3 Responses to “【MMD】3Dで東方紅魔郷ステージ2EASYを再現してみた?【完全版】”

  • “I Tried Recreating Touhou: EoSD Stage 2 in 3D?: Final Version”
    Wow, that was pretty epic. Great model work, animation, storyboarding/cinematography, and music choices (though some of the segues were too abrupt).

    Cirno comes off as a credible threat, and Reimu comes off as a royal jerk (though eventually snaps out of it). Wasn’t expecting the whole Power Incontinence business, much less that her abilities would take on a mind of their own. Very nicely handled. (Probably could’ve done without so many panty shots, but hey, whatcha gonna do…)

    However, no way am I going to believe that was the Easy level. :-)

  • Hi, I am hoping to use the Create.swf character generator to make a web series for reviewing anime and manga, would this be alright?

  • @Raenir Salazar It’s fine to use it if you give credit to KirbyM and Thefre.

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