For some reason, when making this daily flash, the only series that came to my mind were ones where the protagonist does have parents who appear onscreen. Strange.

Anyway, I started watching Sketchbook a few days ago, and I like it. Coincidentally, as far as I’ve seen, there are no parents in this series either. There was one episode where I thought there was a parent, but it turned out to be an older sister. How suspicious…

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    Wait I mean… You know… Good point come to think of it… *rubs chin*

  • The parents are a lie.

  • Oh dear, you seem to have forgotten a frame. It said “my parents are right over there”, but then it just suddenly cut to the end. I hope you correct this error at a later date.

  • Person- You sure he forgot a frame?

  • This flash reminds me of Marisa.

  • Kirby is the parent!

  • I for one, do look forward to viewing the additional frame that shows Nameless Characters parents. I am intrigued by the mention of a plural grouping of parental guardians, as in the inclusion of both a mother and father. I how ever, will support Nameless Character in which ever configuration of parents she has. Forester Parents, Grand Parents, Divorced and Remarried parents… the important thing is that.. she has parents.. parents who love her dearly, and I hope KirbyM remebers how important that is.. ;_;

  • Maybe her parents are Alice and Marisa.

  • It’s the generic model for the “hero’s tale”. Parents are either dead, not around, or they fail at being parents. I don’t really know any stories off the top of my head that don’t conform to that

  • Death Note! … wait, he wasn’t a hero … uh … Puni Puni Poemi! … no, wait, Nabeshin and Ms. Kumikumi get killed (they get better) …

  • Yuyuko is the only one I know who can die but get better..
    She would be an awesome mom by the way!
    Although due to her ditsy nature, she may not be the best mom…
    But her spirit would make up for any short comings. P_P

  • omg, viewing the 2nd to last panel, where Nameless Character mentions her parents being over there right now, presented the image in my head where she runs up and hugs her mommy and daddy. KirbyM! Why must you torment us this way?! >_


    @krisslanza: Marisa and Cirno.

    That reminds me tomorrow will be the last post of the year.

  • I do remember in Peanuts where you didn’t necessarily see parents or adults (or when you did, you’d hear their faces), but you could hear them with the muffled trumpet. Great times. :D

  • Wow, this is actually accurate in most (if not all) anime/manga. One would probably be.. wow it’s pretty hard thinking of an anime/manga that has both parents alive (Kanon 2006 was a close call, and so would Lucky Star and Hell Girl).

  • The only mother I know is Youmu, who’s YuyuGrendel’s Mother. So yeah.

  • Have you ever noticed that Disney does not like protagonists that have both parents happily married? The Little Mermaid never introduced a mother for the protagonist. In the event that both parents are alive and married to each other at the movie’s start, one of them will invariably die. See Lion King and Finding Nemo for the best examples of these.

  • Code Geass had the interesting notion of having fathers with:
    -Absence (Kallen’s)
    -Death (Suzaku’s)
    -Abandonment (Lelouch’s)
    -Estrangement (Rivalz’s in the Drama CD)
    -and then of course Shirely’s was killed in episode 12.

    Uh… Don’t consider me a full time Geass fan. I just happened to know all that.

    Anyway I like my parents for the most part. They are nice people.

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible :O

    i was expecting to see a chibi form of your parents D:” but all i saw was “End” you tricked me once again. xP

  • Because a family isn’t interesting if it isn’t screwed up.

    Sadly, I hear about this in reality as well.


    Exceptions may be standing out since there’s actually enough of them to keep in your head. :V

  • Ah Sketchbook…the only reason I watched that anime was because of Kate. It was alright, but kinda boring for me.

    And yes, I totally agree with the ‘parents’ thing. It’s either no parents are there, or at least one of them is away, missing, or dead.

  • They exist!
    Just like Santa! He sees you when you’re sleeping and stalks you while you’re up.

  • Are all of you mad!? Does not one of you see that she is the prodigious brain-child of our most extolled Walfas-san? In regards to our repentance, As I feel I represent the lot of us here; I suggest, Genuflection.


