Art Class: Day 8


In today’s morning class, we had an activity where we had to interview a partner about their family and draw a picture and ink it. I’d scan it, but I don’t have it with me, because my partner liked it and wanted to keep it. After that, we got to work on our comics. I finished inking two pages in class, and finished the rest at home. I still have to erase some of the pencil marks and make a title page, but I’ll have time to do that tomorrow in class. My sharpie started losing its… uhh… inkiness after a few pages, so the outlines for the later pages seem a bit lighter.

In the afternoon class, I got about half of the “Matrix-dodge” animation done, and since tomorrow’s the last day we get to work on these in class, I did the rest of it at home. I also kinda started coloring, but most of that will probably be done tomorrow. The plan here is to have the bullet hit a tree branch, causing the cat and mouse to fall. Unnamed Character will jump to save the animals, but they end up falling on top of her and running off into the distance.

We also had a guest speaker: Max Porter from an animation company called Tiny Inventions. He showed us some of his animations and talked about his career and some projects of his. He is attempting to create a childrens’ TV show, and showed us an example of one of the possible episodes. The cool thing is, if it does eventually appear on TV, I can be like “Oh, I knew about that show before it even came out” and stuff. Yeah, it was pretty cool.

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