Maikaze Touhou Anime Project

Well, as everyone probably already knows, the Maikaze Anime Project is out. Well, part one anyhow.

Most people don’t bother looking at the names on credits, but those who did may have noticed this and thought “Wait, what?” upon seeing “KirbyM” on there. Since it’d be weird to not post about it, here’s an explanation!

The anime comes with English subtitles, translated by… well, I guess he goes by various names, but I’ll go with “Talka” since that’s what the credits have him as. As far as I know, he’s the only one at Maikaze that speaks fluent English, and he brought up the idea of having English subtitles included with the DVD. Then, sometime in November, I was basically given the opportunity to proofread the translated script and make suggestions for corrections on grammar, punctuation, typos, etc, as well as making the sentences sound more natural.

It was super top-secret and everything, and posting about it on here before release would have meant being assassinated by ninjas or something. The video even had a “do not upload” thing at the top! Anyway, yeah, that’s it. Good times.

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  • It did give me quite a shock =) Quite jealous of the opportunity you had, and it also gave a tumble to those of us expecting to work on the translation. Well done!


    This was a bit of a surprise! Awesome! Also, it comes with subs…? And here I was, thinking I’d have to wait until someone stuck a subbed version on Youtube. Now all I really have to do is find a way to find it. Hooray!

  • I think this is one of the the awesomest things ever. :3

  • WHAT!?!




  • …Did I say find? I meant buy.

    @Muffin: I’m not sure if you’re talking about the anime itself or the fact that Kirby helped out with the anime but either way your comment works. :3

  • Wow, that’s awesome. =D

  • @Akiraita: It’s already on youtube.

    Also, wow KirbyM must be even more popular in Japan right now.

  • :V Good job, K.

    Anyway, did anybody manage to grab the LE?

    I’ve been searching everywhere, but it’s all been sold out…

  • Guess you can’t give more details like if you were asked to do the same with the next episode and such, though.

    Still, that’s seven-colored AWESOME!

  • *has clicked the picture with KirbyM on it* NO WAY THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!…

    You lucky A-Hole. Nah, just kidding. You got a lot of luck.

  • I’m fucking happy that Talka thought about us and suggested English subs.

    Although it would’ve been nice to have some black outlines over the subtitles so it would be a bit easier to read. Nice proofreading though. I fucking love both of you.

    But fucking Parsee is nearby…

  • Holy……….crap!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way, that’s…… that’s impossible!

    ……… you are soo lucky…. you should make a flash based on the anime IMO….

  • @zerokirby15: Yeah, I found the unsubbed version, I’m gonna have to look a bit harder for the subbed version. Subs are awesome! Oh, yeah, and they didn’t totally botch the voice acting (although I find it extremely amusing that Remi sounds like a little kid.)

  • Actually saw the subbed version earlier today, I was wondering why they were so good.

  • It would have been amsuing if they put you down as “Walfas-san”.

  • No way, that’s impossible!

  • Reactions were as follows:

    It’s already subbed: What? That’s fast…

    Realizing that it was released WITH subtitles: Wait, what? Since when…

    Reading E-Mouse’s comment, credits screenshot, etc. that KirbyM was involved: …wow


    But seriously, that has got to be the biggest surprise of the year.

  • It is an AWESOME one, though. |3

    @Akiraita: I specifically meant KirbyM’s involvement, but yeah.


    Words cannot express what I am feeling right now.

  • Oh, cool.

    That’s all I have to say I guess.

  • And I felt like a Touhouish Latin American God-like-being only for running a “decent” blog and asked for an English version.

    Excellent job! And well… may we all together unite Eastern and Western for the sake of Touhou!

    PS: No, I’m not drunk, I’m really excited :_D

  • mmmm…that’s what you get for being famous…
    ……….that’s what happens when noone else on western community make awesome touhou flash like you do lol

  • Oh, wow. That’s amazing. I was kinda confused as to why the DVD came with English subs and even more so when I saw your name in the credits (I thought it was special thanks, but then I saw that section later), but it makes a lot of sense now. Thanks for doing a great job proofreading and de-engrish-ing! You must be really proud to have been asked to do that. I know I would be. XD

  • Ah, I didn’t notice it because when I watched it on nico I was looking at the comments and when watching on Youtube with subs it had bad quality so I guess I didn’t notice at all.

    @Nameless Fairy: “Hooray!” is what you feel.


  • Argh, Parsee is taking over my mind. Really, that just amazing

  • No way! that’s impossible!

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible :O

    i just watched the first episode. now i wanna see moar D:!!!!


