Palm Readings

Before looking up “palm reading” on Wikipedia a few minutes ago, I had no idea it was called “chiromancy” too. And yes, this is basically the same as the thing from the flash about piano playing, but without a piano or the extra reactions.

As you can probably tell, I didn’t spend that much time on this, and that’s because I ended up wasting about five hours on TVTropes again. Completely unrelated to the flash, but as a result of a small part of those five hours, the good news is that now I know a bunch of movie/TV-show/book/etc lines that are often misquoted, and I can be that annoying person that points out common misquotations when they are said. Actually, I guess this page on Wikiquote (found after a quick Google search for “misquotations”) is a more comprehensive list and hopefully won’t lead to people wasting five hours reading other articles on the same site.

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