Rumia + Nicovid Memes


This video is also sorta old; it’s Rumia starring in a bunch of Nicovideo memes. The list of the memes can be found on the video description on the youtube page.

Anyway, as of today, I no longer have to go to zero period gym, so I get to wake up an hour and a half later, which is awesome. But what’s more awesome is the fact that since I got more sleep, I didn’t feel like taking a nap after school today! That means less time wasted sleeping in the afternoon, more time wasted on other things like homework! Or working on daily flash #200!

In related news, looks like daily flash #200 won’t be finished by today — it’s taking a lot longer than expected… Perhaps it’ll be done by tomorrow. Or if not, Thursday. I hope there’ll be an interesting new video (or videos) I can post tomorrow in case it’s not done by then, because it feels strange posting videos that aren’t so new.

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