Videos for Nov 21, 2011

【東方手書き劇場】 「Setsuna-Light」  完成ver…





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  • CiaG’s vidoe is really the most epic entry in this list! XD

  • Wow, bumper crop this week. Somehow didn’t catch them being posted yesterday.

    1. “Setsuna-Light, Complete Version”
    Fun visuals for a quiet, ballad version of Patchouli’s theme. Interesting to see her mooning over Alice for a change. Suspicious Sakuya bust size change is suspicious, but it might be just a throwaway sight gag.

    2. “Reimu Bikes the Red Zone”
    Somehow, this gag has yet to go stale for me. The load of twists on the idea in this version helps, of course. They even threw in the Working! tambourine gag. (I’m pretty sure that “sideways-facing run” is another meme, but I don’t know what it is.) I especially appreciated the ending gag for old fogeys/anime nostalgia buffs like me.

    3. “Love Will Surely Skyrocket with Mamama-style Sanae”
    Pretty sure this is the same one as was in November 13’s assortment. (edit by KirbyM: whoops I forgot I included this video already in the previous post, it’s been removed)

    4. “Ice Ice Fairy”
    In retrospect, I’m surprised no one’s done this before. Even so, it wasn’t what expected musically. Could stand something more happening visually, and it isn’t QUITE enough to make me like “Ice Ice Baby”, even by association, but it’s still fun, and an appropriate mix on a few different levels.

  • Alright, now this could just be me, but I think I’m really beginning to miss those daily flashes ;____;. Or at least the utter randomness flashes that consisted of like 5 frames. Seeing a new one pop up would be really nice to have o3o

  • Nope, it’s not just you – I thought the same thing as well. I wonder, maybe real life got in the way or something? I’d like some more “NO WAY THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE”, as well.

  • Count me in for wanting that too!


    One special forgotten couple that it’s my favourite I will get CRAZY!!!!!

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