a title page, because I didn’t get to do one)! I added a bunch of checkered tiles to the classroom scenes as a suggestion from the instructor, and I think it turned out quite nicely. I also added text, although most of it seems unnecessary (I do, however, like how the dialogue and backgrounds turned out in the sixth page). I also erased most of the pencil marks and added random dots to the beach scenes to make it look more like an actual beach. With sand.

And here is the final animation for the class! I ended up using an excessive amount of motion tweens rather than frame-by-frame animation, because I just felt it would look a lot smoother that way. Well, that and the fact that animating with motion tweens is a lot faster and this was our last day to work on it. Tomorrow, there’s gonna be a show where they’ll display everyone’s work (from all the different art programs). I added in the play button and link when I got home, but in the actual show, all of our animations will be played one after the other, with the mouse entering and leaving each one.

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