Videos for Feb 13, 2012

【第8回MMD杯本選】東方 The Movie ~迷いの竹林を突破せよ~




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  • Two selections this time from the 8th MMD Cup Finals

    1: “Touhou the Movie: Charge into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost”
    Good overall directing and editing, nice 3D danmaku/fighting choreography, good music choices. There’s some clipping and effect problems and “inner mouth light” from the limitations of the media.

    Not sure what to make of the story. Reimu and Marisa appear to be heading off to the Bamboo Forest together, then they get into a what appears to be a serious fight (as opposed to just sparring). They even double-team each other by calling in partners. Then Marisa clotheslines Reimu in midair, Reimu wakes up on the ground with Marisa and Alice nearby, and whatever animosity was there is now gone. Then they look over to…Eientei, I guess.

    2. “LOTUS”
    Not the usual look of MMD, that’s for sure. Cute retelling of the Myouren Temple group, softening the touching/tragic elements without removing them entirely. I like the choice of music, and the Sanskrit-style English lettering in the title is a clever touch.

    Actually, I could swear this video was done before, perhaps in another version, as I don’t recall it looking quite like this, nor do I remember it having that music or title logo.

    About the only big down side viewing this was that my player repeatedly lagged on me, with the picture freezing for about 6.5 seconds (it happened frequently enough for me to tell it was consistently about that) while the sound continued. Didn’t have that problem with the first video so…who knows.

  • That last one’s in MMD?


  • @PriffyVoile:

    Well, “8th MMD Cup Finals” is in brackets next to its title, indicating it’s part of the competition…

  • Well form what I can tell after spotting Marisa, Reimu in all her greatness immediately blames her some wrong about the moon as you can see in the start of the vid it’s all crooked cases in gensokyou have always been this simple yet somewhat epic

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