I don’t remember the last time I heard someone singing the American national anthem without ending without holding the note for a really really long time. It’s more annoying when people do it with other songs, though. Like maybe if someone did it for Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Actually, no, that might be kind of funny to see and/or hear.

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  • Why are there so many fake buttons on the last page? Also this flash has no end!

  • Singing poorly results in the Death Sentence

  • Death by yuyuko!

  • Now she will sing forever in Yuyu’s tummy~
    Also, best Yuyu death sentence yet!

  • What? No Mystia? I am outraged!

  • Death By Yuyuko is the staple crop of this nation!!

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O!

    i’m surprised that NoWaiThatsImpossible Marisa didnt show up :O but Death By Yuyuko made it up :3!

  • I think it’s safe to assume that every time death is mentioned in a daily flash in some way, shape, or form, Yuyuko will be there. Well, maybe not every time, but somewhat often.

  • if yuyko can infinitely inhale do youthing she could infinitely exhale and then be an awesome singer and hold the note for even longer than the flash?

  • Yuyuko has gone too far! Are we to resort to what Nazi Germany did and eliminate those with tragic diseases/disorders? I say Yuyuko gets the death penalty! >:(

  • @Alto: I imagined some kind of time paradox… Yuyuko infinitely exhaling to maintain the final note of… let’s say, Ran Ran Roo (you can change it for your favorite song) for the eternity… until Yuyuko comes and inhale herself… but if Yuyuko is already dead, it’s correct to say in this case “Death” by Yuyuko? Pay me no mind, I think I’m in philosophical modo

  • @… Yuyuko can not exhale, she can only CONSUME

  • aww… i tried and failed to do that awesome link thing with the person’s name… do comments support html?

  • O_O… okay


  • Death by Yuyuko makes everything better. Except my shirt. ZAZZLE—!!!

    On a side note, how DO you do that spiffy reply function?

  • It’s called a formata, hold it.

  • Death by Yuyuko is the only death there is.
    So what happens is that, the first time, when her face exploded, she didn’t die. But then after they put the fire out, Yuyuko came in and Kirby-nommed on her. :D

  • …………[gluttony meets mystia?]…….AHAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  • Everyone said Yuyoko was in thsi Flash but I guess im too much a noob to find her*Shame*

  • @ChuBaka:
    Use your Tab key on (what looks like) the last frame of the story…

  • Great… thanks sprocket :D
    I was confused, because i was not able to find the true secret button…
    Why so many fake buttons Kirby?? why have you made me suffer like that? (xDDD)

    If i had to die now, i wish yuyuko would kill me like that =D

  • then there were none singing..

  • Yuyuko eats not only songbirds, but also songwomen! YUYUKO IS TRYING TO DESTROY MUSIC

  • Ki! Ki! New Touhou Game coming out! You can play as Sanae :O
    It apparently uses the old bomb system
    I hope it doesnt end up like MoF

  • what crossovers of fma and touhou would you like to see? any fma and touhou chara can be involved, as well as my fma OCs XD just ask.

    this will be part of otomegoroshihen. [maiden killing chapter] or the english name, artificial slaughterer.

  • Imperishable Fairy

    So this is why Yuyuko ate Mystia.

    It all makes sense now…

  • Yuyuko is happy, everybody is happy.

  • “BRAAAAA” makes me imagine Sakuya. =/
    Also, I love the way singer actually stopped saying “AAAAA” when she was being eaten.

  • FMA and Touhou crossovers? Mmh… Sakuya slicing Barry The (punny…) Chopper? Mannosuke v.s. Armstrong in a contest of look-at-me poses? that give me the creeps…

    So the reason Yuyuko tries to eat Mystia is that she hates music? then the next target must be the Prismrivers…

  • oki doki! otomegoroshihen 1! the maid and the butcher!

    [night, sakuya is cleaning a hallway, *crash* shatterid glass on the floor]

    sakuya: huh? *sigh* miss kirisame again?

    ???: not really!

    sakuya: !! [takes out a knife] who’s there?

    ???; just me! mind if i let ya know who i am, the name’s #66, but you can call me barry XD!

    [battle starts]

    [after 3 hours, barry is nowhere in the mansion.

    sakuya: DARN! he escaped. i better warn the misstress.

    [outside, a strange figure is on a colmumn in the rose garden]

    ???: kuhuhuhu…seems as if the maid might be a possible threat. i’ll deal with her later. [teleports away] kehehehe…

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O


    THeres going to be a Satori EWI *w*! or already been one but i havent seen yet Dx”

  • Soooo…. This Daily Flash doesn’t have anything againest the 5 characters parodying Hare Hare Yukai?

    NoWaiThatsImpossible:O- What!? NoWaiThatsImpossible:O

  • KirbyM ! You should do a Touhou flash showing where people go after they are inhaled by Yuyuko!

  • ~~~ <(^o^^o^)> ~~~
    *Screen breaks*

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O

    @Mariku: ITs true!

    they have pics and everything D:!

  • @Muffin: Hopefully I got this right

    And if not… oh well… will someone tell me?

  • Echo, you have successfully created a linked comment reply!
    Now if only some day I will learn how to do it too, and maybe I will get a spiffy icon too!

  • @thagreatcreator: 3 hours? In my oppinion, Barry won’t stand that much time against Sakuya… in fact, Barry The (punny…) Chopper, even when he is nothing more than an armor, would be destroyed easily by Sakuya… if not, then Remii can do the work…

    Mmh… before I forget… I lol’d so much at the “false” false buttons

  • @Arlekin: Nah, they’re ghosts, so that means Yuyuko already killed them.

  • @Akiraita: LOL… then, everybody in Gensokyo is a ghost? Maybe Yuyuko killed all living (and non-living things), but they are to busy to notice it

  • Or maybe you mean the “false” false buttons? KirbyM put many visible buttons in the flash, but Yuyuko killed them and the result is a screen full of “false” false buttons!

  • at arlekin: he did have a little backup XD from my OC kuroi [she appears many random times XD] and she is a little serial killer but looks human, also, do you have a question of who that unknown person was? also, any other request encounets of fma and touhou? the previous charas can be used again,btw

  • @Arlekin: Huh, but if everybody was a ghost… I dunno, maybe the Prismrivers are, like, repeat offenders or something, then.

  • is that stuff really true…..because i’m really sacred right now………

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