Daylight Saving

I remember when I was little and believed that sounds could be captured in jars, because that’s what happened in cartoons. And then I was disappointed to find out it didn’t actually work.

Anyway, about daylight saving time… doesn’t anyone else find it annoying when you have to set the clock an hour back (in autumn), but you’re using a digital clock that doesn’t have an option to go back an hour, so you end up pressing the button 23 times to go forward 23 hours? And it’s even worse when the clock has a 12-hour mode and a 24-hour mode, because then you have to go forward 47 hours to actually go backward 1 hour. Well, I guess at least you get an extra hour to press those buttons all those times. I’m not sure if anyone understands that, but it makes perfect sense to me.

It must be pretty bad to work in a place that sells clocks, and you have to change them all yourself. But then I guess you could just leave it as it is, and let the customers deal with it when they buy one. Anyway, that whole thing about going back an hour doesn’t really apply to this recent clock-changing, since we went forward an hour. I should stop typing now before this becomes an essay about the faults of daylight saving time.

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