    This is really the biggest surprise EVAH

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible :O

    i must know how many episodes are there D:” and hwer ei can buy it xO!!!

  • @Mariku
    Luck has very little to do with it. She earned this.

  • Your flashes on Mikovideo must’ve attracted Talka’s attention or something.

  • So it’s finally out…
    When do you think they’re gonna have the download out so us poor people can watch it?

  • At this point EST, yesterday :P

  • You’re a god now, sir.

  • *stares in awe at the credits*

    I guess this is another step to bridging the gap between the Japanese- and English-speaking fanbases! Congrats!

  • Spammed nicovideo in the credits part with KirbyM with comments like “KirbyM ktkr” “Isn’t KirbyM the Walfas person?” and “Isn’t it the Walfas person?” (in Japanese obviously) so that they notice ヽ(°∀°)ノ

    And you all should do it too! ( `・ω・´)ノ

    Yey spam.

  • I just noticed I shouldn’t have written “Walfas” but “walfas” (゚Д゚;≡;゚Д゚)

  • wow…im without words!!!
    if you can talk with the Maikaze staff…say them the congratulations for that work…

  • @Akiraita: On the contrary, I found it really appropriate that she had a “loli voice”, yet she was keeping her cool and not acting “childish” (aka Suika-ish). I think this voice suits her almost perfectly, and is much better than the awful Micky-Mouse-ish voice which the creators of the Touhou M-1 Grand Prix series gave her.

    @KirbyM: It’s as Cardboardsnail says. Being a fan of Touhou, I’m sure you realise how much of a milestone Maikaze’s anime is, and to think that you were directly involved with it is incredible, even though I don’t know you personally. xD
    By the way, you did a good job with the proofreading.

    Also, sorry, I didn’t notice you in the credits when I watched it myself. I was too busy looking at the characters and adjusting my sound settings for the ending theme music. =P

    I’ve seen Parsee lingering around this kind post, but amazingly she seems to be staying a little way away from me.

  • KirbyM is #1 in Japan!

  • This was incredible, definitely a nice piece of work they’ve produced. ‘Though from what I gathered, Zun’s not too happy with how popular the anime may become, compared to the games. Hopefully things stay balanced.

    Btw… Suika navigating her horns out the door = KAWAII DESU.

  • UNpossible

  • That must be cool to be a part of something like this.

  • link/torrent plz?

  • hahaha, i just watched it and JUST HAPPENED to glance over in time to see KirbyM and im like… whaa? poppped over here to see if you said anything and sure enough xD

    nice job, you lucky sunuva–

  • I was absolutely floored when I saw that the English subs actually existed from Akira’s uploaded video from shortly after the release. (See,

    And now hearing that KirbyM and a Shrinemaiden lurker had enough access to take part in it…!

    Stupidly enough, I didn’t notice Kirb’s name in the credits, because I wasn’t really watching by that point. OTL Watching non-fullscreen Youtube probably didn’t help, though.

    Either way, now I want to send Maikaze money, because holy shit.

  • Awesome! The anime was very decent I thought, but the most surprising thing was that it came with english subs. Are you proofreading the later episodes as well? Congratulations for getting approached to do that, I think they treat you like a beacon of the western touhou fans. GJ

  • Yeah so I watched it and it is pretty amazing. Plus, Patchu has Wikipedia in her library! Awesome!

  • Haha, I was the person that noticed it in the previous thread. GJ.

    The anime was overall enjoyable and well done, and that it came at that quality from a doujin group is nothing short of miraculous.

    Ten awesome points to MAIKAZE.

  • I still wonder why those names where in the subtitles, they were really annoying to me XD


  • Krathar wrote: “Argh, Parsee is taking over my mind.”, we both agree.

    KirbyM, you! you!! you are so lucky! (*his eyes turn green).

    Anyway, the animation is a great work, I can’t wait for the next episode. Oh, the image that I have in the head is the “Wikipedia” book!.


  • Well, MAIKAZE made something awesome.
    Now that i’ve seen this, can die without regrets. Enjoyed every single second of the anime, which is rare for me. Good job =)

  • Even in a Japanese doujin anime…!
    AWESOME doesn’t even start to describe it. Now you GOTTA find a way to produce a Walfas doujinshi and release it at the next Comiket or Reitaisai!
    About the anime itself, it was surprisingly enjoyable. Of course, Touhou Project Side Story had set expectations lower than the Marianas, but even without comparisons, it was an amazing work in itself.

  • omfg wow KirbyM. This is so much excitement, I’d totally buy the DVD in a heartbeat if I find it.