  • Unnamed Character is the daughter of KirbyM and Walfas.

  • Marissa Stole The 1957 Buick

    I has the answer!

    Unnamed Character’s parents are The End.

    “The” is her mother and “End” is her father.

    Ta-da! Now giff me a medal and a cheezburger!

  • Marissa Stole The 1957 Buick

    By the way… “The” is never seen when the flashes finish because she always has motherly chores and duties to do, which is why she is never seen.

    But you often see the word “The” IN the MIDDLE of the daily flashes more often than “End”, proving that her motherly presence is always felt by all..

  • Marissa Stole The 1957 Buick

    By the way again… I think I just realized how simultaneously touching and incredibly stupid that my half-assed explanation on why you don’t see Unnamed Character’s mom being at the finale of the flash, truly is. :P

    OH WELL. :P

  • @Pingy: The “spirit”… ~_~’

  • I noticed it to a long time ago.

    I’m surprised some saw it to.

  • I’ve had whole debates about this topic alone, we also once came up with some conspiracy theory.
    Sketchbook is pretty nice btw, I’m surprised you didn’t watch that yet.

  • I expected a secret button which would lead me to a frame where unnamed’s parents would appear…
    I also wanted to see unnamed’s house, and where do come from all that things Unnamed Character finds…
    :O wait… if Unnamed Character is her name… it mean’s his family is.. Character family :O, so her father’s name would be Joe Character, and her mother’s would be Alice Character, interesting… xD

  • But if Unnamed’s parents are Cirno and Marisa wouldn’t Unnamed be a nineball?

  • Azumanga Daioh instantly comes to mind when I saw this. I WISH I WERE A BIRD

  • I think this flash is a anime/manga review about protagonists’ parents.

    In some Slice of Life appears (sometimes) the parents in only one episode, like Ichigo Mashimaro (their backs!), and you must still watching Sketchbook, I will be surprised if you don’t cry with it (I cried with every episode).

    By they way, I reminded a old flash when Unnamed Character names her dad, I think is about a new laptop.

  • @Pingy: “Yuyuko is the only one I know who can die but get better..”
    What about Kaguya and Mokou? D:

  • @Sensei Hanzo: Immortals don’t die. p_p
    Mokou rebirths though, so she could die and rebirth better than before P_P.

  • The Peanuts crew have non-appearing parents.

    And Disney is known for the “cannot have atomic family” model.

  • “Radioactive”, maybe …

  • Maybe KirbyM is the Batman…

  • To Love-ru’s protagonist has a manga-ka father and fashion director mother. They are never seen in the anime but are shown in the manga.

    Shakugan no Shana’s protagonist’s mother shows up quite quickly and his dad returns from a business trip midway as well.

    Both of these families don’t quite fit the “fail at being parents” part nor do any of them die along the way so… yay exceptions!

  • @krisslanza: Correction, a Master Sparking Nine Ball that says “Ze” alot.

  • Marisa’s not old enough to have a kid who’s in high school, is she?! I mean, she’s probably not more than twenty at the very VERY most cuz she’s human, and Unnamed is probably at least fourteen… so…


  • “Sakuya! You can’t do that! You’ll change the future! You’ve created a time paradox!”

    … You know, I’m going to make a prequel to some story or other, and kill off one of the prominent characters in the original, just to screw with people.

  • not just in anime or manga but also in VNs apparently its a cliche

  • Happy New Year! ^^

  • Happy (late) New Year from Atlantic Canada!

  • Skethbook ~Full colorS~ has got to be my favorite anime, you won’t be disappointed.

  • @Elminster: Yep, I finished it yesterday and I think it’d be safe to say that it’s my favorite anime now.

  • Grab the Sketchbook manga while you’re at it. It’s full of warm fuzzies and silly scenarios that we’ve all experienced at one point in time (going up stairs, watergliding bowls, pretending to be a robot).

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