Nazrin’s Training

After the Orin incident, Nazrin decides to undergo some physical training in preparation for her next cat confrontation. If I had more time, I would have drawn her swinging her dowsing rods around like swords, but I didn’t, so I basically only animated one thing and then reused it. Hooray for reusing parts of animations! Also, if you notice, I’ve been using these repeating backgrounds somewhat often, and that is because they are awesome.

Also, this is post ID #700, if that means anything. And it doesn’t really, aside from the fact that it is a multiple of 100, which seems to be important sometimes for whatever reason. And it’s also Friday the 13th again! Yeah!

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  • Hooray for… whatever’s there.

    Yeah, this is really to stop Pingy from claiming the top post yet again.

  • NoWaiThatsImpossible:O!

    shes going to need twice the training for Chen :O!

  • I will get my revenge!
    Yeah! Train hard little mouse!

  • Train!

    Hmm… what happens if there’s a 2 on 1? Nazrin may need more training

  • I believe this flash needs the Rocky training music… Seriously. =]

  • @Gatta Forte: Yeah, that would be AWESOME! Nazrin will be TEH STRONGEST MOUSE!


  • @Palom: Boxing Chen beats everything.
    When playing Paper-Rock-Scissors, throwing Boxing Chen is an automatic victory… by Knock-Out.
    ZUN & KirbyM never told anyone, but Boxing Chen was supposed to be an assist trophy in SSBB, and it would fly at the nearest target, causing an instant knock-out. Unfortunately, they were forced to take it out of the game when during testing one day, someone let loose a Boxing Chen in New Pork City near the Ultimate Chimera, and Boxing Chen decided that the Ultimate Chimera was a target.

    The Ensuing explosion of Awesome destroyed the TV, System, Wiimotes and attachments, and hospitalized three people for several weeks.

  • @Project_Mars: That makes me very scared to think of what would happen if she got the final smash o_o

  • U.Chimera vs Chen vs Yukari, who will win?

  • Yukari would, she can warp stuff :D

    Dang, now I want Touhou characters in the next SSB D:

  • So.. KirbyM. I want to buy Keepy Alivey. Give me a number 2 thousand dollars? 3 thousand dollars? You barely go there anymore :]

    ill buy it off you. Just give me a price. I’m rich. young and successful. A million? sure

  • Seconding the need of the Rocky training music.

    ‘Just you watch! I’ll get stronger and stronger, and then, I’ll beat you both!’ says Nazrin.

  • okay not a million dollars but something reasonable. like 300 hundred? 2k? 3k is my max

  • @Project_Mars: More like Boxing Chen is hiding inside Ultimate Chimera’s mouth which would explain the OHKO and 100% damage upon touching it. Holy Tenkos, Batman, that thing mouth is kind of disgusting how it goes through half of its body.


  • The little mouse in the basket is obviously the extra stage boss

  • Boxing Chen can beat Chuck Norris in a boxing match.

  • Touhou? In SSB? That…Would be… AWESOME!!!
    I third the need for Rocky training music!

  • If Nazi’s lucky, maybe Chen and Orin will fight over who gets to eat Nazrin and then she’ll get a chance to slip away! Since there’s only 1 Mouse in Touhou…

    Project_Mars- HOLY SHIT. Are you kidding!? *has been dreaming of Touhou in my SSB*

    And, more Photoshopped Touhou characters coming up when the next character is added into create.swf!… Maybe I should’ve said Kogasa, since she’ll be added next.

  • on a random note, winn’s new video with satori is up

  • @tre: People believes in God; God believes in Chuck Norris; Chuck Norris believes in Boxing Chen

    The Scarlet sisters for next SSB! Don’t be lazy, ZUN! Go and convince Miyamoto right now!

  • Oh well, the message was for Akiraita… but, Chuck Norris believing in Boxing Chen is a law of nature

  • when you do another flash, i have a suggestion, if you do gore, and stuff like that, can you have a flash with envy battling people in gensokyo, just start with any touhou character, and i will give a syopsis of what happens, i want you to put it into a flash. if you want, add some bgm.

  • thagreatcreator- *trying to ignore the fact creator doesn’t say anything Touhou at all, just FMA, FMA, FMA*

  • Dude, Touhou in SSB would be awesome. The only problem is that Touhou is so little-known that if it went into a SSB game, I can foresee everyone who didn’t know who the characters were googlig them, finding out about Touhou, then we’d have a bunch of new Touhou fans turning Touhou into the next huge thing to fangirl/fanboy over and ruining it. DX That’d suck.

  • @Gatta Forte: yeah, that’s the bad point about this… I prefer the good old TH fanbase, filled with persons who really knows about Gensokyo and the beauty inhabitants of this Hellish but Beautiful Paradise

  • @thagreatcreator: Gore? But Walfas is familiar! Think about the children! The children!

    @Mariku: I don’t know if KirbyM has stated that Walfas is exclusively about daily flash and Touhou, I mean, I guess the site can have anything KirbyM wishes for it to have. Just that Touhou is so… frequent.

    OH SH– It’s Saturday! create.swf update! Where’s my BROF– -Gets brofisted-

  • @Arlekin: I hear you. :P (also that is awesome)

    Touhou + Smash Bros. would pretty much be the best thing ever. Yeah!

  • ooh, like yousei, you should to a Nazutei, or what ever is mouse fitting, she should be going against Chen; Orin whoever works, that would be pretty cool!

  • So, Gatta Forte, you’re saying Touhou becoming popular … would be a bad thing?

  • MarisaMuffin: I’m saying that it’d generally be a good thing if Touhou became popular, but there are always the few bad apples that ruin the fanbase’s reputation… Do we really want Touhou to be the next Naruto or Bleach where there are some idiot fans that really make the whole fanbase look moronic?

  • @Gatta Forte: Only morons would consider a fanbase tainted because of a few stinky, maggot-ridden rotten apples. Besides, the Japanese Touhou fandom is well past the size where obnoxious kids begin to show up. It’s easy to forget just how big Touhou is in its home country.

  • Nazrin will Pump it up!!!!

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