  • Well, I have watched “A Summer Day’s Dream” after I had my slave brother Ryuji get it to me in his trip to Comiket.

    The fact that it was English subbed was a pleasing surprise! Mucho kudos to you, Walfas! ;D

  • GJ, KirbyM. Represent!

  • ayayayayayayayayaya…

  • It’s a shame that the animu is going to be the beginning of the end for Touhou.

  • I’ll give it this much, it’s better than Toho Project Side Story. Worth the watch just for the “Mukyu!”.

  • I’m jealous of your flashes.
    I’m jealous of your Maikaze involvement.
    I don’t have anything against you, but
    I can make up lots of reasons to congratulate you.

  • @Anon_of_TC: Yes. The “Mukyu!” was one of the best parts. ^^

  • Oh my god……
    I’m now forever in your debut…..
    KirbyM Sama~ :D

    I’d seen the doujin anime but not the credits…..

  • Wow!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks to you and Talka for releasing this doujin-anime with english subs (thanks for Yukari for breaking the gaps of Eastern and Western Touhou fans!). You are awesome, really awesome!!!

  • Wow…that’s awesome.

  • Wow, that was quite an achievement and fame you reached here. Thumb up.

  • I want the next episode… Right now.

  • Next episode better have Alice!

  • Woah, no wonder the subs were AWESOME! When I first heard of it I thought it was gonna be in Engrish XD

    -Parsee is taking over-

    Still congratss, you have deserved the fame.

  • Damn, so lucky Taika picked you to do the proof-reading on the subs!
    Either way the anime seems like it’s gonna be a lot better than I thought it was.
    Seriously at first this was the first thing that came to mind
    “Touhou anime. Not gonna end well”

  • I am cowering in the face of your Awesome.

  • Darn, I’m pretty jealous. Anyways, I hope it’s as awesome as I heard it was. (How can it not be awesome right? It has some of my favorite voice actresses doing the Seiyu-ing, or whatever). So did you read the script while watching the anime? or did they just stick the script in your face and tell you to help… without.. watching, the anime…. ahead of time?

  • Congrats on being credited.

    Now for a decent English dub on the way, if Maikaze is willing to cooperate with at decent NA anime company…

  • …you asshole TT.TT after i just complain about how jealous I am of you.
    well congrats still.

  • Congratulations to a job well-done. I think it’s amazing that he asked you to do this.

  • No way! Thats impossible!

  • Congrats on being part of an awesome project, KirbyM

    but something bothers me, the fans love it but how about ZUN?

    If I remember correctly, he didn’t like the idea because “people who have not played the games might get the wrong concept” I’ll leave some to talk about this…

    Happy new years everyone

  • why would a worthless weeaboo be given the task to proofread something that doesnt even know the language

  • *Green eyes*, Congratulations! this must be a big step connecting the Eastern and Western Touhou community, also, don’t pay any attention to the spaming morons that have nothing better to do then to bash a topic they have no clue about.

  • I enjoyed it quite a lot, it was a pleasant surprise given that I’d feared it would be butchered. Sure the character animation wasn’t perfect, but it worked. That and the OP theme seemed a bit weak and unenthusiastic… but the characters were characterised well and the voice acting carried the animation. I was happy, too, that Patchi got as much love as she did.

  • >So did you read the script while watching the anime? or did they just stick the script in your face and tell you to help… without.. watching, the anime…. ahead of time?

    This. I’m quite curious on how you ‘proofread’ the script, since I did notice a few words that were omitted in the subs (ex. background conversations).

    I guess the other question I have is “Does this mean that you’ll be subbing/proofreading the second episode as well?”.

    If so, please get the credits and songs subbed. Thanks.

  • @Anonymous: Nope, I didn’t actually get to watch the anime while proofreading the subs. It was just a script in a word document, but after the final proofread and corrections, I did get to see a video with the subs in it, for any final corrections and stuff.

    I don’t know how it turned out in the final version (I didn’t download the actual release), but the background conversations (at least the conversation between Aya and Marisa in the library) were subbed in the version I saw, and it actually made the scene a bit confusing because I couldn’t tell what was going on with all the text on screen. I guess it’s due to the way the subs worked; they couldn’t color-code them to show which characters were speaking, so there was just a mess of text on the screen when conversations overlapped. I’m guessing the subtitles for background conversations were omitted in the final release, but I don’t know for sure. (Edit: Oh wait, I think I know what you’re talking about. The background conversation between Aya and Marisa, prior to the book-throwing part, wasn’t translated in the script)

    Also, I have no idea if I’ll get to proofread the second episode, so I guess we’ll have to wait on that one.

