Videos for Feb 9, 2009

Videos for today: a trailer for what appears to be another Touhou animation (this time by this group), a Yuugi EWI video by Winn, a strange (yet awesomely animated) video involving Cirno and a sleepy Reimu, an Utsuho video (coincidentally related to the Cirno+Reimu video) by Urushi, and a mostly-two-frame-animation video involving Cirno and chopsticks (by the person who made these other Cirno videos).










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  • Another touhou animation project? Didn’t Zun get pissed with the last one?

  • not the first

  • yay another touhou anime project!!
    btw cirno and eggs!!!

  • That Utsuho video and the third video are win.

    Oh, yeah. On a side note, has any one noticed Urushi’s drawing style is similar to Shubesuta’s drawing style?

  • It looks kind of more like a set of flashes/shorts than a single episode the way Maikaze’s was.

    ZUN was mostly upset that it might draw attention away from the games and people might take it as official or the original source due to the big name VA’s, but considering how mellow it turned out and how small a stir it caused, it seems his fears have been allayed, since we’ve heard nothing of him saying, “WHAT DID I TELL YOU, YOU FOOL!? LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!”

  • Lessee … I approve of the new animation-thingy, because adorables.

    Winn is win, again. Though I almost stopped watching it due to breaking MariAri …

    Mew, the first Cirno one desperately needs subtitles! Why is Cirno laying eggs!?

    I have no idea what to make of the Utsuho video. Which apparently had Donald Duck as voiceover.

    Hmm. At first I thought the last video was going to be Cirno’s theme.

  • @Kobayashi

    Now that I read your comment, it sounds like The Maikaze Project might turn out to be like Higurashi no Naku koro ni. Starting as a game, though for the PS2, that is eventually turned into a good anime. BUt Touhou is going into round 2 with ZUN? Oh man, that’s gonna be something to keep our ears open.

  • @Utsuho vid: Wow, I NEVER thought I’d see a Curry Pan parody. O_O

    Original version on YouTube:

    Honestly, that was one of the first flashes I ever saw. In fact, I think I still have the original flash somewhere, but I don’t know where to host it (since I can’t find it anymore online).

    Nice find. :D

  • 1: What?
    2: Awesome!
    3: wut
    4: wut
    5: wut

  • ummm this video of ewi its funny, over all in the part of alice and patchouli whit marisa, the egg video of cirno its strange but funny, and the new touhou animation its cute the design of characters

    sorry for my bad english

  • uhhh…
    Here’s The Old Warudo’s Supplementary Video (not for the faint hearted):

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O

    hooray another touhou anime :D!!!!! and reimu will be so happy for the free food ;3

  • oh, I fogot to mention that purple haired Reimu is the strongest

  • Haha I win. The only video that I have yet watch is the first one. And it reminded of this vid.

    Does anyone knows if this a real game or just another animation?

  • Notice how Yukari manages to gap her way out during Yuugi’s final spellcard… best EWI so far.

  • MoF English patch has been released, yo.

  • curry bread curry bread
    peel it peel it peel it ..and then put it back
    curry bread curry bread
    peel it peel it peel it ..and then put it away
    wont eat it ..wont eat it
    so it wont be gone
    wont eat it ..wont eat it
    just peel it and put it away

    Except it’s a boiled egg…not a curry bread

  • @ the second video: Her sake NOT EVEN DROP!

  • Manzai (japanese stand-up comedy) by Komeiji Sisters = WIN

  • EWI is amazing. THEY ALWAYS ARE

  • All of this was awesome, although I question the Cirno egg one.

    EWI is awesome as always…

    And the new Touhou anime, apparently it’s supposed to be a 5-minute video in the end. Doesn’t matter, it looks awesome anyways.

  • Awww someone made the sake joke already :( well at least I can point out that sleepy reimu’s the cutest thing I’ve seen since the Monster Hunter cat parodies and the yukkureimu (put in positive light…not the scary ones)

  • Ah, the currybread one makes sense now.

    That still doesn’t explain why Donald Duck was singing the original, though …

  • @MarisaMuffin: The only important speech is really just when Cirno lands and says “I’ve forgotten how to fly”, if I remember rightly (I saw this about 3 days ago). Reimu’s random mumbling FTW, though. Also, the art style there is awesome and the colours are so beautiful.

  • psychomon battle!

    [ bgm is 1:06 to 1:48 of ]

    wild envy has appeared! [envy from fma]

    what do you do?

    [summon parsee]

    what do you do?


    parsee used scream.

    no effect.

    envy used flirt

    parsee reseves 50 damage

    parsee uses scream

    no effect

    envy uses grapple

    parsee takes 38 damage

    parsee screams again

    no damage

    envy uses ear nibble

    parsee takes 75 damage

    parsee uses scream

    no effect

    envy uses lick attack

    a critical hit!

    parsee receves 666 damage

    parsee uses scream

    no damage

    envy uses bite

    parsee receves 29 damage

    parsee uses scream

    no damage

    envy uses hand in v****a

    a critical hit!

    parsee receves 9999 damage

    parsee has fainted

    envy is victorious

    [ how was that?….cool right? ]

  • thagreatcreator- …NO ಠ_ಠ

    Stop pairing Touhou characters with FMA characters, I dain’t like it

  • at mariku:

    oh yeah?

    [sumons envy]

    envy uses impale

    a critical hit!

    mariku takes 1,000,000 damage

    mariku has fainted

    envy is victorious……..[again]

  • First one, very interesting… lol
    Second one, cute in a weird way
    Third one, ROFL Cirno eggs
    Fourth… wasn’t good for mine mind at all… XD
    Fifth… I can’t remember it I’m just too freakened out ’cause of the fourth one XDDDD… Oh, I remember, Cirno rules XDDDDDDDDD
    Looking forward for September 9th, 2009 (⑨⑨⑨)
    … My head hurts, same as my body XDDD… T-T

  • …Does Cirno not wear undergarments or something? I can’t think of any other reason why it pops out so easily.

    @thegreatcreator: Why. Just why. No.

  • @thagreatcreator

    That’s pathetic, lol

  • at derlunia and naemless fairy:

    cause i wanted to do that!!!!!!!!

  • … The eggs came out so easily because them under-stuff ripped after the first egg was launched out.


    *INFINITE LIVES CHEAT* w00t Seriously, Urushi’s drawing style is similar to Shubesuta’s, no?

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