  • >why would a worthless weeaboo be given the task to proofread something that doesnt even know the language

    Why would a worthless hater think that proofreading refers to reading the script in Japanese and not ‘proofreading’ the English subtitles to see if they make sense?

    Because his grammar fails too.


  • >…he brought up the idea of having English subtitles included with the DVD

    The idea of putting the subs on the DVD wasn’t mine. Tokine told me he wanted subs on the DVD quite a while ago (and at that point I thought he was joking), but I asked him about it in November and he said go for it, and so there it is.

  • >Tokine told me he wanted subs on the DVD quite a while ago (and at that point I thought he was joking), but I asked him about it in November and he said go for it, and so there it is.
    Okay, Maikaze is definitely getting my money now.




    Wonder how long it’ll take till MikoVideo makes some sort of music video with this anime. Probably not long. I wonder if there’s already one out there?

  • Hooray!!!
    Maybe i’ll be in it, I mean it IS year of me, the smartest person in Gensokyo!!!
    Letty’s gonna be SO proud!!!

  • Are you SURE you’re not secretly Japanese, Kirby? Because seriously, you’re the only non-Japanese Touhou fan to have any sort of lasting influence on the Japanese fandom and that’s all kinds of rainbow-coloured AWESOME!

    Maikaze is getting my money as well.

    As soon as I figure out how to convince my parents to give me money to buy it over the internet.

  • Oh, by the way, to make it clear: Kirby being the proofreader is not the only reason why Maikaze will be getting my money at all. They’d be getting it even if Kirby wasn’t involved in any way, that just makes me even more certain of it.

  • @KirbyM

    Ah, okay. Yeah, it was that part before Patchy got smacked that I noticed was omitted. There was an omission of “Spell card” before Reimu declared hers, and I noticed that “Iced cocoa” became “Iced chocolate”.

    Either way, good work.

  • The background conversation between Marisa and Aya is an improv by the seiyuu, and isn’t included in the script… and I thought two different sets of conversations showing up on the screen would be a bit confusing. It’s not impossible to make it look cleaner, but DVD subtitling doesn’t have as much freedom as SSA fansubbing.

    Anyway, for those of you who are wondering what they were saying in the back, at first Aya starts looking for the Bunbunmaru News in the library, and then she starts talking about the printing technology of the tengu… until she finds out Marisa isn’t listening. Then, she starts throwing the books.

    And, ya, the “Spell Card!” part has been left out unintentionally. The non-limited edition hasn’t been finaliazed yet, so I’ll tell them to correct that, thanks.

  • You ma’am, have just earned 1,000,000,000 Internets.

  • Since you have close ties with them I’m wondering, do you know how they got professional seiyuu to voice the characters? I want to try and clear something up.

  • I’m late at this, I know, but I want to congratulate you nonetheless.

  • I didn’t watch Rozen Maiden up until around March, so don’t tell me I’m late.

    Since I learned that Rie Tanaka is the seiyuu of Suigintou from Rozen Maiden and also the seiyuu of Sakuya(in this, at least), I thought if there was hardcore battling involving Sakuya, her voice would change to something like Suigintou(wings).

  • that’s awesome! I hope you get to help with the rest of the project.

  • Hey KirbyM could you tell me where you bought it at? or know a site to buy it at?

    I just bought one after reading that it comes with subs but it just got here today and it’s a fake….

  • @Robert: My friend (who works at Maikaze) sent me it. There are definitely subs in there. Unless that’s only in the limited edition, but I don’t know why they would remove it for the regular release (if they did at all, I’m doubting it).

  • Oh

    Do Maikaze have like some type of online store lol or is it just comiket stuff?

  • That second episode’s really late.

    Unless they discontinued it, if you know something?

  • @Mariku: The whole project was canceled, as requested by ZUN. He was afraid that the animes popularity would be higher than the actual games.

  • @Rikenta: Well that’s the first time I’ve heard that; is there an article about it somewhere?

  • Well, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Well, that’s what I’ve been told. Sorry, I’m kinda stupid and I don’t know anything and i hate myself and I want to die, so I may be wrong…

  • I thought he only made them change the name of it so people wouldn’t think it was an official thing. Not that I’ve kept up with it.

  • Can anyone here translate what the announcement on Maikaze’s site from June 5 says? I know it mentions the anime, but google translate isn’t being helpful with the last line.

  • Just dropping by ~

    @GiltCipher: I might be answering a bit late, but it said something like they’re working on it. Also, the August 15th announcement said that it would be out by winter/next year though

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  • Years later… I am still amazed~!

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